• Autoblinda 41

  • Model Autoblinda originally designed in two versions - As for Italian armored cavalry divisions and How machine and colonial police force.

  • Autoblinde Peugeot

  • Based on civilian vehicles, the first French armored cars Peugeot was somewhat hasty Improvisation. But improvements followed quickly - mostly As part weapons and firepower.

  • Autoblindo Mitragliatrice Lancia

  • Based based machine-IZ Lunches 6roneavtomobil IZ project was very progressive for its time. With large machine gun turret, and later with a small turret Upstairs for additional gun, this machine had considerable firepower.

  • AV-8B Harrier-11

  • Aircraft Harrier-11 (AV-8B) was created for the U.S. Navy, which needed a single combat support aircraft to replace the Harrier AV-8A, was in service since the mid-1970s.

  • August-September 1071 FLASH GRAZHDANSKOYVOYNY

  • When the news of the defeat came to Constantinople, John Ducas seized power and put on the throne of his nephew - Michael VII, son of Constantine X. Roman soon freed Alp Arsla-tion on the promise to pay the ransom, tried to regain the throne, but was defeated, was captured and blinded Dukoy Andronicus, and died shortly thereafter.


  • names and dates Name of build Date Set descent Date Entry commissioned Theodore Roosevelt Newport Shipyard October 31, 1981 October 27, 1984 October 25, 1986 FEATURE Theodore Roosevelt Dimensions Displacement, t 88896 Length, m 317 Width, m 40,8 Draft, m 11,3 power plant Type 2 nuclear reactor Number of trees 4 Power liter.


  • names and dates Name of build Date Set descent Date Entry commissioned Vira shipyard Vickers-Armstrong June 21, 1944 February 16, 1953 November 25, 1959 FEATURE Viraat Dimensions Displacement, t 28700 Length, m 198 Width, m 27,4 Draft, m 8,8 power plant Type steam engines Number of trees 2 Power l . with.

  • B-52D Stratofortress

  • -52 in various versions in service with the U.S. Air Force Strategic Command in 1955, and the modern model of the B-52H will be used in the XXI century. The development of this remarkable military aircraft, in the original version equipped with turboprop engines, began in 1945 first flight of the prototype took place on October 2, 1951, and the first 98 aircraft in versions A, B and C were released in June 1955 in the B- 52D substantially modified control system that allowed to place in the tail section of the four 12.7 mm machine gun.

  • B-52G Stratofortress

  • The design model In-52G substantial changes were made - additional fuel tanks in the wings, more powerful jet engines J-57-43-W (as in models E and F), shortened chord vertical fin and tail turret with remote control.

  • BA-10

  • Ba-10, based at a civilian truck GAZ-AAA (base whom has been strengthened and modified under the increased Weight), first appeared in 1932.

  • Bandkanon

  • Bofors company produced a prototype Bandkanon 1-A 1960, but the first production models appeared in 1966 After lengthy trials.

  • Bedford MWD

  • first prototype Bedford MWD appeared in 1937. It was Based on civil-ton truck Several modified housing for increased clearance.

  • Bedford QLD

  • First World War the company received from Bedford Military Ministry order a three-ton truck total Appointments scheme 4x4.

  • Bedford TM

  • Truck TM 4-4 was developed based on the well civil chassis proved itself to order British Army on srednemobilny truck wheel circuit 4x4.

  • Bedford

  • T> ehtonny gryzovik firm Bedford was the British equivalent of American 2.5 tonne trucks - in other words, the most great machines that industry produced large series.

  • Mad weapons Hitler gliders

  • June 1940, a few months the German army conquered most of Europe. While Hitler admired his Paris Luftwaffe air force, were ordered to bombard the UK to facilitate the attack of the fascist troops.

  • Biber

  • first samples of armored vehicle launched bridge company Krupp, created based on the tank Leopard 1, appeared in 1973. bridgelayer housing is almost the same as that of the tank, but rather Towers installed Duplex aluminum bridge design capable decomposed to a length of 20 m front of the machine located supporting rack, used for accurate installation of the bridge.

  • BURMA 1000-1200 gg

  • First Burmese nation was seen in the mid XI century1 - in the reign of the great ruler and conqueror Anoraty, they lived in the territory, almost coinciding with modern Burma.

  • Bishop

  • Installing Bishop was designed to replace the 25-pound The batteries in North Africa, where performing the function antitank guns and as completely broken Germans.

  • BM-21

  • launcher BM-21 entered service in early 60s and has become the standard multiple rocket By setting armies of the Warsaw Pact, as well as major Buyers Soviet weapons. Dining cars were produced in China, India, Egypt and Romania.

  • BM-24

  • Raktivnaya BM-24 was the forerunner of the BM-21, appeared in the early 50s. Originally mounted Powered ZIL-151 wheel formula 6x6, she later was transferred to the ZIL-157.

  • BM-27

  • BM-27 entered service in the Soviet Army in the middle 70s. Having operational characteristics similar to her contemporary American Multiple rocket installation, the machine has been designed to provide Support parts on the battlefield using chemical, high explosive and incendiary ammunition.

  • BMD

  • airborne combat vehicle (BMD) was designed specifically to of Soviet airborne divisions, and its goal - fire support airborne troops behind enemy lines. To this was USSR very important, as Soviet transport planes could for Short throw behind enemy entire division.

  • BMP-2

  • first public demonstration in 1982, BMP-2 was Designed to replace the BMP-1 and has almost the same housing.

  • Combat experience

  • combat experience -> At the end of the 1960s in the arms race lull. This allowed the Soviet Union, who initially relied on numerical superiority rather than on technical improvements to begin production of upgraded aircraft types.

  • Heavier and powerfully armed tanks

  • With the development of excellent Panther and then Tiger and King Tiger, created in response to the T-34, the Germans kept a fragile advantage in armored vehicles throughout the war, despite the excellent quality of the Allied tanks - such as the M-4 Sherman.

  • Fighting Russian troops from the Cumans. VladimirMonomah

  • Since the second half of the XI century, Russia had to fight long and hard struggle with Kipchaks constantly attacked the Russian land.

  • Byzantium pechenegs 1000-1200 gg

  • In the late 80-ies of the XI century foreign policy position in Byzantium extremely complicated. From the north it more aggressively pressed the Pechenegs in the east resumed their offensive Seljuk Turks.

  • BRDM-2

  • BRDM-2, adopted in the early 60s, was first demonstrated in 1966. This machine is improved versions of its predecessor, BRDM-1-It has large power reserve, the best book and weapons (which Includes rocket launcher) and improved maneuverability.

  • Armor future

  • If you're a fan of "Iron Man," you'll probably be charmed armor suit and that the fictional character Tony Stark puts it, when he goes to war with the wicked.

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