• 1180-1185 gg. Regency and TSARSTVOVANIEANDRONIKA

  • Comnenus. As regent for the child crowned Emperor Alexios II, this brilliant, but brutal warlord deposed and executed shortly infant ba-zilevsa. His strong rule angered the aristocracy, and was called to the aid of William of Sicily (1184). He immediately invaded and conquered Greece Thessaloniki, whereupon a riot broke out in Constantinople, Andronicus was deposed and brutally murdered.

  • 1189-1199 gg. REIGN Richard the Lionheart

  • (son of Henry II). The living embodiment of the ideal image of the medieval knight, Richard has accomplished many well-documented valorous deeds.

  • 1190-1197 gg. The reign of Henry VI

  • Again rebellion broke Welf, headed already quite elderly, but still energetic Henry the Lion. It completed the signing of peace Fulda (river Fulda Germany, 1190). In Southern I

  • A-37B Dragonfly

  • T-37, developed by Cessna, was one of the jets, applied in the 1950-1960s. in the U.S. for pilot training. In 1963, based on the T-37 Special military center of the U.S. Air Force version of the machine was designed for combat operations against the guerrillas.

  • Abbot

  • Postwar British projects self-propelled guns Centurion tank chassis was used, and 25-pound (140 mm) gun. Nevertheless, the required standard NATO 105 or 155 mm. As a result, the company Vickers in 1950 Has 105-mm self-propelled gun Abbot (Abbot) for Equipping British Army of the Rhine.

  • AIFV

  • Lack M-113 armored personnel carriers forced the U.S. Army Request new car with improved protection and arrow embrasures for landing aft. FMC Corporation found that we got the machine M-2 is too heavy and too expensive for most countries permanent buyers, therefore been developed in parallel export version AIFV (XM-701). This amphibious armored personnel carrier armed and armored Better than M-113.

  • Alpha Jet A

  • Jaguar aircraft proved to be too complicated and expensive to use it as a training model. Therefore, the French Air Force in 1967, made an order on the drafting of a new training aircraft (Jaguar originally conceived it as a training machine). In addition, if necessary, the plane was supposed to carry out combat missions.

  • Alpha Jet E

  • Syschestvuyut two main versions of the model Alpha Jet - the above described light attack and a double jet trainer aircraft originally produced for the French Air Force.

  • Almoravids 1000-1200 gg

  • In the middle of XI century in North Africa began a new movement of the Berber nomads and peasants directed against harassment by the local feudal lords.

  • Almohads 1000-1200 gg

  • Policy Almoravids called at the beginning of the XII century a new movement among the Berber nomadic tribes of the Maghreb. As the initial motion of the Almoravids, the movement clothed in the form of religious preaching about the need to fight against a life of luxury and nobility its violation of Islamic law.

  • Alvis Saracen

  • Saracen APC - representative of the family of machines FV-6OO, being developed for the British army after the Second World War. Saracens began production in 1952 and immediately get priority over others, as the war with guerrillas in Malaya showed the convenience of this machine.

  • American and European armed Israeli tanks

  • Israeli tanks M1 "Super Sherman", now owned by a private collector. 76.2 mm caliber weapon during World War II out of date and did not correspond to the post-war standards.

  • AMX-10

  • V1950-ies in France was given an order to develop a machine To replace the standard Panhard armored car on EVR modelі with More power weapons.

  • AMX-13

  • Light Tank AMX-13 was designed immediately after the Second World War. Production began in 1952 and lasted until the 80s.

  • AMX-13 DSA

  • Production of anti-aircraft AMX-13 began in the DSA 1966 commissioned by the French army. The installation is set to Chassis light battle tank AMX-13, on which the Cast Tower.

  • AMX-30

  • In mid-50s both France and Germany in their armored forces used American M-47 machine, while France also had a number of German Panther tank.

  • AMX-30 bridgelayer

  • prototype bridgelayer AMX-30 was ready in the middle 60s, but its production unfolded only in 1974. machine body based on AMX-30 and has a substantially identical design with him.

  • AMX-30 Tractor

  • AMC EVG LP is based on AMX-30 and is intended to a variety of tasks, including setting minefields and clearing the battlefield, for which he has in front a hydraulic dozer blade. It may also be crumbling roads, making them impassable for wheeled vehicles Adversary.

  • AMX-40

  • Designed in the early 80s mainly for Export, AMX-40 tank company GIAT been greatly improved Compared with its predecessor, the AMX-30. Changes undergone all - booking, arms, chassis.

  • AMX International

  • multipurpose aircraft AMX was the result of joint. efforts of Italian companies Aeritalia and Aermacchi and the Brazilian company Embraer. The plane was designed in response to emerging in the early 1980s, the Air Force needs of the two countries in a small tactical fighter bomber to replace the Italian cars G-91 and F-104C (Fiat) and Brazilian AT-26 Ksavanites.

  • AN-72

  • Design AN-72 allows short takeoff and landing using different systems that increase lift, allowing the use of the aircraft in conditions short of the runway. The most effective of the technical innovations is the use of dual power plant located in the upper part of the fuselage in front of the wings.

  • Archer

  • Project Archer was summoned to the decision to strengthen the caliber of life antitank guns from 57 mm to 76.2 mm. But a new tool was too heavy for the then existing tanks. Therefore, was accepted workaround to base chassis setup Tank Valentine and create on its basis a tank destroyer.

  • ARK

  • British Army manufactured its first mostoukladochny tank . at the end of the First World War and continued to Experimenting in the interwar period, due to the need In such machines to assist troops in fast overcome obstacles on the battlefield.


  • ARTILLERY reactive form of artillery, which is used for throwing projectiles jet engine, mounted at the projectile and giving it the necessary speed and range. rocket weapons development was caused by the general trends in the development of military affairs, the desire to improve the maneuver forces, and increased firepower.

  • Asmat VLRA

  • Company Akmat engineered their cars, trying to Maximum simplicity of construction, which was considered The key to reliability military gryzovika. The family VLRA Ispolzovashs standardized tires, axles and wheels Increasing the number of interchangeable parts.

  • Astros II

  • Model Astros-II - Continuous Multiple rocket . plant built by Tektram in Brazil. 10 tonner 6x6 wheel circuit is capable to move on rough terrain and is equipped for bronestavnyami Guard crew.

  • ASU-57

  • AMS-57 was developed 50 years especially for Use Soviet Airborne Division (54 cars per division). It was designed for running on parachute directly with the crew, using a landing gear Missile deceleration for the soft touch of the earth.

  • Atandar IV-P

  • Atandar plane was developed by order of NATO light attack fighter capable of taking off from unprepared or shortened runway.

  • Tractor AT-S

  • AT-C was designed for the Soviet Army in the 40s and entered service in the early 50s. In the fully closed cabs of tractors there is a place for six members of artillery settlement.

  • FOR AT-Chun Zhu

  • This trainer was created by Taiwanese aeroindustrii Development Centre (AIDC), in collaboration with the American company Northrop for Chinese (Taiwan) National Air Force.

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