• Sniper rifle Sako TRG 21 / TRG 22 / TRG 41 / TRG 42

  • In 1992, the famous Finnish arms company Sako was launched production of a series of sniper rifles Sako TRG, intended for the armed police and army units.

  • Sniper rifle SAM-R / SDM-R

  • SAM-R To solve the problems battlefield observation, intelligence priorities established data output means targeting fire support, working in the interests of unit commanded by U.S. Marine Corps (US Marine Corps) in 2005 for service department adopted automatic 5.56 mm rifle shooting accuracy increased SAM-R (Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle). M16A4 Rifle SAM-R is a modification of M16A4, which became one of the regular samples of small arms of U.S. Marines.

  • Sniper rifle 511

  • SAN 511-1 With a barrel length of 700 mm SAN 511-2 With a barrel length of 700 mm (top) And the barrel length 445 mm (bottom) In 2003, the Swiss company «AMSD» began mass production of the new large-caliber sniper rifle «OM 50 Nemesis» kalibra.50 BMG.

  • Sniper rifle Sardius M36 SWS / TCI M89 SR / TEI M89 SR

  • Sardius M36 SWS Rifle TEI M89 SR is designed for use both in terms of action in the city, where in the first place is important compactness and agility of small arms at firing ranges, and for use "in the field". In the early 1980s, Dr. Nechama Sirkis on the company "Sardius" sniper rifle was developed Sardius M36 Sniper Weapon System.

  • Sniper Rifle Sauer S 205 SSG / S 205 Phantom / ATLR

  • Sauer S 205 Phantom German sniper rifle Sauer S 205 series developed by J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH in the early 2000s and is designed to arm police units, as well as sports-shooting application.

  • Sniper rifle Savage 10FP / 110FP

  • Savage 10FP XP-LEA Sniper Rifles Savage 10 FP and Savage 110FP developed by Savage Arms and are intended for use by law enforcement and military units. Rifles 10FP and 110FP models differ only in the types of ammunition used and the length of the receiver and bolt.

  • Sniper rifle Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 / ZfK-55

  • Schmidt-Rubin K31/55 / ZfK-55 Schmidt-Rubin K31 In 1933 adopted the Swiss Army adopted a new short magazine rifle, designated K31 (Karabiner 31 - carbine sample 1931). Carbine Schmidt-Rubin K31 based on a modified design of direct action shutter system Rudolf Schmidt, but the bolt and receiver were shortened considerably due to the transfer from the middle lugs shutter in the front part.

  • Sniper rifle SIG 50

  • SIG 50 In January 2011 «SIGARMS» (U.S. office of Swiss arms manufacturer «Swiss Arms AG», which separated in 2000 from the «Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft» (SIG)) introduced a new large-caliber sniper (antimaterial) rifle «SIG 50" intended for use by law enforcement agencies.

  • Sniper rifle SIG 516 Precision Marksman

  • SIG 516 Precision Marksman In 2010, the U.S. division of international weapons concern SIG-Sauer was invited to a whole family of self-loading rifles 516 SIG caliber 5.56 mm NATO. Assault Rifle SIG516 Patrol The range SIG 516 except automata (assault rifles) SIG516 PDW, SIG516 CQB, SIG516 Tactical Patrol, SIG516 Patrol came in and self-loading rifle SIG 516 Precision Marksman, designed for use as a sniper weapon.

  • Sniper rifle SIG 716 Precision Sniper

  • SIG 716 Precision Sniper In 2010, the U.S. division of international weapons concern SIG-Sauer was invited to a whole family of self-loading rifles 716 SIG caliber 7.62 mm NATO.

  • Sniper rifle SIG-Sauer SSG 2000

  • SSG 2000 Bipod In late 1980s, the Swiss company SIG Arms (later SAN Swiss Arms) together with the German company J. P. Sauer und Sohn based sporting rifle Sauer 80/90 was designed shoplifting SSG sniper rifle in 2000 for use in the army and police.

  • Sniper rifle SIG-Sauer SSG 3000

  • SIG SSG 3000 Bipod sniper rifle SIG SSG 3000 (Scharf Schutzen Gewehr 3000 - Sniper Rifle 3000) intended for military weapons and police units. Sauer 200 STR sniper rifle SIG SSG 3000 jointly developed by Swiss company SIG Arms and German JP Sauer und Sohn based sporting rifle Sauer 200 STR, so it is often preceded by the name of weapons designation SIG-Sauer.

  • Sniper rifle SIG SG 550

  • SIG SG 550 Bipod folded sniper rifle SIG SG 550 is intended for use by the special purpose of the army and police. SIG SG 550 Bipod In the early 1990s, commissioned by the Swiss Armed Forces Command for special units based on standard assault rifle StG 90 designers from SIG created 5.56 mm semi-automatic sniper rifle SIG SG 550.

  • Sniper rifle SIG SHR 970 / STR 970

  • SIG SHR 970 Sniper rifles SHR 970 and STR 970 were developed by the Swiss company SIG Arms, where their production has been established. The main difference between the two models - outside, in different boxes, as well as tactical niche: SHR model is marketed as "light tactical (sniper) rifle" and has a lightweight hunting lodge type and model STR - as "a long-range sniper rifle ( Long Range Tactical Rifle) ", with a" tactical "lodge firm McMillan.

  • Sniper Rifle Springfield Armory SAR-8 HBSR

  • SAR-8 HBSR In the early 1990s, an American company Springfield Armory offered the market a semi-automatic carbine weapons civil SAR-3, based at the German HK G3 assault rifle and essentially a clone of the German (civil) HK 91 semi-automatic rifle.

  • Sniper Rifle Springfield M1903A4

  • In 1900, the state arsenal in Springfield (USA, Illinois) began to develop a new rifle and cartridge to it, the basis of which were taken Mauser design. The new rifle in the whole system of repeating Mauser model 1898, differing in some details.

  • Sniper Rifle SR-25

  • SR-25 Rifle SR-25 was developed in 1990 by designer rifles AR-10 and AR-15 Eugene Stoner (SR abbreviation stands for Stoner Rifle - Rifle Stoner system) with the participation of U.S. arms firm CAS (Knight's Armament Company, of Vero Beach , Florida, USA). SR-25 is structurally a combination of AR-10 rifle, and AR-15. Rifle SR-25 uses the vapor-automatic removal of powder gases in the body of the bolt (Stoner system). Locking barrel by turning the bolt having 7 lugs.

  • Sniper rifle SSG-82

  • SSG-82 After standardization of small arms and ammunition caliber 5.45h39 mm Warsaw Pact countries GDR Ministry of State Security (Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit) Stasi weapons for anti-terrorist groups commissioned to create a new sniper rifle under 5.45h39 mm caliber.

  • Sniper rifle Steyr AMR / IWS 2000

  • Steyr AMR 5075 Experimental System In the mid-1980s, the engineers of the Austrian company Steyr-Mannlicher AG began to develop a large-caliber "protivomaterialnogo" (Anti-Materiel) weapons designed to destroy enemy materiel - light armored vehicles, fortifications, aircraft and other equipment at sites, helicopters, radar cabins, etc.

  • Sniper rifle Steyr Elite

  • Steyr Elite With an installed optical sight and shops adapter Adapter for 10 rounds Austrian rifle Steyr Elite is a further development Steyr Scout sniper rifle and Steyr Scout Tactical.

  • Sniper rifle Steyr HS .50 / Steyr HS .460

  • Steyr HS.50 Steyr HS.50 With night sight Austrian Steyr HS.50 big bore is designed to combat enemy snipers, hitting it lightly armored vehicles, radar, artillery and rocket launchers, aircraft parked and manpower at the firing range - up to 1500 meters.

  • Sniper rifle Steyr Scout / Steyr Scout Tactical

  • Steyr Scout Steyr Scout The sight of "Scout" The idea of creating rifle Scout ("Scout" - scout) belongs to a famous American oruzhievedu arrow and Jeff Cooper, who was able to infect the idea firm Steyr.

  • Sniper Rifle Steyr SSG 04 / Steyr SSG 04 Compact

  • Steyr SSG 04 Austrian Rifle Steyr SSG 04 (ScharfSchutzen Gewehr 2004) is a further development of the sniper rifle Steyr SSG 69. SSG 04 rifle was developed in 2004, the famous Austrian company Steyr-Mannlicher AG, which was also launched production of these weapons.

  • Sniper Rifle Steyr SSG 08 / Steyr Elite 08

  • Steyr SSG 08 In 2008, the famous Austrian company Steyr-Mannlicher AG introduced a new sniper rifle Steyr SSG 08. rifle SSG 08 is a further development of a pretty successful SSG 04 sniper rifle company Steyr-Mannlicher AG, and differs from its predecessor mainly new aluminum lodge with adjustable side-folding butt, and as a result, several large mass.

  • Sniper Rifle Steyr SSG 69

  • SSG 69 PI Army version In 1969, the company Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG (later - Steyr-Mannlicher AG) on the basis of hunting rifle sniper rifle released SSG-69 (ScharfSutzenGewehr 69 - sniper rifle mod.

  • Sniper Rifle Stoner SR-50

  • SR-50 Earlier version large-caliber sniper rifle Stoner SR-50 was developed by the American firm "Knight armament" (united Knight Stoner Arms and Light) in 1996.

  • Sniper rifle SV-98

  • sniper rifle SV-98 is developed by the chief designer of JSC "Concern" Izhmash "by a team led by Vladimir Stronsky, based on sports 7.62mm rifle Record-CISM.

  • Sniper rifle SV-99

  • NE-99 Early model Small-caliber sniper rifle SV-99 is designed designer Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant (Izhmash) - Vladimir Susloparova based sporting rifle "Biathlon-7-2". Caliber, mm 5,6 ; (.22 LR) Weight unloaded and optics, kg 3.75 Length mm 1000 Barrel length, mm 350 Sighting range, m 100 Capacity count.

  • SVDK sniper rifle

  • In 2006, the Russian army, after undergoing extensive testing in the State under the ROC "cracker" (OSV-96, SV-98, KAFP, SVDK) adopted a new semi-automatic 9-mm sniper rifle, designated the Dragunov sniper rifle Heavy-(SVDK, ind.

  • Sniper rifle

  • SIDS Tilted butt In 1991, plant designers "Izhmash" produced revision SVD sniper rifle, which resulted in a new variant of SIDS.

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