• Sniper rifle model Styria Arms CSR 99

  • Styria Arms CSR 99 sniper rifle model Styria Arms CSR 99 developed a small private Austrian company «Styria Arms», founded by engineer Michael Majerle (Michael W. Mayerl), weapons designer who has previously worked in the Group SIG-Sauer.

  • Sniper rifle model Tavor STAR 21

  • Tavor STAR 21 In the 1990s, the Israeli company IMI (Israel Military Industries - company later IWI - Israeli Weapons Industries Ltd) was started to develop a new assault rifle, which resulted in the creation of a family of weapons with the designation «Tavor». Tavor TAR 21 In the basic model with an assault rifle (automatic) Tavor TAR 21 at its base were created Tavor CTAR 21 carbine, compact automatic Tavor MTAR 21, as well as a sniper rifle Tavor STAR 21. sniper rifle Tavor STAR 21 (STAR - Sharp Shooting Tavor Assault Rifle) - one of the most interesting versions «Tavor». This rifle was designed to replace the armament Liberation Army Israel Sc. "Linear sniper rifles" (Sharp Shooting Rifle) M16A2E3 and others like her.

  • Sniper rifle Mosin sample 1891/1930

  • In 1891 adopted the Russian Empire was adopted rifle is a more or less basic design of the Mosin with some (not too significant, but nonetheless available anywhere) borrowings from Nagant system.

  • Sniper Rifle MSSR

  • MSSR Sniper Rifle MSSR (Marine Scout Sniper Rifle) is intended for use by marine corps of the Philippines. MSSR Sample of 1996 rifle developed in 1996 on the basis of the Philippine Marine Corps at the initiative of Colonel Jonathan C. Martir, and its production has been established under the Ministry of Government Arsenal defense of the Philippines.

  • Sniper Rifle OC-44

  • OTs-44 large-caliber sniper rifle special purpose OTs-44 is a bullpup layout scheme LV Bondarev and established in TsKIB COO (PCU branch). Caliber, mm 12.7h108 Length mm 1070 Weight empty, kg 14.0 Muzzle velocity, m / s 800 Capacity count.

  • Sniper Rifle OC-48 / OTs-48K

  • In 2000, a young designer Tula Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Weapons (TsKIB SOO) - Vladimir Zlobin offered in a new guise to revive the legendary trehlineyku Mossina model 1891/1930.

  • Sniper rifle Orsis T 5000 / ORSIS T-5000

  • ORSIS SE T-5000 ORSIS SE T-5000 In the first half of 2011 the Russian digging industrial group "Survey Systems" opened in Moscow arms factory "Orsis" (shortened from "weapons system"). This company was primarily focused on the civilian market for precision hunting and sporting weapons, but the product line included sniper and specialized systems for high-precision shooting at medium and long range.

  • Sniper rifle OSV-96

  • SALT 96 Bipod SALT 96 When using the In 1994, Instrument Design Bureau (Tula) was established large-caliber 12.7-mm self-loading rifle B-94. After completions sniper rifle B-94 was adopted by Russia under the designation of SALT 96. large-caliber sniper rifle OSV-96 is designed to solve problems obschetakticheskih sniper (defeat manpower protected with personal armor, light armored vehicles, from small coastal defense vessels, undermining sea mines) as antisnayperskoe (defeat enemy snipers) or subversive means ( disabling radar, missile and artillery, aircraft parked). OSV-96 rifle is a semi-automatic weapon.

  • Sniper Rifle Parker-Hale M82

  • Parker-Hale M82 M82 rifle was developed by British company Parker-Hale in the 1970s to arm police force and army units. M82 sniper rifle built on Mauser bolt, lockable when you turn on the 2 front and one rear lugs for the receiver box.

  • Sniper Rifle Parker-Hale M85

  • Parker-Hale M85 Parker-Hale M85 Army camouflage version M85 sniper rifle chambered for the caliber 7.62 NATO, .308 Winchester was developed by British company Parker-Hale in 1986 for arming police forces and army units.

  • Sniper rifle PGM Mini-Hecate .338

  • PGM Mini-Hecate.338 Caliber, mm 8.6h70 (.338 Lapua) Length (stock extended), mm 1290 Length ( stock closed) mm 1010 Barrel length, mm 700 Weight unloaded and optics, kg 6.6 Capacity count.

  • Sniper rifle PGM Ultima Ratio

  • PGM UR Intervention Since late 1980s, the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of France began to buy new sniper rifle PGM UR «Intervention» («Intervention"), the issue of which (in small series production) has established a small French firm armory developer PGM Precision (y Les Chavannes) are included in the title of their sniper rifles motto «Ultima Ratio» («The last argument»). all models feature precision weapons PGM Precision company is that they are built as sporting target rifle in a modular scheme, all its components and parts are assembled on a frame made of high-strength metal alloys.

  • Sniper rifle PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II

  • PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II sniper rifle PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II 12.7-mm, is designed for use as antimaterial rifle for shooting at long distances, harassing fire, counter-sniper and destroy unexploded ordnance from a safe distance.

  • Sniper rifle PGW Timberwolf C14 MRSWS

  • PGW Timberwolf C14 MRSWS Canadian company Prairie Gun Works (later PGW Defence Technologies Ltd) was developed sniper rifle Timberwolf. New sniper rifle was designed for use as a combat sport and hunting weapons.

  • Sniper rifle Pindad SS2-V4

  • SS2-V4 In 2002, the state of the Indonesian company PT Pindad weapons for security forces and the army of Indonesia began developing a new family of rifles. In 2005, Indonesia adopted a series of rifles was adopted under the designation SS2.

  • Sniper Rifle PSL / FPK / RomAK-3 / SSG-97

  • PSL PSL In the first half of the 1970s in Romania as a tactical analog Soviet semi-automatic rifle developed a new SVD sniper rifle chambered for 7.62x54R, which received the designation «PSL» (Pusca Semiautomata cu Luneta - semi-automatic rifle with a telescopic sight). Caliber, mm 7.62x54R Length mm 1166 Barrel length, mm 605 Weight empty, kg 4.3 Capacity count.

  • Sniper rifle QBU-88 / Type-88

  • QBU-88 sniper rifle QBU-88 (also found troop designation "Type-88") was developed in China in the late 1980s, and became the first production model of the new Chinese family of small arms under the new same caliber cartridge 5.8h42 mm. Caliber, mm 5.8x42 Length mm 920 Barrel length, mm 620 Weight empty, kg 4.1 Capacity count.

  • Sniper rifle RAP / RAI Model 300

  • In 1981, representatives of the U.S. Army turned to a small company Research Armaments Prototypes - RAP (Jacksonville, Arkansas) to develop a special sniper rifles. One ordered a rifle model 300, designed for firing at enemy troops at long range.

  • Sniper rifle Rebel .50 BMG

  • Rebel.50 BMG With a barrel length of 914 mm. Rebel.50 BMG large-caliber sniper rifle «Rebel.50 BMG» designed to combat enemy snipers, hitting it lightly armored vehicles, radar, artillery and rocket launchers, aircraft parked, manpower, as well as target shooting.

  • Sniper rifle Remington model 700

  • Remington model 700 Police sniper rifle Remington model 700 is designed on the basis of the British and American P14 rifle model 1917 Enfield.

  • Sniper rifle Remington MSR

  • Remington MSR (Modular Sniper Rifle) With an installed muffler Multikalibernaya sniper rifle MSR (Modular Sniper Rifle - modular sniper rifle) created in 2009 a division of «Military products division» famous American arms company «Remington Arms». Remington MSR Development sniper rifle Remington MSR conducted specifically to participate in the competition for high-precision sniper rifle (Precision Sniper Rifle), announced in 2009, commanded the U.S. Special Operations forces US SOCOM.

  • Sniper rifle Remington R11 RSASS

  • R11 RSASS In 2011, the famous American company producing weapons and ammunition «Remington Arms» together with the manufacturer of upscale sports-game rifles «JP Enterprises Inc» under the program «SASS» (Semi-Automatic Sniper System - semi-automatic sniper system) for power structures developed a new sniper rifle kalibra.308 Win.

  • Sniper rifle Remington XM 2010 ESR / M24E1

  • XM 2010 ESR / M24E1 In early 2010, the U.S. Army began to develop the requirements for upgrading are armed with sniper rifles M24.

  • Sniper rifle Robar .50 BMG / Robar RC-50 / Robar RC-50F

  • Robar RC-50 Robar SR60 large-caliber sniper rifle Robar RC-50 under machine gun patron.50 BMG developed on the basis of a sniper rifle Robar SR60D for special forces weapons.

  • Sniper rifle Robar QR2

  • Robar QR2 At the turn of XX-XXI century. in. American company «Robar Companies, Inc», which became known internationally creation sniper, sport and hunting rifles, has created a new sniper rifle.

  • Sniper rifle Robar SR-60 / SR-60D

  • Robar SR-60 sniper rifle Robar SR-60 is designed to destroy enemy personnel, production of which has been launched by the American firm Robar Companies. Inc. Rifle Robar SR-60 was developed based on the M40A1 sniper rifle.

  • Sniper rifle Robar SR-90

  • Robar SR-90 sniper rifle Robar SR-90 is a further development of the rifle Robar SR-60, which in turn was designed based on M40A1 sniper rifle.

  • Sniper rifle RPA Rangemaster 7.62 / 7.62 STBY / .338 / .50

  • Rangemaster 7.62 Rangemaster 7.62 STBY With an installed muffler In the early 1980s, was created by a small British company «RPA International Ltd», engaged in first release of components for high-end sporting rifles, which later started manufacturing of match rifles themselves and their own original designs.

  • Sniper Rifle RT-20

  • RT-20 large-caliber sniper rifle RT-20 was created in the mid-1990s, during the Serbian-Croatian conflict. Issue RT-20 rifle has been launched by the Croatian company RH-Alan. RT-20 When using a main purpose of RT-20 is the fight against enemy vehicles, including light armored.

  • Sniper Rifle Ruger M77 Mk II VLE

  • Ruger M77 Mk II VLE In 1968, the company «Sturm, Ruger & Co» presented rifle Ruger M77, the construction of which in later years was brought to perfection.

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