• Sniper rifle DT SRS / SRS Covert

  • DT SRS Kalibra.243 Winchester sniper rifle series SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) was developed by a small American company Desert Tactical Arms (USA, Salt Lake City) and was first demonstrated in 2008 at the exhibition «SHOT Show 2008». DT SRS With interchangeable barrel and slide For developer new multikalibernoy rifle SRS - Nicholas Yang (Nicholas Young) starting point was a German sniper rifle DSR-1, built in bullpup layout.

  • Sniper rifle Elefant

  • «Elefant» In the 1980s, the Hungarian state-owned company "Hungarian Optical Works Water Measuring" Techniqua Company "developed a large-caliber sniper rifle (SWR)« Elefant »under Soviet patron 14.5 h114.

  • Sniper rifle Elmech EM 992 / EMM 992

  • EM 992 EM 992 In the early 1990s, the Croatian firm «Elmech Razvoj», a special program of creation of small arms, work began on the creation of a new sniper rifle.

  • Sniper rifle Enfield L42A1 / Enfield Enforcer

  • Lee-Enfield No.4 After the Second World War in England, has accumulated a large number of magazine rifles Lee-Enfield SMLE No.4 British kalibra.303. after adopting NATO 7.62x51 mm cartridge.

  • Sniper rifle Erma SR-100 / ELF SR-100

  • SR-100 With an installed night sight sniper rifle Erma SR-100 was developed in the mid-1990s, the German company «Erma» and is a weapon of the highest class, designed for use by police and counter-terrorist forces.

  • Sniper rifle Falcon OP 96 / Falcon OP 99

  • Falcon OP 96 large-caliber sniper rifle «Falcon» designed to combat enemy snipers, hitting it lightly armored vehicles, artillery and rocket launchers, radar, aircraft parked and manpower.

  • Sniper rifle FN 30-11

  • FN 30-11 Rifle FN 30-11 is designed and produced by the Belgian company FN (Fabrique Nationale) in the 1976-1986 years, and was adopted by the army and police of Belgium.

  • Sniper rifle FN FNAR

  • FN FNAR sniper rifle FN FNAR developed by American division Belgian arms company FN Herstal, and was introduced in 2008. FN Browning BAR Hunter's self-loading rifle sniper rifle FN FNAR is designed primarily for use by law enforcement forces and civilian shooters.

  • Sniper rifle FN SCAR SSR Mk 20 Mod 0

  • FN SCAR SSR Mk 20 Mod 0 In 2010, the Armed Forces of the United States Special Operations Command (US SOCOM - United States Special Operations Command) has adopted a new sniper rifle FN SCAR SSR (SSR - Sniper Support Rifle - Sniper support weapon) with index Mk 20 Mod 0. sniper rifle FN SCAR SSR Mk 20 Mod 0 was developed by American division of the Belgian arms company Fabrique Nationale Herstal - FNH USA Inc and is a "sniper" one 7.62-mm automatic rifle (automatic) FN SCAR-H Mk 17 Mod 0 (adopted several years earlier by U.S. special forces weapons). FN SCAR-H Mk 17 Mod 0 (Assault rifle) Rifle SSR Mk 20 Mod 0 is designed for use as a weapon "marksman» (Designated Marksman Rifle, tactical use of analogue SVD Dragunov sniper rifle), acting as a group of special forces, or as a weapon of the second issue (observer) in the sniper pair, using as their primary weapons and long-range precision-guided weapons with a low rate of fire.

  • Sniper rifle FN SPR

  • FN Special Police Rifle Early bad option Belgian sniper rifle FN SPR (Special Police Rifle - Special Police Rifle) is designed to arm police units. American division famous Belgian company Fabrique Nationale Herstal, company FNH USA, began developing a new sniper rifle for the police in the early twentieth century.

  • Sniper rifle Fortmeier Mod 2002

  • Fortmeier Mod 2002 kalibra.408 Chey Tac In early 2010 the German company «Manufaktur Heinrich Fortmeier» has developed a new single-shot sniper rifle, designated «Mod 2002». Modules Fortmeier Mod 2002 Rifle Fortmeier Mod 2002 is a modular weapon consisting of two parts - the front module includes the barrel and fore-end, and the rear unit consists of a receiver and butt.

  • Sniper rifle FR F1 / FR F2

  • FR F1 In 1964, an arms design bureau headed by famous French Jean Fournier shooter developed sniper rifle FR F1 (class weapons "Elite") under its own caliber rifle cartridge 7.5h54 mm. FR F1 new rifle a qualitatively new model of military weapons with mechanical reloading, created on the basis, though dated, but very successful magazine rifle MAS-36 Arr.

  • Sniper rifle Galil / GALATZ

  • Galil Bipod with the store 12 rounds of From the mid-eighties of the twentieth century Israeli company «Israeli Military Industries» started production of semi-automatic sniper rifle «Galil», developed on the basis of automatic Galil.

  • Sniper rifle Gepard M1 / M2 / M3 / M4 / M5 / M6

  • Sniper rifles Hungary, shooting of which apply standard ammunition of the former Warsaw Pact, presented family caliber sniper rifles (SWR) «Gepard» Hungarian production company «Technology». In 1980-1990-ies Hungarian company "Technology" has released a series of heavy rifles under the title «Gepard». «Gepard» M1 became the first in a series rifle «Gepard» M1 - single-shot weapon that is classified as a sniper rifle with the sliding bolt under Soviet patron 12.7 × 108 mm DShK.

  • Sniper rifle GOL-Sniper

  • GOL-Sniper S Issue sniper rifles GOL-Sniper series has been launched in Germany by Gol-Matic GmbH famous gunsmith Gottfried Prehtlem (Gottfried Prechtl), specializing in the creation of the piece (for custom orders) rifles Mauser.

  • Sniper rifle Grendel SRT

  • Grendel SRT In a combat situation In the second half of the 1980s American company «Grendel Inc» was developed and proposed, primarily for military and police weapons special forces, the new sniper rifle, designated SRT (Sniper Rifle Tactical). sniper rifle Grendel SRT was offered in several versions, differing from each other only weight, barrel length (total length, respectively) and the caliber of: Grendel SRT In the stowed position SRT-16 - with a barrel length of 406 mm (16 inches) and chambered: .308 Win, .358 Win.

  • Sniper rifle Heckler & Koch HK 33 SG1

  • HK 33 SG1 HK 33 SG1 In the early 1970s, the well-known German company «Heckler & Koch» was developed sniper rifle HK 33 SG1 5.56 x45 mm (.223 Remington), which became one of the first European models under the intermediate cartridge.

  • Sniper rifle Heckler & Koch HK G28

  • Heckler & Koch HK G28 In the embodiment Standard In 2011, the famous German company «Heckler & Koch» specially commissioned by the Bundeswehr (German army) has created a new sniper rifle, which was designated HK G28.

  • Sniper Rifle HK G3 SG1

  • G3 SG1 Bipod removed Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win) Length mm 1025 Barrel length, mm 450 Weight empty, kg 5.40 Capacity, count. cartridges 20 Sighting range, m 700 G3 SG1 sniper rifle developed by «Heckler & Koch» in 1973 specifically for the German Army and is a modification of the G3A3 assault rifle.

  • Sniper rifle HK MSG-90 / MSG-90A1

  • MSG-90 With the magazine for 20 rounds Military Precision Rifle MSG-90 (Militarisch Scharfschutzen Gewehr) developed by the German company Hekler & Koch specifically as an army sniper weapons on the basis of police rifles HK PSG-1 (Precision Scharfschutzen Gewehr) and became commercially produced since 1990.

  • Sniper rifle HK PSG-1

  • HK PSG-1 In the mid 1980s the company Heckler und Koch, in collaboration with various counter-terrorist organizations, including the German GSG9 and the British SAS, created a long-range self-loading sniper rifle PSG-1. main purpose of developers was to create high precision sniper rifle to engage targets at ranges up to 600 meters.

  • Sniper rifle HK SL8 / HK SL9SD

  • HK SL8 With standard rib First HK SL8 rifle was introduced by Heckler & Koch in 1998, and at the end of the same year it was launched serial production. The basis rifle HK SL8 formed design and technology of the army assault rifle HK G36, adopted by the army in Germany.

  • Sniper rifle HK SR9

  • HK SR9 Basic model Semiautomatic Rifle Hekler und Koch SR9 developed based on an assault rifle Hekler & Koch 91 (upgraded model HK 41) in the early 1990s. Caliber, mm 7,62 x51 Length mm 1105 Barrel length, mm 500 Height, mm 209 Width 57 Weight empty, kg 4.95 Capacity count.

  • Sniper Rifle HS Precision Pro 2000 HTR

  • HS Precision Pro 2000 HTR Sniper Rifle HS Precision Pro 2000 HTR (Heavy Tactical Rifle) is designed to destroy enemy personnel and was adopted by the special units of law enforcement agencies.

  • Sniper rifle HTI

  • sniper rifle HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) sniper rifle DT SRS large-caliber sniper rifle HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) is a continuation of the line rifle multikalibernoy DT SRS drawing the small U.S. company Desert Tactical Arms (USA, Salt Lake City). Rifle DT SRS was first demonstrated in 2008.

  • Sniper rifle IMBEL .308 AGLC / Fz .308 AGLC

  • IMBEL.308 AGLC Bipod Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win) Weight empty, kg 4,7 Length, 1200 Barrel length, mm 609 Capacity count. cartridges 5 for armed forces and police in Brazil state arms factory IMBEL was launched production of a sniper rifle IMBEL.308 AGLC.

  • Sniper rifle IMI SR-99

  • IMI SR-99 In the mid-1990s, the Israeli firm IMI (Israel Military Industries) to replace the rifle Galil / GALATZ developed a new sniper rifle SR-99. IMI SR-99 IMI SR-99 is a modernized version of a sniper rifle Galil / GALATZ with changes aimed at improving the ergonomics and weight reduction of weapons by using more modern materials.

  • Sniper rifle Istiglal Ist-14, 5

  • Istiglal Ist-14, 5 In 2008, experts from the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan has developed large-caliber semi-automatic (antimaterial) sniper rifle chambered 14.5x114 mm. The new rifle was designated «Ist-14, 5" with its own name «Istiglal» («independence»). Caliber, mm 14.5x114 Length mm 2256 Barrel length, mm 1300 Weight empty, kg 33.8 store count.

  • Sniper rifle JS 7.62

  • JS 7.62 In 2003, for the military and law enforcement agencies, the Chinese company Jianshe Group started to develop a sniper rifle 7.62 mm, which was completed in 2004. JS 7.62 In 2005, the new Chinese JS 7.62 sniper rifle was presented to the public.

  • Sniper Rifle Kel-tec RFB

  • Kel-tec RFB Target At the turn of XX - XXI century. in. existing patterns of sniper rifles in the build Bullpup (Walther WA-2000 VCA, TEI M89-SR, Barrett XM500), unlike several machines of the same scheme, in principle, did not include shooting from the left shoulder.

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