• Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch series HK417

  • HK417 (version Assaulter) With a barrel length of 305 mm With an installed optical sight with IR head, bipod, silencer Based on experience gained from the international coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, where certain conditions 5.56x45 mm caliber weapon found insufficient effective range and the lack of breakdown and stopping power, the company Heckler-Koch in early 2005 began the development of new weapons 7.62x51 mm caliber.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch HK 33 series

  • HK 33A2 In the second half of the 1960s by the German company Heckler & Koch has created a new assault rifle (automatic) HK 33, which were introduced in 1968.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch series HK G36

  • HK G36 Dual optical / dot sight And a 40 mm grenade launcher AG36 HK G36K (top) HK G36C (below) In the early 1990s, the German weapons Concern «Heckler & Koch GmbH» under intra designation "HK Project 50", work has begun on a new assault rifle.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch series HK G41

  • HK G41 Assault rifle (automatic) HK G41 under regular 5.56 x45 NATO cartridge was developed by the German company «Heckler & Koch» on the basis of his own rifle HK G3 7.62mm as a modern model to replace weapons and rifles HK 33. main purpose of creating rifles HK G41 rifle was put compliance with NATO standards.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch XM8

  • XM8 Carbine In 2002, the U.S. company Alliant Techsystems (ATK) has received a contract to explore the possibility of creating a more easy and reliable assault rifle than a carbine rifle, M16 and M4. development of new weapons, led by ATK, was held U.S. subsidiary company Heckler-Koch (Stirling, Virginia, USA). XM8 In tests The result is a modular system XM8 Lightweight Modular Carbine System caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO, in fact, which is a modification of the German assault rifle HK G36.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Howa Type 89

  • Type 89 Since the late 1970's the company «Howa Machinery Company Ltd», under contract to the Japanese Defense Agency, worked to develop a new assault rifle Type 89. Caliber, mm 5.56h45 NATO Length mm 916 670 (stock closed) Barrel length, mm 420 Weight empty kg . 3.5 store count.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) IMBEL MD-1 / MD-2 / MD-3 / MD-4

  • IMBEL MD-2 In 1982, the Brazilian company IMBEL (Industria de Materiel Belico do Brasil) was started to develop a new assault rifle, chambered for 5.56x45 mm NATO caliber.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) INSAS / KALANTAK / MINSAS

  • INSAS In 1981, the Indian state-owned company "Indian State Ordnance Factory Board" was launched to develop a system of small arms INSAS (INSAS - Indian Small Arms System - Indian small arms system) consisting of an assault rifle (automatic), the rifle and light machine gun with a high degree of interchangeability of mechanisms.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Interdynamics MKR

  • 1970s were pretty rough stage in the development of the army of small arms. In the United States actively conducted for a variety of development programs promising small arms, NATO preparing for trials designed to determine the new single infantry ammunition, the Soviet Union also began to translate its armed forces on reduced-caliber cartridge.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Interdynamics MKS

  • Interdynamics MKS Butt decomposed In the mid 1970s Swedish company Interdynamics AB released not a normal assault rifle (automatic) with the designation MKS, chambered 5.56h45 mm NATO. In an attempt to reduce the dimensions of a given weapon while maintaining the combat effectiveness of the chief designer of the company Interdynamics AB - George Kellgren posted receiver store fire in the control arm, giving the rifle-like appearance enlarged version of the Israeli submachine gun Uzi.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Khaybar KH 2002

  • Khaybar KH 2002 In 2001, the Iranian government organization of the defense industry DIO (Defense Industries Organization) began developing a new assault rifle, which was completed in 2003.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Knight's Armament SR-47

  • SR-47 In response to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States by the U.S. government began a military operation "Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan. During autonomous operations in the mountains of Afghanistan U.S. Special Forces are faced with a shortage of ammunition and wearable main way to resupply ammo could become trophies - provided that ammunition and weapons stores in the commandos and their opponents are compatible.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) L1A1

  • L1A1 In early 1950s England, under strong pressure from overseas partners, implemented a range of new community "ammo weapon" in favor of the American patron T65 (soon to be standardized in NATO - 7,62 x51 mm). Having examined a number of samples of automatic (assault) rifles designed for this cartridge, the British senior military leadership came to the conclusion that the Belgian FN FAL rifle most fully responsible for its tactical and technical characteristics challenges facing such weapons.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) LAPA FA 03

  • LAPA FA 03 Assault Rifle FA modelo 03 ("automatic rifle model 03") developed by Brazilian firm LAPA (Laboratorio de Pesquisa de Armamento Automatico - Laboratory design of automatic weapons), located in Rio de Janeiro, under the leadership of designer nelma Suzano (Nelmo Suzano ). LAPA FA 03 Work on the new, forward-looking rifle, designed to replace the 7.62-mm automatic rifle IMBEL LAR (produced in Brazil under license from the Belgian FN FAL rifle development) were initiated by LAPA in 1978.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) M14

  • M14 main weapon of the U.S. Army during World War II became a rifle M1 Garand. Although M1 rifle was one of the best rifles of the 1940s, it was not the perfect weapon and all its merits in serious need of modernization.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Mauser Gerat 06 / Mkb. 43 (M) / Stg. 45 (M)

  • Stg. 45 (M) Works to develop a new assault rifle under the intermediate cartridge 7,92 x33 Kurz, along with German companies «Haenel» and «Walther», in 1939, were initiated and the company «Mauser Werke». Led development engineer at Mauser - Forgrimler Ludwig (Ludwig Vorgrimler), and the project was codenamed «Gerat 06" ("The device 06»). Mauser Gerat 06 spring 1943, a new automatic rifle successfully passed factory tests (produced 6000 rounds without any delay) and the company has received from the Office of Mauser Wehrmacht order 4 prototypes destined for ground tests.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Mkb. 42 (H) / Maschinenkarabin 42 Haenel Schmeiser

  • Mkb. 42 (H) Development of a new automatic weapons (assault rifle) in Germany was launched in 1930. tactical and technical requirements (TTP) to create new weapons, drafted by the Wehrmacht Army Weapons (HWaA - Heereswaffenamt), began with the development of requirements for reduced power cartridge shooting at distances up to 1000 meters.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Mkb. 42 (W) / Maschinenkarabin 42 Walther

  • Mkb. 42 (W) Development manual automatic weapons under the intermediate cartridge was launched in Germany in the mid-1930s and intensified with the entry of Germany into the war against the Soviet Union in 1941.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) model Magpul Masada ACWS / Bushmaster ACR

  • Magpul Masada Carbine Magpul Masada CQB In 2007 Magpul Industries Corp (known in the U.S. arms manufacturer accessories) presented its new development - an assault rifle caliber 5.56h45 mm, under the name of «Masada». developed in record time (4 months) project "Masada" was originally meant to be a modernized appearance rifles family AR15 / M16.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) model Stoner 63

  • Stoner 62 caliber 7.62x51 NATO Option belt-fed machine gun with (top) Option machine / assault rifle (bottom) In the early 1960s the famous small arms designer Eugene Stoner (Eugene Stoner), after leaving the company Armalite, began work on developing a new system of small arms.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) MP-43 / MP-44 / Stg.44

  • Since coming to power in Germany in the twentieth century, the Nazis began re Wehrmacht. The army command by analyzing prospects for the development of weapons and equipment given its tactical use, concluded that one of the tasks of creating a qualitatively new armed forces ready for large-scale offensive action, equipping them with weapons is more perfect than that, which is of potential opponents.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Pindad SS-2000 / SS-3

  • Pindad SS-2000, Presented at the exhibition «Indo Defence 2006» In 2006, the state armory Indonesian company «PT Pindad» exhibition «Indo Defence 2006" was presented a prototype of a new assault rifle with the designation SS-2000 (Senapan Serbu 2000 - 2000 assault rifle). In the second half of the first decade of the XXI century a new rifle (automatic) was completed and accepted by the small-scale production, received the designation SS-3. Essentially, Pindad SS-3 is a logical continuation of the development of a series of assault rifles SS-1 and SS-2 made in bullpup layout.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) QBZ-03 / Type 03

  • QBZ-03 / Type 03 With an installed optical sight Assault rifle (automatic) QBZ-03 (Chinese Qingwuqi Buqiang-Zidong - lightweight rifle, automatic, 2003), also known as the Type 03 was introduced in 2003.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Robinson Armament M96 / RAV02

  • M96 In standard configuration, In 1996, a small young company Robinson Armament Co began the development of a new rifle, which was introduced in 1999 under the designation M96. new rifle was created on the basis of small arms Stoner 63 - famous designer Eugene Stoner weapons.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Robinson Armament XCR

  • Robinson Armament XCR-L caliber 5.56x45 mm Barrel length of 470 mm In the early 2000s a small American company Robinson Armament Co, after not udavshegosya commercial distribution model M96 rifles / RAV02, has created a new rifle - XCR, as for the civilian market weapons (semi-automatic version), as well as for military and police structures.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Ruger AC-556 / Mini-14

  • Ruger Mini-14 (Early release) Firm «Sturm, Ruger & Co» (United States, Connecticut, Saufport) entered the arms market in the early 1940s with a semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol, who quickly gained popularity due to its accuracy and reliability.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) SAR 21

  • SAR 21 Since mid 1970s, the main infantry weapon was the Singapore Armed Forces assault rifle M16S1 (localized version of the famous American M16), as well as a small number of machines developed by a Singaporean company «CIS» (Charter Industries of Singapore, after Singapore Technologies Kinetics) , SAR-80 and SR-88. SAR 21 In the 1990s, the army of Singapore was a question of rearming its armed forces and replace aging weapons.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Series Beretta BM59

  • BM59 Mark I After the end of World War II Italy, which did not have its own self-loading rifle using more powerful ammunition, has adopted the M1 Garand rifle American kalibra.30 06 (7.62h63mm). M1 Garand Firm «Beretta» do repairs, and since 1952 the issue of individual parts and assembly M1, performing to 1962 about 100 thousand of these weapons.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) series Diemaco C7 / C8

  • After taking Canadian Armed Forces as a standard cartridge 5.56mm NATO. firm Diemaco (since 2005 - a subsidiary of the American company Colt renamed Diemaco / Colt Canada) in 1984 launched an assault rifle C7, and since 1994 - the rifle C8. C7 C7 assault rifle is a slightly modified version of the American rifle Colt M16A1E1 and C8 - a shortened version of the rifle Colt M4 type.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Series Galil

  • Galil AR 5.56h45 mm caliber Develop your own assault rifle in Israel began after the "Six Day" Arab-Israeli War (06.05.1967 g - 10.06.1967 g). Despite the very successful outcome of the "Six Day" war, the IDF command set that consist in its arsenal Belgian FN FAL rifle caliber 7.62x51 mm noticeably inferior both in terms of reliability in the wilderness (fine dust and sand) and by maneuvering characteristics melee Arab machines Soviet AK-47 production.

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