• Assault rifle (automatic) Armalite AR-10

  • AR-10 (End of 1950) Assault Rifle Armalite AR-10 - my own mother of the famous series rifles AR-15 / M-16 designer Eugene Stoner.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Armalite AR-18

  • AR-18 After developing and selling all rights to the AR-15 rifle company Colt (Designer AR-15 - Eugene Stoner also becomes firm Colt, where he continues to work on his rifle, and later adopted by the U.S. Army under the designation M16), the company Armalite in the early 1960s began to develop a new rifle AR-16 7.62mm.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Barrett M468 / REC7

  • Barrett REC7 In the early 2000s, a small but well-known American company Barrett Firearms Company began work on the creation of a new rifle.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Beretta AR-70/90 / SC-70/90 / SCS-70/90 / AS-70/90

  • AR-70/90 In the early 1980s, the Italian army command decided to replace the outdated automatic rifle Beretta BM59 7.62mm weapons at the new sample 5.56 mm NATO, which was announced a competition.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Beretta AR-70/223 / SC-70/223 / SCS-70/223

  • AR-70/223 In the 1960s, armed with the Italian army was automatic rifle Beretta BM59 7.62mm NATO, but by the end of the 1960s, an Italian army command decides on partial re weapons caliber 5.56 mm NATO.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Beretta ARX-160

  • ARX-160 With a barrel length of 406 mm To replace assault rifles AR-70/90, in service with the Italian Army, by the famous «Beretta» together with the army of Italy, under the national program «Soldato Futuro» (soldiers of the future), initiated the development of a new generation of weapons.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Bofors AK5 / CGA5

  • AK5 AK4 In the 1960s, armed with sun Sweden was automatic rifle AK4, is a licensed copy of the German Heckler Koch G3 rifle caliber 7.62x51 mm NATO (in the embodiment G3A3) and produced from 1965 to 1985 the Swedish arms manufacturers.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) C1 / C1A1 / C2 / C2A1

  • In 1954, Canada began to choosing standard infantry rifle of the new generation. In the 1954-1955 year Canadians conducted testing of experimental self-loading rifles CDN EX-1 and EX-2 CDN (similar to the English version of the rifle FN FAL - H8E1 iH8E2). C1 followed by British experts Canadian military acknowledged the most appropriate one of the following experimental Russian rifles H14E1.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) CETME A / CETME B (modelo 58) / CETME C

  • CETME modelo C StG.45 At the end of World War II engineers German company Mauser Werke under the direction of Ludwig Forgrimlera (Ludwig Vorgrimler) have developed a new automatic delayed blowback, used to combat braking larvae shutter pair of rollers disposed between the larva and massive body shutter.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) CETME L / CETME LC

  • CETME modelo L Early release In 1950-1960-ies Spanish company «CETME» (later the company «Santa Barbara SA», which became part of the international company «General Dynamics») developed a series of assault rifles CETME A, B (modelo 58), C caliber 7.62x51 mm. In the mid-1960s by CETME work was begun on upgrading rifles CETME modelo C under the new NATO cartridge 5.56h45 mm. In 1984, after the test, a new sample of the weapon under the designation CETME modelo L 5.56h45 mm caliber, was adopted by the Spanish army and put into production.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) CIS SAR-80

  • SAR-80 In the 1970s, armed Singaporean army was an American M16 assault rifle model. In 1976, to replace the M16 and for export, a Singapore company «CIS» (Charter Industries of Singapore, after Singapore Technologies Kinetics) has begun to develop its own caliber rifles 5.56x45 mm NATO.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) CIS SR-88 / SR-88A

  • SR-88 With a fixed butt In 1988, Singaporean company «CIS» (Charter Industries of Singapore, after Singapore Technologies Kinetics) based machine CIS SAR-80 assault rifle was developed (automatic) SR-88 caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Cobb MCR

  • MCR 100 Chambered for 5.56? 45 mm NATO In 2003, "Command U.S. Special Forces» (US Special Operations Command) has announced a tender for a new assault rifle for the armament of its constituent units.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Colt ACR

  • Colt ACR In the second half of the 1980s the U.S. Army began a research program ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle - improved combat rifle), in order to identify opportunities to improve the combat effectiveness of individual small arms (machine) at least 2-fold compared with the M16A2 rifle.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) CQ 5.56 / CQ-311 / CQ 311-1

  • CQ 5.56 Assault rifle (automatic) CQ 5.56, also known as the CQ-311 or CQ M-311 is an unlicensed copy of the American Colt M16 rifle with minor changes. Issue assault rifles CQ 5.56 was launched by the Chinese state-owned enterprise NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation) in the early 1980s.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) CQ 5.56 Type A / CQ-A

  • CQ 5.56 Type A In 2006, the Chinese state-owned enterprise NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation) was introduced automatic carbine CQ 5.56 Type A (CQ-A). CQ 5.56 Type A is an upgraded assault rifle CQ 5.56 (unlicensed copy of the American rifle Colt M16) and is an exact copy of the American rifle Colt M4A1.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Daewoo K2 / DR-100 / DR-200 / DR-300

  • Daewoo K2 Daewoo K2 assault rifle was created in 1984 by the South Korean company Daewoo Precision Industries - a division of a large industrial concern Daewoo, better known as a manufacturer of automobiles, electronics and appliances.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) DIO S-5.56

  • DIO S-5.56 In 2003, the Iranian Defence Industries Organisation DIO (Defense Industries Organization) has offered to export assault rifle own production - S-5.56 caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Enfield EM-2 / Rifle Automatic caliber .280 Number 9 Mark 1

  • Enfield EM-2 After the Second World War, the main weapon of the British infantry were shoplifting autoloading rifle Enfield SMLE No.4 and submachine guns STEN various modifications.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Enfield SA-80 / L85A1 / L85A2

  • L85A1 After refusing in early 1950 from an assault rifle Enfield EM-2 kalibra.280, United Kingdom for many years used a rifle L1A1 (slightly modernized Belgian FN FAL rifle 7.62 mm, produced under license in England.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) FARA 83

  • FARA 83 Assault rifle (automatic) FARA 83 was developed in Argentine weapon factory Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles Domingo Matheu in the early 1980s for the Argentine army weapons.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) FN CAL

  • FN CAL With a fixed butt assault rifle FN CAL (Carabine Automatique Legere - Easy automatic rifle) was designed by the renowned Belgian company Fabrique Nationale and is designed to arm the army units.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) FN F2000

  • FN F2000 With the standard optical sight Basic Configuration clearly visible trajectory Shoot shells falling Next, over the gun F2000 modular system developed by Fabrique Nationale Herstal and first introduced to the public in 2001, and the launch of the dates from the first half of the 1990s.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) FN FAL

  • FN FAL Sample 1950 Rifle FN FAL (Fusil Autamatique Leger - Light Automatic Rifle), developed by «Fabrique Nationale» in Herstal, Belgium. Development of a new automatic rifle under German intermediate cartridge 7.92h33 mm. Kurtz was initiated by FN in 1946 and was conducted in parallel with the creation of a rifle under the "traditional" rifle cartridges.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) FN FNC

  • first battle rifle in NATO countries under the 5.56 mm cartridge was a model FN CAL («light automatic rifle"). However, CAL proved too expensive, and the FN has continued to develop.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) FN SCAR

  • FN SCAR-L STD (Standard) System firearms FN SCAR was developed to weapons for special forces. FN SCAR-L CQC (Close Quarters Combat) The stock closed In late 2003, the Force Special Operations Command of the United States (US Special Operations Command - US SOCOM) issued a request for arms manufacturers new modular assault rifle for fighters US SOCOM, designated as SOF Combat Assault Rifle - SCAR (combat assault rifle for special forces ). This request contains requirements that differed from the demands made by the U.S. Army just before a new perspective assault rifle XM 8. After almost annual competition in December 2004 Command US SOCOM officially announced that the competition won SCAR system presented the American division of the famous Belgian company FN Herstal - FNH USA Inc.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) FX-05 Xiuhcoatl

  • FX-05 Xiuhcoatl In 2005, for replacement being armed Mexico obsolete rifles HK G3 7.62mm NATO (produced under German license), Directorate of Military Industry Mexico DGIM (Direccion General Industria Militar Mexicana) began developing its own assault rifles (machine) under 5.56x45 mm cartridge.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) GIAT FAMAS F1 / G1 / G2

  • FAMAS F1 In 1967, the French designers arsenal in St. Etienne «MAS» - Paul Tellier and Alain Kube began developing a new French assault rifle, which would correspond to modern standards.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch HK416

  • HK416 D20RS After reviewing and U.S. abandonment program XM8 assault rifle Heckler & Koch company developed and proposed in 2004 to the U.S. market, military and police weapons new alternative system as HK416 carbine caliber 5.56x45 mm. German engineers offered weapons to use and visually very similar to the American favorite samples M4 and M16, but markedly superior to their reliability and functionality.

  • Assault rifle (automatic) Heckler & Koch HK G11 / HK G11K2

  • HK G11 In 1966-1967, in the NATO countries began research in caseless ammunition for small arms. This ammo would allow the elimination of weapons design retrieval mechanism and ejection port, which accounts for most of the failures and delays in shooting.

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