• Grenade Valar

  • «Valar» Ukrainian now Valar (Ivano-Frankivsk) at the turn of XX-XXI century. in. was created fundamentally new automatic heavy weapons - 30-mm automatic grenade launcher manual (GRA) "Valar-30». According to the classification grenade "Valar" is all the same weapons support, but at a higher level today that uses all the latest solutions in military affairs.

  • Grenade "Showcase»

  • «Showcase» In conjunction with the AKS-74U Before starting Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980, for 3 months was established antiterrorism grenade "Showcase" is a tip on the muzzle part of the standard AKS-74U.

  • Grenade Viven-Bessiere (VB)

  • system Viven-Bessiere Installed on the rifle VB using Like many army entered the First World War, the French army very soon felt the need for a statement on the arms rifle grenades. There were several versions of this much-needed weapons, they were mostly German and English imitation shompolnye grenades.

  • Grenade VOSP

  • Recoilless antitank grenade single action VOSP (or VOSP-58) developed in the 1980s for weapons mainly special units of the French army.

  • Grenade Wz. 1974 Pallad

  • Wz. 1974 Pallad Mounted on the Polish machine Kbk-AK In 1968 Ya Brodatskim with the team as part of B. Davidovich, A. Ozhogovskogo and 3. Zapendovskogo automata Kbk AK / AKM / AKMS (model of the Soviet AK and AKM Polish production), work began on a grenade launcher.

  • Grenade Launcher XM25

  • XM25 MULTICHARGED XM25 grenade launcher designed to engage targets located over various obstacles: walls, cars, etc. Manufacturer grenade XM25 - firm Alliant Techsystems Inc.

  • Grenade XM174

  • XM174 XM174 In the stowed position In the first half of the 1960s, as part of the competition for the semi-automatic grenade launcher Army, the company «Aerojet Ordnance Manufacturing Company» was created one of the first automatic grenade launchers for the U.S. armed forces.

  • Rifle Zbroyar Z-008

  • Zbroyar Z-008 Tactical In 2006 in Ukraine was established privately owned arms company "Zbroyar" (Gunslinger) with its own production facility, located near the city of Kiev.

  • 9A-91

  • 9A-91 First batches with compensator At the end of the 1980s, while working on a small-sized designers Klimovskikh machine CP-3 "Whirlwind", Tula gunsmiths of the Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) started working on an alternative embodiment of him - 9A-91 machine gun.

  • Compact automatic Dragunov MA

  • MA In a combat situation with buttstock In 1973, the USSR was opened developmental work on "Modern" to create a compact 5.45-mm machine designed for weapons grenade, artillery calculations, the crews of armored vehicles, technical units, etc.

  • Compact automatic CP 3 / CP-3M "Whirlwind»

  • SR-3 "Whirlwind» In late 1980s, the state security organs of the USSR, along with standard samples of special weapons for various military actions, needed a new compact machine, which would ensure the defeat of the enemy's manpower in the individual means of body armor.

  • Stechkina TKB-0116

  • TKB-0116 In the early 1970s by the Soviet Army adopted a new perspective 5.45h39 mm cartridge. Using the new ammunition maloimpulsnogo promised a number of significant advantages, chief among which were a marked decrease in dispersion when firing, increased point-blank range, weight of weapons and ammunition wearable.

  • Pepperboks Allen & Thurber pepperbox

  • Allen & Thurber pepperbox Sample 1837 With a barrel length of 100 mm At the end of the XVIII century, a new short arms, called «pepperbox». Literally, the word «pepperbox» translates to English as "a box of pepper" or "pepper". Pepperbox was a short-barreled muzzle-loading multi-stemmed flintlock weapons.

  • Pepperboks Mariette Brevete Pepperbox

  • Mariette Brevete Pepperbox 9mm With four 60 mm long barrels In 1837, an American entrepreneur and gunsmith Ethan Allen (Ethan Allen) of Massachusetts has developed and received a patent for «pepperbox» (pepperboks) with a cap bolt («pepperbox» translates to English as "pepper box" or "pepper"). Pepperboks Allen was a short arms with rotating barrel unit (up to 6 trunks in one block). Mariette Brevete Pepperbox 4 trunks Overall length - 180 mm, barrel length - 60 mm, 9 mm caliber In the same 1837 pepperboks with a cap lock, but a different design was created in Europe by the Belgian Gilles Marietta (Gilles Mariette). In 1839, Marietta received a patent for his weapon, and established its production in Liege named Mariette Brevete Pepperbox.

  • Pepperboks Robbins & Lawrence Pepperbox

  • Robbins & Lawrence Pepperbox kalibra.31 In 1837, an American entrepreneur and gunsmith Ethan Allen (Ethan Allen) received a patent for it developed «pepperbox» (pepperboks) with a cap lock.

  • Gun Erika

  • Erika Erika For clarity in comparison with the size of wrist Austrian pocket pistol «Erika», intended for self-defense, an Austrian engineer gunsmith Krems - Pfannl Franz (Franz Pfannl) in 1912.

  • Pistol Glock 17 / P80

  • Glock 17 (P80) Early release In the early 1980s, the Austrian military department to replace in service with Austria, outdated models of pistols was a competition for the development of new as simple, efficient and reliable sample of handguns.

  • Pistol Glock 18

  • Glock 18 Early release in 1987, specifically for the needs of special forces of the army and the police, the company «Glock GmbH» created automatic pistol Glock 18. Glock 18 Glock 18 pistol is a modified Glock 17 and it is completely identical, except for the possibility of automatic fire.

  • Pistol Glock 19

  • Glock 19 Early release Gun Glock 17, adopted after 1982 by the army and police of different countries, although it was a beautiful weapon, still was too big for concealed carry. Therefore, there is need for a more compact gun, which was also caused by the growing feminization of law enforcement agencies (police women needed weapons, more adapted to the size of their hands). Glock 19 Partial disassembly In 1988 the company «Glock GmbH» created pistol Glock 17 Compact, which was the first "compact" model family Glock.

  • Pistol Glock 20

  • Glock 20 Early release In 1990, Glock developed, primarily for U.S. intelligence, self-loading pistol Glock 20. Glock 20 Partial disassembly Glock 20 Glock pistols continued the family and is a modification of the basic model Glock 17, which is identical in design.

  • Pistol Glock 21

  • Glock 21 Early release brainchild of «Glock» gave rise to one of the most successful stories in the production of handguns. Pistols «Glock» sold well both in civil and in special markets.

  • Pistol Glock 22

  • Glock 22 Early release Glock 22 Caliber, mm .40 S & W Length mm 186 Barrel length, mm 114 Height with magazine mm 138 Width 30 Weight kg - Without a shop - Equipment 0.650 0.985 store Weight, kg - Unloaded - Equipment 0.078 0.325 store count.

  • Pistol Glock 23

  • Glock 23 Early release Glock 23 Early release In 1990 the company «Glock» one of the first released under the new large-caliber gun patron.40 S & W, were designated Glock 22. himself chuck company «Smith & Wesson» - .40 S & W, appeared in 1990 as a shortened version of 10 mm Auto.

  • Pistol Glock 24

  • Glock 24 Second generation (early release) In 1990 the company «Glock» one of the first released under new patron.40 S & W pistols Glock 22 and Glock 23. Glock 17L Patron.40 S & W proposed by «Smith & Wesson» in 1990 almost immediately received the widest distribution as a universal civil police ammunition (according to experts, was the "golden mean" between the popular 9x19 mm Parabellum cartridges and.

  • Pistol Glock 25

  • Glock 25 Early release In 1995, the international exhibition of firearms held in Nuremberg (Germany), the company «Glock» was presented a new Glock pistol under 25 patron.380 Auto (9x17 mm). Compact pistol Glock 25 is a modification of the model Glock 17, adapted to the chuck 9x17 mm (.380 Auto). With this new gun looks identical to the previous model Glock 19 and Glock 23. himself pistol Glock 25 designed especially for those countries where civil circulation prohibited ammunition used in the army, such as the 9x19 mm Parabellum (9x19 mm cartridge used in models Glock 17, 18, 19). Glock 25 Unlike previous models automatic Glock 25 works on the principle of recoil when locking bore blowback, so the breech was cleaned projection, set the window-shutter housing.

  • Pistol Glock 26

  • Glock 26 Glock 26 Partial disassembly In 1995 «Glock» released a "pocket" pistol Glock 26 chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum. Glock 26 pistols opened a series of ultra-compact family of Glock, allowing the owner to wear it discreetly under light clothing.

  • Pistol Glock 27

  • Glock 27 With the standard magazine capacity of 9 rounds Glock 27 In 1995, after the release of compact models Glock 26 caliber 9x19 mm Parabellum, the company «Glock» was proposed "pocket" pistol Glock 27 under a more powerful patron.40 S & W. Glock 27 pistol was the second (after the Glock 26) in a series of ultra-compact models of family Glock, allowing them to carry concealed under light clothing, while possessing high enough for this class of weapons, firepower and stopping power of the bullet cartridge used.

  • Pistol Glock 28

  • Glock 28 In 1997 «Glock» released another "pocket" gun - Glock 28, a less powerful patron.380 Auto (9h17 mm) than the previous model of compact pistols Glock 26 and Glock 27. Glock 28 Glock 28 continued the series of ultra-compact models of family Glock, allowing them to carry concealed under light clothing, and was created especially for those countries where the law prohibits the use of military cartridges (for example as a 9x19 mm Parabellum) in civilian weapons.

  • Pistol Glock 29

  • Glock 29 In 1997 «Glock», continuing a series of ultra-compact models of family creation Glock, released under a powerful 10 mm Auto cartridge pistol Glock 29. Glock 29 is designed for concealed carry under light clothing, while possessing high for this class of weapons, firepower and stopping power of the bullet cartridge used.

  • Pistol Glock 30

  • Glock 30 Glock 30 In 1997 «Glock» released another subcompact pistol - Glock 30, under a heavy patron.45 ACP. Glock 30 is primarily designed for concealed carry under light clothing.

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