• Grenade RG-6 / 6G30

  • RG-6 In a combat situation, with an extended butt Quest for the development of a multiply charged hand grenade under VOG-24 and VOG-25P rocket launcher GP-25 was issued TsKIB SOO (Central KB sporting and hunting weapons, Tula) in November 1993 led Works VN Teles (creator of the GP-25) and BA Borzov.

  • Grenade RGA-86

  • prototype RGA-86 With ammunition used RGA-86 26-mm smoothbore launcher turret type RGA-86 (Reczny Granatnik Automatyczny wz. 86 - manual automatic grenade sample of 1986) has been developed together with ammunition in 1983-1986 at the Department of Design and operation of firearms (later - Institute weapons technology) Military Technical Academy design team composed of: C. Tsepelskogo, Cheladzkogo M., S. Deretzki, G. Glovitskogo, V. Koperski, J. and R. Pavlovsky Vuytsik.

  • Grenade RGM-40 "Fist»

  • RGM-40 In a combat situation nominated butt Hand grenade compact RGM-40 "Fist" (RGM-compact grenade launcher), developed in 1997 VN Teles for the Russian Interior Ministry, is designed for combat in urban areas, to engage unsheltered manpower and as manpower, located in open trenches, window openings, on the reverse slopes of the terrain.

  • Grenade CSG-33

  • CSG-33 CSG-33 33-mm grenade launcher special purpose CSG-33 is a light grenade launchers, the use of which is carried out during the storming buildings seized by terrorists.

  • RGS-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M

  • CSG-50 CSG-50 Hand grenade special purpose CSG-50 is designed to arm police and special army units. complex is designed to provide psychological impact and temporary decommissioning of armed criminals in the capture of their vehicles (plane, bus, etc.

  • Grenade RK MM / RC MB / DR

  • DR In the USSR, research aimed at creating dinamoreaktivny (recoilless) guns (ANC) - carried out since 1923 in the foundation of this work was based on the scheme of engineers and LV Kurchevsky Izenbeka SA, which in contrast to the previously known Devices of this kind in the breech had conical nozzle.

  • Grenade RMG

  • RMG In the stowed position At the turn of the twentieth century there was a paradoxical situation. Anti-shots, even tandem effective when shooting at tanks, were not sufficiently effective in shooting APCs and IFVs.

  • RPG-2

  • RPG-2 In the final period of the Second World War, Soviet troops faced with massive use by the German army of a new type of anti-tank weapons - hand-held antitank grenade launchers.

  • RPG-7 / RPG-7D

  • RPG-7 RPG-7 is designed to fight tanks, self-propelled guns and other armored enemy agents. It can also be used to destroy enemy personnel located in the lung field shelters and urban structures.

  • RPG-16 "Thunder»

  • RPG-16 "Thunder» RPG-16 "Thunder" is designed to defeat armored targets the enemy, his fortifications and shelters. antitank grenade launcher RPG-16 was developed in the late 1960s, especially for the arms of the Airborne Forces of the USSR.

  • RPG-22 "Netto»

  • RPG-22 "Netto» In the stowed position Grenade disposable RPG-22 "Netto", designed to fight tanks, infantry combat vehicles, self-propelled artillery and other armored enemy objects.

  • RPG-26 "Aglen»

  • RPG-26 "Aglen» In a combat situation Grenade disposable RPG-26 "Aglen" designed to fight tanks, infantry combat vehicles, self-propelled artillery and other armored enemy objects.

  • RPG-27 "Meadowsweet»

  • RPG-27 "Meadowsweet» In the stowed position Despite the fairly high armor rocket-propelled grenades (suffice it to say that armor RPG-18, 22, 26 superior armor classical cumulative projectiles cannon artillery at the same caliber), they are not allowed to lead a successful fight against modern tanks fitted with explosive reactive armor (DZ). RPG-27 In a combat situation Therefore in 1983 was approved tactical and technical requirements (TTP) to create antitank rocket grenade increased efficiency (with tandem warhead) with a grenade launcher disposable RPG-27 "Meadowsweet». This grenade Russian designers NGOs "Basalt" (Yu and A. Radchenko ships) managed to keep almost all the operational advantages RPG-26, with greatly increased efficiency.

  • RPG-28 "Cranberry»

  • RPG-28 antitank rocket grenade RPG-28 grenade launcher with a single application designed to destroy tanks and other armored and unarmored vehicles, suppression emplacements and manpower located in fortifications, urban buildings, providing penetration up to 3 m or so brickwork 2.4 m of reinforced concrete.

  • RPG-29 «Vampire»

  • RPG-29 «Vampire» In a combat situation RPG-29 When shooting antitank grenade launcher RPG-29 "Vampire" was developed in TsKIB COO from 1983 to 1989 under the symbol KTB-0175.

  • RPG-30

  • RPG-30 In the mid 2000s, State Scientific and Production Enterprise (SSPE) "Basalt" has been developed and successfully tested a new rocket-propelled grenade launcher RPG-30. RPG-30 was created to destroy all types of the armament and future tanks and other armored and non-armored vehicles, as well as manpower and protected by fortifications on the battlefield.

  • RPG-32 "Hashim»

  • RPG-32 "Hashim" in firing position And grenades for him PG-32B (anti) and TBG-32V (thermobaric) RPG-32 "Hashim" developed SSPE "Basalt" by request and at the expense of Jordan.

  • Grenade launcher RPG-75

  • RPG-75 In a combat situation RPG-75 When using the Hand grenade launcher RPG-75 is designed in the 1970s in Czechoslovakia.

  • Grenade RRG-76 «Komar»

  • In 1971, the program "Argon", Military Technical Institute of arms (WITU) in Zielonka (Poland) were initiated research and development work on a new grenade launcher. In November 1980 was completed and tested with a positive result of a test batch of the new Polish hand grenade RRG-76 «Komar». In 1983 the serial production of the new nodes grenade launcher, and after two years was made the first batch of weapons for the army.

  • Grenade RShG-1

  • RShG-1 In the stowed position In order to unify close combat in SSPE "Basalt" in 1999 were developed samples assault weapons RShG-1, equipped with new warheads multifactorial destructive action (RShG - reactive grenade assault). In 2000 RShG-1 successfully passed state tests.

  • Grenade RShG-2

  • RShG-2 In a combat situation For conditions for modern combat in order to increase the firepower of the individual soldier, SSPE "Basalt" based antitank rocket grenade RPG-26 and in parallel with a more powerful and heavy grenade RShG-1 for the same purpose was developed reactive grenade assault RShG-2 . RPG-26 "Aglen» RShG-2 maximally unified with RPG-26 to a triggering device and rocket engines.

  • Grenade RWGL-1 / RWGL-2 / RWGL-3

  • In 1960 in Poland, work began on creating hand grenade for law enforcement, designed for throwing tear gas grenades UGL-200. first grenade was developed, designated RWGL-1 (Reczna Wyrzutnia Granatow Lzawiacych - 1). New weapons were created design team consisting of R. Helmitskogo 3. Banaschewski, C. Novakovsky, A. Brewer and S. Bednarski.

  • Grenade SARPAC

  • SARPAC Recoilless bazooka SARPAC developed by the French company Hotchkiss-Brandt in the 1970's and is primarily intended for use as an anti-tank weapon, but can also be successfully used to fight against the fortified enemy positions.

  • Grenade LNG 82 / SH-82

  • LNG-82 In 1942 SKB number 36 Commissariat of Soviet oil industry under the supervision of AP Ostrovsky and chief designer NG Grigoryan began work on the creation of 82-mm grenade machine-Reactive scheme.

  • Grenade T148E1

  • T148E1 (Side and front view) In the early 1950s, the U.S. armed forces made demands on the creation of new infantry weapons with a fragmentation warhead that can bridge the gap between hand grenades and mortars.

  • Grenade Taubina K-2

  • automatic grenade Taubina In the early 1930s in the Soviet Union arms designer tackled the complex problem such as increasing the firepower of the infantry, it was possible not only due to the wide use of this type of automatic weapons like machine guns, but also by creating a fundamentally a new type of firearm - automatic grenade launcher.

  • Grenade TKB-0134 "Goat»

  • TKB-0134 "Goat» On infantry machine 40 mm automatic mounted grenade launchers TKB-0134 "Goat" was developed on the initiative of Valery Telesh to get under a new set of lightweight 40-mm caseless shot that was twice as large as 30 mm automatic mounted grenade launchers AGS-30 "Flame "martial characteristics.

  • Grenade TKB-0249 "Crossbow»

  • Although launcher designed in a classic layout, its receiver elongated and extends beyond the shoulder rest.

  • Grenade Type 4

  • Type 4 70 mm AT Rocket Launcher Once you start using the U.S. 60-mm grenade «Bazooka» in the Pacific theater of war during World War II, Japan had decided to develop its own similar anti-tank weapons.

  • Grenade Type 69

  • Type 69 Produced in China by NORINCO antitank grenade «Type 69" is a copy of Russian (Soviet) RPG-7. Developed in the late 1960s, Type 69 grenade launcher in large quantities supplied in the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) is also exported to the countries of the "third world" and now continues to stand in service with many armies.

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