• DP-64 Grenade "Nepryadva»

  • DP-64 Human anti-seal grenade launcher DP-64 "Nepryadva" designed to protect ships from attack combat divers on external raids, open anchorage and team sites to protect them from attack combat divers on the waterworks, offshore platforms and other important marine and coastal facilities.

  • Grenade Dyakonova

  • Grenade Dyakonova In June 1913 Russian General Staff noted that "in German instructions last time there are indications of the use of rifle grenades in the fortresses.

  • Grenade EX 41

  • EX 41 Development multiply charged EX 41 hand grenade, designed primarily for special operations forces of the U.S. Navy (US Navy SEAL) was initiated in 1967, based on the experience of using singly M79 grenade during the Vietnam War.

  • Grenade Faustpatrone

  • Faustpatrone German soldier with Faustpatrone Grenade Faustpatrone (from the German Faust «Fist" here "hand" and Patrone «chuck") - antitank grenade launcher with a disposable dinamoreaktivny way to start.

  • Grenade FGM-172 / SRAW / Predator

  • FGM-172 / SRAW 3 D model program SRAW (Multipurpose Individual Munition / Short-Range Assault Weapon - multipurpose individual munition - assault weapon melee) was initiated by the U.S. Marine Corps in 1987 as a replacement for unmanaged piercing rockets and grenades M72 LAW and M136 / AT4.

  • Grenade FN40GL

  • FN40GL-L (top) and FN40GL-H (bottom) In late 2003, the Force Special Operations Command of the United States (US Special Operations Command - US SOCOM) announced a competition for a new modular assault rifle for weapons divisions US SOCOM, designated as SOF Combat Assault Rifle - SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle - combat assault rifle for special operations forces). In December 2004, the command of US SOCOM officially announced that the competition won SCAR rifle system FN SCAR, developed by FNH USA Inc - American division of the famous Belgian company FN Herstal (Fabrique Nationale Herstal). After this became FN SCAR by the armed special forces and the U.S. for sale.

  • Grenade FN 40

  • FN 40 The stock closed Belgian FN 40 grenade launcher designed to defeat enemy personnel, it shelters and armored vehicles.

  • Grenade FN GL1

  • FN GL1 In 2001, the Belgian company FN Herstal presented its new development - a modular rifle range FN F2000, including the eponymous assault rifle caliber 5.56h45 mm NATO and auxiliary modules, one of which came in and 40-mm grenade launcher FN GL1.

  • Grenade GM-93

  • GM-93 Grenade GM-93 is designed for special forces weapons and MIA. This powerful, lightweight, versatile weapon is a variant of shotgun with a rifled barrel 43 mm, located below the tubular magazine on 3 shots.

  • Grenade GM-94

  • GM-94 In a combat situation GM-94 With folded butt and open the trunk to recharge multiply charged Human GM-94 grenade launcher was developed in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau in the early 1990s.

  • Grenade GP-25 "Bonfire»

  • GP-25 "Bonfire» As a result of teams of designers TsKIB SOO Tula and SSPE "Device" Moscow have been developed and successfully tested in 1978 on the results of the PI recommended adopted 6G15 grenade SA (hereinafter assigned index GP-25, the theme of " Bonfire ") and shot him with a frag grenade VOG-25 (index 7P17). 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25 grenade launcher is, studs under the barrel of a Kalashnikov modifications, 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm (except AK74), as well as 5.45-mm machine Nikonov (AN94 theme "Abakan", ind.

  • Grenade GP-30 "Obuvka" / GP-30 The "Garnet" / GP-30M

  • GP-30 "Obuvka» In 1985 head customer - the Ministry of Defense of the USSR before the industry was set - a task to upgrade the GP-25 grenade launcher. According to the results of work in 1987 on the field testing was introduced in 1989 and adopted by the CA 40-mm grenade launcher 6G21, received index GP-30 (theme "Obuvka"). By device GP-30 - single-shot grenade launcher, muzzle-loading, with a rifled barrel.

  • Grenade GP-34

  • GP-34 Mounted on AK-74M with 60-round magazine In the early 2000s in the design office Design Weapons Centre Open Joint Stock Company "Concern" Izhmash "started creating antipersonnel grenade grenade launcher GP-34 to automatic AK series (including a series of family-hundredth AK) and Nikonov (AN94, the project" Abakan "). This was the first experience of creating such weapons in Izhevsk, but the designers managed to solve the problematic issues of mutual adaptation machine grenade launcher and grenade launcher rounds increased power.

  • Grenade GzB-39

  • GzB-39 bazooka GzB-39 was used for shooting armored targets armor-piercing grenade cumulative effects. German bazooka GzB-39 is converted sample antitank rifle model 1939 - PzB-39, equipped with a muzzle mortars and special sight.

  • Grenade Launcher HK69

  • NK69 Sight for Shooting on long distances in combat position Grenade Heckler & Koch 69 is designed to defeat enemy personnel located in the open countryside, light shelters, as well as armored vehicles are not the enemy.

  • Grenade Launcher HK79

  • HK79 Mounted on an assault rifle HK G3 HK79 Caliber, mm 40 Length mm 345 Weight 1,5 Sighting range, m 150 - 400 Muzzle velocity, m / s 79 Grenade Launcher HK79 developed by the German company Heckler und Koch for installation on a rifle of the same company, such as 7.62 mm and G3 5.56 mm HK33 and G41.

  • Grenade HK AG36 / AG-C/EGLM

  • AG36 barrel launcher Heckler & Koch AG36 is designed to defeat enemy personnel located in the open countryside, light shelters, and not the enemy armored vehicles.

  • Grenade HK GMG

  • HK GMG The machine tripod feed belt on the right side automatic grenade GMG (Grenade MaschinenGewehr - grenade gun in a literal translation from German) was designed by the famous German company Heckler-Koch in the early 1990s.

  • Grenade Instalaza C-90

  • C-90-C In the 1970s, with the aim of replacing obsolete grenade M65 (the Spanish version of the American "Bazooka") by Instalaza work was begun on a new 90-mm disposable grenade.

  • Grenade 84 mm RCL

  • IOF 84 mm RCL Indian IOF grenade launcher 84 mm RCL (84 mm Rocket Launcher) is designed to defeat armored targets, fortifications and shelters opponent hitting his manpower in the open countryside. as a basis for the development of IOF grenade launcher 84 mm RCL was taken grenade Swedish Carl Gustav M2. Commercially IOF grenade 84 mm RCL became the Indian government made factories Indian Ordnance Factories (IOF) and to combine the 39 plants across the country.

  • Grenade carbine "Storm" / product "DM»

  • Grenade carbine "Storm" / product "DM» Grenade Launcher Pistol "Woodpecker" / product "D» In the 1970s, Soviet designers, using the experience of creating a silent grenade pistol "Woodpecker" (product "D") for the weapons for special forces was developed launcher carbine "The Tempest" (product "DM"). To ensure secrecy applying new weapon also was noiseless and flameless.

  • Grenade LAG 40 SB-M1

  • LAG 40 SB-M1 Grenade LAG 40 SB-M1 designed by Spanish company "Santa Barbara" commissioned by the ground forces.

  • Grenade LAW 80

  • LAW 80 Sheathed stowed English launcher LAW 80 (Light Antitank Weapon - light anti-tank weapon) is designed to combat armored and armored enemy vehicles, destroying fortifications infantry.

  • Grenade Leuchtpistole / Kampfpistole / Sturmpistole

  • In the thirties of the twentieth century Command of the Wehrmacht, paying great attention to multi-functional use of various types of weapons, the German designers put the task of creating a powerful infantry melee weapons.

  • Grenade-shovel "Option»

  • 37-mm mortar-shovel Model 1939 At the end of the 1930s in the USSR was created original type mortar - 37-mm mortar shovel-formed unitary scheme barrel. 37-mm mortar-shovel When using the Mortar-shovel consisted of barrel, shovels - the base plate and bipod with cork.

  • Grenade LRAC 89 F1

  • LRAC 89 F1 In a combat situation French grenade LRAC 89 F1 ( Lance-Roquettes AntiChar de 89 mm modele F1-89-mm antitank rocket launcher model F1 ) is designed to combat enemy armored targets, it shelters and fortifications.

  • Grenade LRAC Mle 50

  • LRAC Mle 50 first French jet bazooka LRAC Mle 50 was adopted by the French army in 1950. Like many post-war development of weapons in Europe grenade LRAC Mle 50 was created under the direct influence of German developments in this area.

  • Grenade M1 / M1A1 Bazooka

  • M1 «Bazooka» American M1 launcher was one of the most original species infantry anti-tank weapon of World War II. This rocket launcher was constructed during the work on the missiles, conducted since 1930 at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

  • M7 Grenade Launcher

  • M7 M7 M7 Grenade adapter is designed to defeat the enemy's manpower and military equipment. M7 Grenade Grenade replaced rifle nozzle AGP M1A2.

  • Grenade M9 / M9A1 Bazooka

  • M9 «Bazooka» In a combat situation with a grenade M6A1 M9 In the stowed position advent of the Germans during the Second World War, in 1943, new heavy tanks, as well as capacity reservation at medium tanks (the thickness of the frontal armor increased to 80 - 100 mm, appeared protivokumulyativnymi side screens), forced Americans to work to further boost modernization M1 grenade.

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