• Shotgun UTAS UTS-15

  • UTAS UTS-15 (right side) UTAS UTS-15 (top view) UTAS UTS-15 (left view) In 2006, the famous American company «Smith & Wesson» it was decided to expand the range offered under the name shotguns by creating a new tactical model, targeted primarily for use by law enforcement agencies, as well as to market civilian weapons.

  • Shotgun Valtro PM-5

  • Valtro PM-5 shotgun RM-5 was developed in the 1980s by the Italian company Valtro (Valtro) and was accepted into service by various police forces in Europe and the U.S., as well as the French Navy.

  • Shotgun Boar-12

  • Boar-12 in the basic version Butt decomposed shotgun (shotgun) Boar-12 is a development of the plant "Hammer" (Vyatskie Polyana) and created as a direct competitor is very popular in Russia series rifles Saiga 12C / Saiga 12K.

  • Shotgun Winchester 1300

  • Winchester 1300 Speed Pump hunting option Winchester 1200 Defender Established on the basis of which Winchester 1300 Shotguns Winchester Model 1300 appeared on the market in the early 1980s, when the corporation Olin / Winchester sold the rights to the production of weapons under the name of Winchester US Repeating Arms Company (USRAC). worth noting that the first gun with the pumping system reload it began producing company WINCHESTER.

  • Shotgun Winchester M1897

  • Winchester M1897 Original "hunting" model Tattoo Winchester M1897 his first store under the name shotgun Winchester famous inventor John Moses Browning weapons released in 1893 (Winchester Model 1893). However, this pattern has been very unfortunate and not spread.

  • Shotgun Winchester M1912

  • Winchester M1912 In 1912 the company «Winchester» released shotgun Winchester M 1912, also became known as the Winchester Model 1912, Winchester Model 12, Winchester M12.

  • Shotgun XM-26 LSS

  • XM-26 LSS Option separate (independent) weapons Research and development for the U.S. armed forces the new model light combat shotgun (LSS - Lightweight Shotgun System - easy smoothbore (shotgun) the gun), the designation XM-26 LSS, were initiated by "Colt" in 1999 and continued by «C-More Systems» (Manassas, Va.) together with laboratory NE «Dismounted Battlespace». gun XM-26 was developed to enhance the combat capabilities of individual soldiers under melee during combat operations in populated areas, while it has the same purpose as the other shotguns in the U.S. Army.

  • Granata-device Handrohrgranate

  • Granata-Handrohrgranate device is unique in its design. Unique to the point that there is difficulty in attributing this to a particular type of ammunition.

  • Grenade 6G27 "Balkan»

  • 6G27 "Balkan» The machine 6G27 "Balkan» Controls In the 1980s, in the Tula TsKIB SOO was designed by highly experienced 40-mm grenade TKB-0134 "Goat". In developing the grenade TKB-0134 puts the problem significantly improve range and efficiency in comparison with the standard at the time of an automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 30 mm caliber.

  • Grenade AGP M1A2

  • AGP M1A2 AGP M1A2 Grenade Adapter is designed for long-distance throwing hand grenades using firearms. They used AGP M1A2 since the Second World War, in various embodiments and modifications until the mid-1970s.

  • Grenade launcher AGS-17 "Flame»

  • AGS-17 "Flame» The machine automatic mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame" is designed KBTM them. Nudelman, and its release has been adjusted at Vyatskie Polyansky Machine Building Plant "Hammer». It is designed to engage manpower and fire weapons outside shelters and natural terrain (ravines, hollows, reverse slopes of heights), etc.

  • Grenade APILAS

  • APILAS In the second half of the 1970s the company GIAT Industries started the development of a new hand-held antitank grenade launcher and grenades cumulative.

  • Grenade Armbrust

  • Armbrust Grenade Armbrust (Crossbow - it.) designed to combat enemy armored targets, it shelters and fortifications, and has a very original design. bazooka Armbrust was developed in the late 1970s as an individual infantry antitank weapon, suitable for operations in the city.

  • Grenade Armscor

  • Armscor Grenade Pistol Armscor consists of barrel with iron sights, receiver front and pistol grips, trigger mechanism and folding butt.

  • Grenade Arsenal «Lavina» / Avalanche Grenade Launcher

  • Arsenal «Lavina» / Avalanche Grenade Launcher The stock closed 40 mm. grenade Arsenal "Lavina" (export name Arsenal 40 mm Avalanche Grenade Launcher) is designed to defeat enemy personnel in open areas and in the lungs shelters.

  • Grenade AT4

  • AT-4 On the night sight on a special quick-release bracket AT4 Grenade AT-4 is designed to combat enemy armored targets, destruction of shelters and strong points of enemy defenses.

  • Grenade B-300

  • B-300 B-300 System components Israeli bazooka B-300 is based on the Soviet RPG-7 and French LRAC, and combines the best features of them.

  • Grenade Baryshev ARGB

  • ARGB Automatic grenade launcher Baryshev - ARGB designed to defeat fragmentation grenades single and multiple enemy targets at ranges up to 1000 m Almost all the advantages ARGB characteristic gun PBC fully embodied in the manual automatic grenade Baryshev.

  • Grenade Beretta GLX-160

  • Assault Rifle ARX-160 With an installed GLX-160 grenade launcher Assault Rifle ARX-160 With an installed GLX-160 grenade launcher Front view GLX-160 grenade launcher developed by «Beretta», as part of an infantry grenade launcher for the military Armed Italy.

  • Grenade Blindicide RL 83 / RL 100

  • Blindicide RL 83 In the early 1950s, on the arms of the Belgian Army was adopted grenade Blindicide, developed on the basis of American grenade M20A1 Super Bazooka.

  • Grenade Brunswick RAW

  • Starting device RAW RAW Mounted on the barrel M16 RAW grenade system is designed to defeat manpower, firepower and military equipment, as well as making passages in the walls of houses and fences, damaged protective structures, bridges, etc.

  • Grenade BS-1 DSA-86 "Silence" / BS-1M 6S1 "Canary»

  • In the 1970s, adopted the special units of the Soviet army entered a special silent shooting-grenade launcher "Silence" for tasks such as damage to the enemy command posts, the destruction of missiles on the march and at launch sites, helicopters and airplanes on the ground, disorder important links and other management, including sabotage.

  • Grenade B & T GL-06

  • GL-06 With dot sight Additional front handle and flashlight GL-06 In the "police" version of LL-06 With a set of various "non-lethal" shots For this company Brugger & Thomet have developed special "non-lethal" ammunition based on standard 40-mm low-velocity grenades and special weapons for these shots.

  • Grenade Carl-Gustaf M2 / M3

  • Carl-Gustaf M2 Swedish engineers began developing antitank weapons shoulder-fired in the early 1940s. Carl-Gustaf M2 Carl-Gustaf M3 Caliber, mm 84 Length mm 1130 1070 Weight 14.0 8.5 Penetration, mm 400 500 + Dynamic Protection rds / min 6 Sighting range, m 1000 Maximum range Fire, m 2300 (Illuminating grenade) Their first design was 20 mm anti-tank gun m/42, taken into service in 1942, built on the principle of recoilless anti-armor and shoot blanks.

  • Grenade CGL-4 / XM148

  • XM148 (CGL-4) After a series of tests and experiments to the 1960 Springfield armory (Springfield Armory) developed under the new M406 grenade simple single-shot grenade launcher, M79 received official index.

  • Grenade CIS 40 AGL

  • CIS 40 AGL Mounted on the machine CIS 40 AGL When using automatic grenade CIS 40 AGL designed by CIS - Chartered Industries of Singapore (later STK - Singapore Technologies Kinetics) as an alternative to the American grenade Mk19.

  • Grenade CIS 40GL

  • CIS 40GL Caliber, mm 40 Length mm 655 Barrel length, mm 305 Weight (with / without the butt), kg 2,35 / 1,95 Initial velocity grenades, m / s 76 Maximum firing range 400 Single-shot grenade launcher CIS 40GL pistol was designed by Singaporean CIS («Chartered Industries Of Singapore») as a weapon fire support small units.

  • Grenade CNG-9 "Spear»

  • CNG-9 "Spear» Grenade CNG-9 "Spear" was adopted by the USSR Supreme Soviet in 1963. His appearance led effort to raise the effective range of fire antitank infantry units.

  • Grenade DENEL PAW-20 / Neopup

  • PAW-20 In a combat situation with a red-dot sight Grenade PAW-20 (Personal Assault Weapon - Personal Assault Weapon) was introduced in autumn 2006. PAW-20 With infrared night sight, laser designator And used shots PAW-20 grenade launcher developed South African company Gemaco Elbree Pty Ltd, and is offered through the largest South African arms concern DENEL.

  • DP-61 Grenade "Duel»

  • DP-61 «Duel» Hand grenade DP-61 "Duel" is a rocket launcher to deal with saboteurs and is designed to protect ships, ports and coastal installations. Unlike multilateral countersabotage propelled grenades PD-61 has only one trunk.

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