• Shotgun MP-133

  • MP-133 Basic version pomp repeating shotgun MP-133 developed at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which since 2000 has been the serial production of these weapons. Shotgun MP-133 is designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement, as well as target shooting.

  • Shotgun MP-154

  • MR-154 shotgun MR-154 manufactured by FSUE "IMZ" is intended for law enforcement and self-defense, the possibility of combining semi-automatic shotgun with the ability to turn off the engine and the use of automation in the manual reloading forearm motion.

  • Shotgun Neostead

  • Neostead Combat shotgun (shotgun) Neostead developed two designers from South Africa - Tony Neophytou and Wilmore Stead (Tony Neophytou, Wilmore Stead), as a purely combat, army or police weapon.

  • Shotgun OTs-28

  • OTs-28 With adapter "Nozzle-12" Shot shotgun OTs-28 is designed to arm police and interior troops of Russia.

  • Shotgun Pancor Jackhammer

  • Pancor Jackhammer Mk3A1 With removable drum American automatic shotgun revolver «Pancor Jackhammer» (literally translated as "hammer") is intended to arm the police and army.

  • Shotgun QBS 09

  • QBS 09 With the used cartridges QBS 09 With buttstock In 2005, Research Institute of Defense Industry of China research was started on a new shotgun for arming security forces in China.

  • Shotgun RB-12

  • shotgun RB-12 (Shotgun Bandaevskogo 12 gauge (also possible interpretation as "Combat Shotgun") is intended for civil self-defense and weapons police, security agencies with special assignments.

  • Shotgun Remington 11-87

  • Remington 11-87 Police With the barrel 457 mm. and diopter sight Ghost Ring Shotgun Remington 11-87 model was developed in 1987 by the American firm Remington as a modification of an earlier rifle Remington model 1100.

  • Shotgun Remington 870

  • Remington 870 Express Combo Hunting rifle with exchangeable barrel shot Shotgun (shotgun) Remington 870 "Wingmaster" was introduced by Remington in 1950, and has since become the best-selling in the U.S. pump action shotgun.

  • Shotgun Remington 1100

  • Remington 1100 autoloading shotgun Remington model 1100 was released by the American firm Remington in 1963 and replaced in the production of the earlier models of self-loading shotguns of the same company, such as model and 11-48 Sportsman 58. Issue rifles Remington 1100 is still ongoing and the total number of guns of this model well over a million pieces.

  • Shotgun RMB 93 / RMO-93 "Lynx»

  • RMB 93 With folded butt smoothbore gun battle RMB 93 (Shotgun Combat Shop, '93) was developed in the early nineties on its own initiative in the Central KB Sporting Arms (TsKIB COO, now a division of Instrument Design Bureau) in Tula.

  • SafirArms Shotgun T-14

  • SafirArms Turkish company has developed and launched production of smooth-bore long-barreled semi-automatic shotgun T-14. Weapons designed based on the famous American M16 (Ar-15 - the civilian version) and looks exactly the same as the appearance of the legendary M16, while it has several significant structural differences to ensure smooth functioning of weapons with ammunition for shotguns.

  • Shotgun Serbu SUPER-SHORTY

  • Serbu SUPER-SHORTY shop with 2 rounds (front handle folded) Based on the Remington 870 (top) And based at the Mossberg 500 (below) In the late twentieth century American engineer Mark Serbia (Mark Serbu) customized as usual alteration Mossberg 500 shotgun with a view to obtaining extremely compact weapon for fighting at short distances, created a shortened shotgun «SUPER-SHORTY» (super shorty). Alteration was so successful that the Serbs began mass production of these weapons, which was organized by a small private company «Serbu Firearms.

  • Shotgun series Armscor M30

  • M30R6 M30R8 In the 1990s, the Philippine company «Armscor» started producing a series of pump shotgun model M30. Shotguns lineup Armscor M30 weapons were developed for police and army units, as well as civilian use for self-defense, sport and hunting.

  • Snipe Shotgun Series M Auto / Auto Snipe 12M / 16M Snipe Auto

  • Snipe M12 Auto With a barrel length Self-loading rifles Snipe M Auto series designed for hunting and self-defense and are produced under caliber cartridges 12h70, 12h76 and 16h70. Shotguns 12th (M12 Snipe Auto) and 16th (Snipe 16M Auto) maximum caliber interchangeable - differ only in size and some trunks shutter.

  • Shotgun Series M Snipe / Snipe 12M / 16M Snipe

  • Snipe 12M With a barrel length shotgun snipe M series designed for hunting and self-defense and are produced under caliber cartridges 12h70 and 16h70.

  • Shotgun Series Benelli M2

  • Benelli M2 Hunting option shotgun Benelli M2 is designed for use by police and private security agencies, as well as for personal protection, hunting and shooting sports.

  • Shotgun series FABARM SDASS

  • FABARM SDASS Composite pump shotgun Italian company FABARM (Fabbrica Bresciana Armi) series SDASS (Special Defense And Security Shotgun - a special gun for protection and security) services are designed for the protection order, security, and to protect private property and the practical shooting sports.

  • Series Shotgun Saiga 12

  • Saiga 12 Basic (hunting) configuration Family weapons under the title "Saiga" was launched developed in the early 1990's at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant (Izhmash), famous for the production of Kalashnikovs.

  • Series Shotgun Saiga 20

  • Saiga 20 Basic (hunting) configuration Shotguns (smooth-bore rifles for the Russian official classification) series Saiga 20 similar modifications on the device and Saiga rifles line 12, and differ from them only smaller caliber, and as a result - somewhat smaller mass and impact.

  • Shotgun Saiga series 410

  • Saiga 410 Basic version shotgun Saiga 410 is one of many members of the family "Saiga". Saiga 410 is similar to the device and modifications line Saiga rifles Saiga 12 and 20, and differ from them only smaller caliber, and as a result - somewhat smaller mass and impact.

  • Shotgun SRM Model 1216 / Model 1212 / Model 1208

  • Top down SRM Model 1216, Model 1212, Model 1208 In the middle of the first decade of XXI century a small American company «SRM Arms», specializing mainly in the production of guns and accessories to them, started to develop a new semi-automatic shotgun designed for use by law enforcement agencies, as well as self-defense weapons.

  • Shotgun Stoeger 2000

  • Stoeger 2000 Defense Option combat use Shotgun Stoeger 2000 developed and launched in 2001 at the factory in Turkey Stoeger Silah Sanayi A. S. (Last Vursan arms), owned by the famous Italian arms concern Beretta.

  • Shotgun Stoeger P350

  • Stoeger P350 Hunting option Shotgun Stoeger P350 is a development shotgun Stoeger SP 312. main differences from Stoeger P350 Stoeger SP 312 have become somewhat enhanced and extended construction for use shells with a 89 mm in length.

  • Shotgun Stoeger SP 312

  • Stoeger SP 312 C 4-round magazine Shotgun Stoeger SP 312 specially focused on use for home protection, security services, for training of fire.

  • Shotgun Striker / Streetsweeper / Protecta

  • Striker The original version of the smoothbore gun battle Striker was designed resident Rhodesia Hilton Walker in the early 1980s. Striker With a barrel length of 18 inches After the fall of Rhodesia Walker moved to South Africa, where he continued his work on the weapon.

  • Shotgun TOZ-106

  • TOZ-106 With buttstock Shotgun TOZ-106 has been designed for self-defense, protection of economic objects and amateur hunting for short distances.

  • Shotgun TOZ-187

  • TOZ-187 Tula autoloading shotgun TOZ-187 is intended for self-defense, protection of commercial facilities, pets, woodland and amateur hunting.

  • Shotgun TOZ-194

  • TOZ-194 Shotgun TOZ-194 was developed in the mid-1990s for the protection of commercial facilities, pets, woodland, self-defense and amateur hunting. Caliber, mm 12 Weight empty, kg 3 Length mm 805 Barrel length, mm 540 The chamber, mm 70 Capacity count.

  • Shotgun USAS-12

  • USAS-12 Includes additional drum and shops Shotgun USAS-12 is designed as a fire support weapon for close combat. combat shotgun Shotguns USAS-12 is designed in the U.S. in the late 1980s designer John Trevor, who worked for a small company Gilbert Equipment Co. The basis of the new automatic shotgun based on the ideas of American Maxwell Atchissona implemented them guns series AA-12. USAS-12 With attached shop Since the company Gilbert Equipment Co does not have its own production capacity, she began to search for manufacturer able to start production of new weapons.

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