• Shotgun Baikal MP-153

  • Shotgun MP-153 is designed for hunting and shooting sports, law enforcement and self-defense. MR-153 (index "MR" from the English. "Mechanical Plant" - Mechanical Plant and pronounced as "empirical" rather than "Aimer") was released at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Baikal). shotgun comes in two calibers 12/89 for the external market and 12/76 for the Russian market.

  • Shotgun Benelli M1 Super 90

  • Benelli M1 Super 90 smoothbore (shotgun) Benelli M1 rifle created on the basis of quite interesting and rare automation system developed by the company Benelli Armi the mid-1980s. military option is the Benelli M1 Super 90 "Tactical". Caliber, mm 12 Length mm Depending on the length Barrel and butt-type Barrel length, mm 508 (M1 Tactical), 355 (M1 Entry) Weight empty, kg 3.18 - 3.63 Capacity , Count.

  • Shotgun Benelli M3 Super 90

  • Benelli M3 Super 90 In the standard "police" version shotgun Benelli M3 Super 90 is a further development of the company Benelli shotguns M1 Benelli Armi towards versatility.

  • Shotgun Benelli M4 Super 90 / M1014 JSCS

  • Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun Benelli M4 Super 90 is designed to arm army and police special forces. Benelli M4 Super 90 Butt decomposed Benelli M4 Super 90 is designed and developed in Italy by Benelli Armi Spa, and imported into the United States (including, for the needs of the Armed Forces) by Heckler & Koch USA, inc.

  • Shotgun Benelli Nova

  • Benelli Nova Shotgun Nova series was developed in the late 1990s by the Italian company Benelli what is called a "clean slate", with aim was to provide a lightweight, versatile and powerful weapons using the most modern technologies.

  • Shotgun Beretta 1201FP

  • Beretta 1201FP (police version) With the diopter sight Ghost-ring autoloading shotgun Shotguns Beretta 1201FP was designed by Italy's largest arms company Beretta in the late 1980s - early 1990s.

  • Shotgun Beretta RS202

  • Beretta RS202 P In the early 1990s the famous weapons company «Beretta» shotgun was developed under the designation RS202.

  • Shotgun Berkut IL-81 / IL-82 / Baikal-131

  • shotgun IL-81 is designed for law enforcement, self-defense and hunting. From 1993 SE "IMZ" was launched serial production shotgun IL-81, developed by the creative team consisting of Sergei Antonov, Vladimir Sentyakova, Vitali and Alexei Votyakova Zarochintseva.

  • Shotgun Browning Auto-5 / Browning A-5 / Remington model 11

  • In the twentieth century the widest distribution in the world got a gun Browning Auto-5 (or Browning A-5), which developed the famous gunsmith John Browning (John Moses Browning). Using Browning new principle of automation - the return on long stem its course, new items identified characteristics, such as: - Locking swinging larvae bore (emphasis); - The combination of one of the feeder mechanism functions and shutter lag; - Management of the cartridges stop moving barrel; - A shock to the shutter slide stop using lip liner next cartridge; - USM work without forced separation hammer and sear; - Regulation of the rollback moving parts sliding-friction brake device with profile depending on the power cartridge used and ambient temperature; - Extraction sleeve when returning the trunk to the front position when the pressure of powder gases in the barrel drops to atmospheric; - Manual override store.

  • Shotgun CBC MAGTECH 586.2

  • CBC MAGTECH 586.2 With a barrel length of 24 inches In the 1960s, the famous Brazilian company «Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos» (CBC) for the production of ammunition for small arms started production of shotguns for hunting and sports.

  • Shotgun FABARM S. A. T. 8

  • FABARM S. A. T. 8 Tactical autoloading shotgun S. A. T. 8 is designed by the famous Italian FABARM for law enforcement, dynamic shooting and self-defense. S. A. T. 8 is a Semi-Automatic Tactical 8 - semi-automatic "tactical" gun capacity of 8 rounds.

  • Shotgun FABARM SDASS Tactical

  • FABARM SDASS Tactical FABARM SDASS Tactical Shotgun designed for dynamic shooting and law enforcement agencies. Caliber, mm 12 Length mm 700 (pistol grip), 950 (butt) Barrel length, mm 500 Weight empty kg 3.0 Capacity, Count.

  • Shotgun FN SLPS / FN Self Loading Police Shotgun

  • FN SLPS (Self Loading Police Shotgun) autoloading shotgun Belgian FN SLPS (Self Loading Police Shotgun) is intended to arm the police. FN SLPS serially manufactured by FN Herstal.

  • Shotgun FN TPS / FN Tactical Police Shotgun

  • FN TPS Belgian rifle FN TPS (Tactical Police Shotgun) is intended to arm the police. Developed and serially manufactured by FN Herstal. gun store, with charge due to longitudinal - sliding forend ("pump-action"). The bore when fired rotating bolt locked.

  • Shotgun Franchi PA7 / PA8

  • Franchi PA7 In the 1980s, one of the leading Italian manufacturers of shotguns by «Franchi» has developed a new shotgun, designated PA7.

  • Franchi SPAS 12 shotgun

  • Franchi SPAS 12 shotgun Franchi SPAS-12 was designed by the Italian company Luigi Franchi in the late 1970s as a universal military weapons for police and military.

  • Franchi SPAS 15 shotgun

  • Franchi SPAS 15 Franchi SPAS 15 With folded butt shotgun (shotgun) Franchi SPAS 15 developed by the Italian company Luigi Franchi on the basis of their previous design - SPAS 12 shotgun.

  • Shotgun Hatsan Escort AimGuard

  • AimGuard Basic model AimGuard Pistol Grip shotgun Hatsan Escort AimGuard designed and manufactured in Turkey by Hatsan Arms factory specifically as a weapon of self-defense, as well as security services, training and sport shooting.

  • Shotgun Hawk Industries / NORINCO

  • Hawk SF28WB Hunting option smoothbore autoloading shotgun designed Hawk Chinese company Hawk Industries based on American self-loading rifle Remington 1100. Export options, intended for the civilian hunting market, almost exactly copy the original, while the guns in "police" performance using different detachable box magazine capacity of 5 rounds.

  • Shotgun Hawk Industries Type 97-1 / NORINCO

  • Hawk Type 97-1 (18.4 mm Type 97-1 Anti-riot gun) Chinese company Hawk Industries produces a fairly wide range shotgun pump action shotguns, the design of which is based on the popular American Remington 870 shotgun.

  • Shotgun High Standard HS-10

  • HS-10A Combat shotgun HS-10 (High Standard) is designed to arm the police and special forces. idea of creating a combat shotgun (shotgun) in bullpup configuration owns American, police sergeant Alfred Crouch, patented in 1957-1961 years "device for firing a gun with one hand.

  • Shotgun HK CAWS

  • HK CAWS With a barrel length of 457 mm. holders HK CAWS autoloading rifle Heckler & Koch CAWS (Close Assault Weapon Sistem) is designed to arm police and army units, and is intended to fire at short distances.

  • Shotgun Ithaca model 37

  • Ithaca model 37 Shotgun Ithaca model 37 is one of the oldest pump action shotguns that are in production still. Ithaca 37 "Homeland Security" Initially, this design was designed by John M. Browning in 1913 and patented in 1915, and then sold the company Remington Arms.

  • Shotgun JSCS M1014

  • M1014 In 1998, the U.S. military announced a competition for the development of single combat shotguns JSCS (Joint Service Combat Shotgun) 12-gauge.

  • Shotgun Kel-Tec KSG

  • Kel-Tec KSG private American company Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc. (City Soso, Florida, USA), founded in 1991, began to produce weapons since 1995. Starting production, with little suitable for concealed carry and available to mainstream consumers pistols, in the first decade of the XXI century, offered a wide range of long-as well as handguns, which became popular on the civilian market weapons thanks to original and innovative designs, quality and relatively affordable prices . Caliber, mm 12 The chamber, mm 76 Length mm 663 Barrel length, mm 470 Weight empty, kg 3.13 fully charged Weight, kg 3.86 store count.

  • Shotgun LW-3

  • LW-3 With the drum magazine and 38-mm grenade launcher for "non lethal" weapons In early 2010 Chinese gunsmiths was developed automatic shotgun, designated LW-3, which was first shown to the public in China in 2012.

  • Shotgun MAG-7

  • MAG-7 Shotgun MAG-7 developed by the South African Techno Arms Pty specifically as a combat weapon for close combat conditions, especially for operations in confined spaces (combing yards, premises). Conventional combat shotguns have the necessary firepower and stopping power for close combat, but most of them are too long or have shops too small capacity, so designers from South Africa took its starting point in the creation of his gun is not a traditional shotgun, and relatively compact pistol gun type or Israeli UZI YuARovskogo BXP.

  • Fort 500

  • FORT-500 In the civilian version shotgun Fort-500 was developed in NGOs "Fort" Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the late 1990s, and was intended to arm the police and security services in Ukraine.

  • Shotgun Model KS-23 / KS-23M / COP-23K

  • COP-23 COP-23 rifle (carbine Special 23 mm.) is a police weapon. Designed for riot control, electoral power, mental and chemical impact on offenders. Development COP-23 was launched in the 70 years of the twentieth century, when the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR Research Institute of Special equipment have begun to tackle the task of creating an effective non-lethal weapons for crowd control in prisons.

  • Shotgun Mossberg Maverick M 88

  • Mossberg Maverick M 88 With the constant butt and shops different capacity In the second half of the 1980s the company «Mossberg» under the trademark «Maverick» was launched production of pump action shotguns Model 88, designed for use in a melee during the police and military special operations, as well as for self-defense and protection of the home as well as for hunting and sports.

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