• Automatic (assault rifle) Sako Rk 90 / Rk 92 / Rk 95

  • Rk 95 TP Caliber 7.62x39 mm In 1986, the Finnish company Valmet, which created a whole family of small arms (rifles, machine guns, sniper rifle) on the basis of the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle AK, work was begun on the development of an improved version of the automaton.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Series Galil ACE

  • Galil ACE Models 21, 22, 23 (top to bottom) At the end of the first decade of the XXI century known Israeli arms company IWI (Israel Weapon Industries) has been developed and put into production a whole family of automata (assault rifles), showing Galil ACE.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) series MPi-K / MPi-AK

  • MPi-K In 1961, the German Democratic Republic (GDR) has acquired a license to manufacture a series of Soviet Kalashnikov AK-47 7.62x39 mm caliber, whose production has been launched a national enterprise VEB Fahrzeug und Waffenfabrik «Ernst Thalmann» in Suhl.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Type Series 81

  • Type 81-1 development on a new project infantry firearms China to replace aging machines Type 56 (a licensed copy of a Kalashnikov AK model of 1947) and the Type 68 was launched in the early 1970s.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Tavor TAR 21

  • Tavor TAR 21 Top of the 1990s, the IDF (IDF) was faced with the need to replace outdated machines Galil more modern and practical weapon.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Type 56

  • Type 56 early release With milled receiver In 1956 adopted the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) were adopted automatic Type 56 and Type 56 carbine caliber 7.62x39 mm. Automatic Type 56 is a licensed copy of the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle AK with minimal changes, while the Type 56 carbine is a carbine Simonov (SCS). From 1956 to 1973, machine produced at the plant 66, and since 1973 its production has been established by Norinco.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Type 63 / Type 68

  • Type 63 Development of a new automatic rifle for the People's Liberation Army (PLA) was launched in 1959. in 1963 to replace the semi-automatic rifle was created by Type 56 Type 63 new machine.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Type 64

  • Type 64 By the mid 1950s, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Command, had in service after the Second World War, U.S. M1 Garand rifles and carbines M1, felt the serious backlog of progress in the development of individual infantry weapons.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Valmet M-82

  • M-82 In the early 1980s, based on machine Valmet Rk 76 (on a design from the perspective of all mechanisms, is a replica of a Kalashnikov AK), the Finnish company Valmet designers developed automatic M-82 (model 255470). M-82 Partial disassembly new machine was built in a "bullpup" with a minimum of modifications with respect to the basic design.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Valmet Rk 60/62

  • Rk 62 Rk 54 After the Second World War, the USSR demanded from Finland to dismantle the production of military weapons. In 1950, when the Finnish army stood before the question of rearmament, it was decided not to tempt fate and do not waste time and make their own weapons on the basis of already known foreign-made weapons.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Valmet Rk 71

  • Valmet Rk 71 Valmet Rk 62 In the early 1970s, the Finnish company Valmet proposed a new automatic Rk 71 (Ryannakkokivaari 71 - Assault rifle model 1971), also known as M-71. Automatic Valmet Rk 71 is an upgraded model of previous sample Valmet Rk 62, which in turn was based on the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-47. Rk 71 Rk 71 TP Caliber, mm 7.62x39 Length mm 945 950 Barrel length, mm 420 Weight kg 3.9 store count.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Valmet Rk 76

  • Rk 76 T 7.62x39 mm caliber Rk 62 In 1976, the Finnish company Valmet, in addition to the machine started production Rk 62, adopted by the armed Finland, a new model of machine Rk 76 (Ryannakkokivaari 76 - Assault rifle model 1976), also known as M-76. Automatic Valmet Rk 76 is an upgraded model Valmet Rk 62, which in turn was based on the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-47. Valmet Rk 76 is an automatic weapon with a gas engine automatic, magazine-fed and air-cooled barrel.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Vektor CR-21

  • Vektor CR-21 In the mid-1990s, the South African National Self-Defense Force (SANDF - South African National Defence Force) were given an assignment to create a new modern assault rifle to replace in service with South Africa, machine Vektor R4 (licensed copy machine Israeli Galil). As a result, in 1997 the general public with its new assault rifle (automatic) with the designation CR-21 (Compact Rifle, 21 century - "compact rifle of the 21st century") layed scheme bulppap.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Vektor R4 / R5 / R6

  • Vektor R4 With the magazine capacity of 50 rounds Vektor R4 Bipod At the end of the 1970s the South African National Self-Defense Force (SANDF - South African National Defence Force) was agreed to replace in service with South Africa Belgian FN FAL rifle and German HK G3 7.62mm new weapons caliber 5.56 mm. As a result, the South African company Vektor (division of the military-industrial concern DENEL - the main supplier of arms to South Africa) was designed assault rifle chambered for 5.56x45 mm NATO, received the designation R4. Thus saving time and money, a new South African Vektor R4 rifle did not create from scratch, and used already positively proven automatic Israeli Galil, modernizing it. Automatic Galil itself is based on the Finnish Valmet Rk 62 rifle, which in turn is a modernized version of the Soviet AK-47. Vektor R5 Automation Vektor R4 works by removal of powder gases from the bore.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Zastava M21

  • Zastava M21 In the second half of the twentieth century in Serbia, a member at the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the state enterprise «Zastava» mastered the production license of Soviet Kalashnikov AK-47 under the designation Zastava M64, and further development and production of their modifications M70, M77, M92, including M80, M85, M90 chambered for 5.56 x 45 mm NATO.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Zastava M64 / M70 / M77 / M92

  • M64 A In the 1960s in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was launched production license exact copy of the Soviet 7.62mm Kalashnikov taken into the arms of the Yugoslav army under the designation M64.

  • Automatic (assault rifle) Zastava M80 / M85 / M90

  • In an effort to enter the market with Kalashnikov weapons, but Western 5.56mm, on the Yugoslav enterprise Crvena Zastava (Kragujevac, Serbia) was developed automatic M80. M70 B1 Automatic Zastava M80 5.56 x45 mm NATO is a modification of the Yugoslav 7.62mm machine M70 B1, which in turn is a slightly modernized copy of the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle.

  • Automatic (assault vintvka) IMBEL MD-97 / MD-97L / MD-97LC

  • IMBEL MD-97L IMBEL MD-2 Assault rifles family IMBEL MD-97 caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO were developed by the Brazilian company IMBEL (Industria de Materiel Belico do Brasil) for replacement, although reliable, but heavy rifles IMBEL MD-2 / MD-3 / MD-4 . Structurally automatic IMBEL MD-97 is a development model rifles IMBEL MD-2. The main differences IMBEL MD-97 from IMBEL MD-2 are small design changes, mainly related to the reduction in size and weight of the weapon.

  • Automatic Assault DB-12

  • One of the experimental variants machine DB-12 With triply revolver grenade launcher and silencer In 2011 introduced a new large-caliber assault rifle AL-12, developed by designers TsKIB SOO (Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Weapons) Tula KBP (State Unitary Enterprise Instrument Design Bureau). Automatic Assault AL-12, which is a complex "Insert Weapon", was developed by order of the Russian FSB special units for weapons as a highly "assault" melee weapons.

  • Automatic (assault carbine) Bakalov SCHKB

  • Assault rifle Bakalov SCHKB With an installed UGL And bayonet-knife In the mid-1990s, the Bulgarian designer Georgi Delchev Bakalov has developed a new automatic registering September 27, 1996 patent for a weapon.

  • Skbk wz 89 Onyks / Skbk wz 91 Onyks

  • Skbk wz 89 Onyks Along with a gun «TANTAL» in Poland was developed 5.45 mm shorter and lighter machine Skbk wz. 89 «ONYKS» (subkarabinek wz. 1989 - shortened automatic sample in 1989), based at the Soviet 5.45mm AKS-74U and Polish Kbk wz. 88 «TANTAL». New shortened automatic weapons units intended for airborne troops, special task forces, members of the crews of combat vehicles, as well as the police.

  • AS "Val»

  • AS "Val» ARIA "Vintorez» In the second half of the 1980s designers CRI Precise Mechanical Engineering P. and V. Serdyukov Krasnikov developed two versions of a single system of "silent" weapon, uniform details and spare parts for 70% and designated for noiseless and flameless fire at a range of up to 400 meters System "silent" weapon consists of a special purpose rifle ARIA "Vintorez" (sniper rifle special) and the automaton AS "Val" (special machine) and was adopted by various special forces of the USSR in 1987.

  • Stechkina TKB-0146

  • TKB-0146 In 1974, with the adoption of the Soviet Army 5.45mm AK-74 completed a certain stage in the development of small arms. The main achievement was the development of a powerful, easy maloimpulsnogo patron.

  • Boar

  • Boar In 2003, the Scientific and Technical Center of Precision Engineering of the National Space Agency of Ukraine was presented machine "Boar" ("Wild Boar" - in Russian). Automatic was created as the modernization of the AK-74 and made on a "bullpup». «Boar" is positioned as a replacement, was in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine Kalashnikov AKM and AK-74, inherited from the USSR.

  • Dynamo-reactive anti-tank grenade M18 Recoilless Rifle

  • M18 Recoilless Rifle M18 Recoilless Rifle In 1943, the United States was designed dynamo-reactive (recoilless) bazooka, designated M18 (in the American classification referred to as «M18 Recoilless Rifle» - recoilless rifle M18). M18 Recoilless Rifle The machine M18 Recoilless Rifle The machine Ammunition for the M18 grenade launcher had a view of the unitary shot with a steel sleeve.

  • Dynamo-reactive anti-tank grenade M67 Recoilless Rifle

  • M67 Recoilless Rifle In the 1960s in the U.S. have developed a new dynamo jet bazooka M67 (in the American classification is designated as «M67 Recoilless Rifle» - recoilless rifle M67). New grenade launcher was intended as a more effective infantry antitank weapon, designed to replace the troops earlier models of the same type.

  • Shotgun 18.5 COP-K

  • 18,5 COP-K At the beginning of the first decade of the XXI century, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, work has begun on a new combat smoothbore weapons for shooting complex power structures of Russia.

  • Shotgun 18.5 COP-P

  • 18,5 COP-P With folded butt At the beginning of the first decade of the XXI century, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, work has begun on a new combat smoothbore weapons for shooting complex power structures of Russia.

  • Shotgun AA-12

  • AA-12 American shotgun AA-12 (Auto Assault 12) Automatic Shotgun is designed to arm army and police units. Atchisson assault shotgun (prototype 1972) With 5-round box magazine The development of AA-12 engaged Atchisson Maxwell (Maxwell Atchisson), which has developed its first automatic combat shotgun in 1972.

  • Akdal MKA 1919 Shotgun

  • Akdal MKA 1919 Caliber, mm 12 Chamber length, mm 76 Length mm 964 Barrel length, mm 470 Weight without magazine, kg 3.25 Shop, the number of rounds 5 In early 2009, the Turkish company Akdal Arms launched a new shotgun MKA 1919.

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