• Gun FNP-9 / FNP-9M / FNP-357 / FNP-40 / Browning PRO-9 / Browning PRO-40

  • FNP-9 In 2003, the famous Belgian company «Fabrique Nationale» (FN Herstal) was first introduced a new 9mm FNP-9. new pistol was created using the technology in its design and application of polymeric materials concept modular weapons, allowing the use of additional tools customized to the shooters with different sized hands.

  • Gun FNP-45 / FNP-45 Tactical

  • 4 FNP-45 In 2007, the American division of FNH USA Belgian company Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FN Herstal) was announced a new gun FNP-45 pistols lineup FNP, designed and manufactured by FN. In 2008, it started manufacturing and selling of weapons in the U.S., primarily for the U.S. market weapons.

  • Pistol FNX-9 / FNX-40 / FNP9-17

  • 3 FNX-9 In 2009, the American division of FNH USA Belgian company Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FN Herstal) proposed a new range of pistols labeled FNX, consisting of FNX-9 pistols chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum and FNX-40 by S & patron.40 W. Pistols line FNX represent an evolutionary series pistols FNP.

  • Gun Frommer 29M

  • Frommer 29M In 1929, the Hungarian designer Rudolf Frommer (Rudolf Frommer), for the armament of the Hungarian army, developed a new gun.

  • Gun Frommer Baby

  • Frommer Baby caliber 7.65 mm Frommer Baby Gun Frommer Baby created by Hungarian designer Rudolf Frommer (Rudolf Frommer) on the basis of his own gun Frommer Stop sample in 1912 and is nothing else but a reduced copy of the model «Stop», designed as a pocket pistol 7.65 mm . Mass production pistols Frommer Baby was established in 1912 in the Hungarian company Fegyver es Gepgyar Rt. (FEG) to Budapest (Hungary at that time was part of Austria-Hungary), where he was released simultaneously with its more established relative - gun Frommer Stop.

  • Gun Frommer Femaru 37M / P 37

  • Femaru 37M In 1937 the Budapest now FEMARU-FEGYVER ES GEPGYAR RT for weapons Hungarian Army has proposed a new 9mm pistol. Then he was adopted as a model army pistol 37M.

  • Gun Frommer Liliput

  • Frommer Liliput In 1921, the Hungarian designer Rudolf Frommer (Rudolf Frommer) proposed a new pocket-pistol - Frommer Liliput, intended as a weapon of self-defense at short distances.

  • Gun Frommer M1901 / M1906 / M1910

  • Frommer M1910 In 1901, the Hungarian inventor Rudolf Frommer (Rudolf Frommer) was granted a patent for his design of the first gun Frommer M1901. This model was developed under the 8 mm cartridge.

  • Gun Frommer Stop

  • Frommer «Stop» caliber 7.65 mm Frommer «Stop» caliber 7.65 mm In 1912 adopted the Hungarian Honved (Honved) - part of the armed forces of Austria-Hungary, was adopted gun Frommer «Stop» (in some sources as the designation of the gun as M12). Gun Frommer «Stop chambered for 7.65 mm caliber developed and patented a Hungarian inventor Rudolf Frommer (Rudolf Frommer). This gun Frommer embodied a new approach to the use of long-stroke trunk.

  • Gun Gabbet-Fairfax Mars / Webley Mars

  • Gun Gabbet-Fairfax Mars (Early model) Gabbet-Fairfax Mars ( Vidszadi ) In the second half of the 1890s successful and prolific inventor of automatic weapons Hugh Gabbet-Fairfax (Hugh Gabbett-Fairfax) from Leamington Spa (Great Britain), received numerous patents for designs pistols and rifles, has developed the most powerful gun that time.

  • Gun "Glock": Take out and shoot

  • After the Second World War, the Austrian armed forces were armed with two basic models of handguns: U.S. 11.43 mm pistol Colt 1911A1 M (in Austria received the designation Model 11) and a 9-mm pistol German Walther R.38 ( known as the model 38). In the Austrian police Core samples were 7.65 mm pistols Walther PP and PPK models as the military (and even pre-war) issue and released after the war under license in France.

  • Gun GSH-18 - the brainchild of Tula gunsmiths

  • In early XXI century before the Russian army and the police there was a problem equipping personnel effective handguns. new complex service small arms should include two basic elements - ammo and weapons.

  • Gun IMBEL M911 / M973

  • 3 IMBEL Pistola M911 (early release) export version for the United States under the brand name «Springfield Armory» In the 1960s, Brazil has shown interest in producing one of the most famous pistols of the twentieth century - Colt M1911, created by legendary American gunsmith John Moses Browning (John Moses Browning) and was in service with the U.S. Armed Forces over eighty years (1911 - 1990 ). Colt M1911A1 In 1968 Brazil after receiving a license to manufacture a pistol Colt M1911A1 U.S. public company IMBEL (Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil) was launched production of these weapons under its own brand.

  • Gun Jieffeco / Melior

  • Jieffeco M 1907 caliber 7.65 mm In the first half of the first decade of the XX century designer Rozier was created pistol chambered for 7.65x17 Browning (32 ACP). In 1908 (according to other sources in 1907) Rozier patented his new gun in the UK. Since own capacity to manufacture gun Rosier had he offered his patent of Liege «Manufacture Liegeoise d'Armes a Feu Robar et Cie» (later known as «Robar & Co»), which is engaged in repair and manufacturing shotguns spare parts for them.

  • Colt Pistol: One Hundred Years of public service

  • One of the most famous American self-loading pistols Colt M 1911 will soon be one hundred years. Pistols produced to this day, are very diverse in structure, purpose and caliber.

  • Gun that do not mind

  • What can I use ayrsoft guns? Training for firearms, secondaries (spare weapons) for airsoft in case of failure of the main weapons in those cases when the power exceeds the permissible primary weapon (for example, the game in the building where it is prohibited to use weapons tuned capacity of more than M120). For ayrsoft pistol used primarily for gaming, and you can neglect the original manufacturer markings that already will gain in price since the manufacturer does not pay royalties.

  • Limbo pistols in Russia (Part II)

  • (Continued Starting in Article "Limbo pistols in Russia (Part I)») Increased demands to increase the rate of the weapon and its reliability has led to the creation in the early XVII century the most advanced spark igniting system - shock-French flintlock battery lock, which is considered the inventor of Marin le Bourget.

  • Gun Little Tom

  • Little Tom caliber 6.35mm produced by Wiener Waffenfabrik early release Gun «Little Tom» (Little Tom) was developed by the Czech inventor Alois Tomishko (Alois Tomiska) as a weapon of self-defense at short distances.

  • Gun Melior New Model

  • Melior New Model caliber 7.65 mm (sample 1920) M 1920 M 1920/1925 M 19201927 Caliber, mm 7.65x17 6.35h15.5 6.35h15.5 6.35h15.5 Length, 150 122 101 117.5 length Barrel mm 90 59 48 59 Weight without unloaded, kg 0.635 0.350 0.240 0.365 Shop, count.

  • Gun Mitrailleuse / Le Gaulois

  • Mitrailleuse In 1891, a French gunsmith Blanshonom Pierre (Pierre Blanchon) in collaboration with Etienne Mimar (Etienne Mimard) was developed and patented a pocket pistol original design, which since 1893 has been put into production at a factory in St. Etienne «Manufacture Francaise d'Armes de Saint-Etienne ». Caliber, mm 8h9 R Length, 131 Height, 64 Width 18 Barrel length, mm 55 Weight empty, kg 0.285 Shop count.

  • Gun Nagant M 1877 Gendarmerie

  • Nagant M 1877 Belgian gunsmiths second half of XIX century Nagant brothers who became famous worldwide thanks to their revolvers Nagant, also engaged in the production of pistols.

  • Pistola rain over Europe

  • long history of American arms, rich variety of events left us with many interesting and colorful episodes from his life. However, a number of a variety of subjects related to it, such as rarely found original activities like Adopt the American spies, saboteurs during World War II, samples of special weapons most unusual designs.

  • Gun ÖWA

  • ÖWA early release In late 1919, the Austrian Arsenal in Vienna due to various problems was under threat of closure. To avoid closure, it was decided to integrate it into Österreichischen Industriewerke.

  • Gun PB-4-1

  • Differences models PB-4M and PB-4-1 Pistols PB-4M used as an energy source for the electronic ignition system built solenoid controlled oscillator trigger.

  • Air Pistol Gletcher JRH941 (Jericho 941)

  • In the last issue we looked at a couple of very successful, in our opinion, pneumatic revolvers firm Gletcher. Today we offer to your attention a little review of another model from this company - gazobalonnogo air pistol Gletcher JRH941.

  • Pistol Sauer BÄR

  • Sauer BÄR In 1898, Behr Swiss Burkhard (Burkhard Behr) developed the short arms of the original design. Taking the ordinary revolver and "flatten" round revolving drum of a flat parallelepiped he got the weapon, which had only two "fighting" position.

  • Gun Schouboe M1903 / M1907

  • In 1903, the leading engineer of Copenhagen «Dansk Rekylriffel Syndakat» Shouboe Jens (Jens T. Schouboe) patented the design of an automatic pistol of its own design. Jens Shouboe widely known as a designer of automatic hand gun with magazine-fed «Madsen». Schouboe M1903 pistol was designed to use the cartridge 7.65 mm and had a pretty simple design blowback, feature no original features.

  • Gun Schönberger M1892

  • Schönberger M1892 Usually Schönberger M1892 pistol is considered the first automatic pistol, fit for practical use, but the question of whether he was also the first automatic pistol, got in free sale, still hotly debated.

  • Gun Spitfire Mk II

  • 1060 5.0 0 Spitfire Mk II In the mid-1980s by John Slough (John Slough) for the British armed forces was proposed gun Spitfire Mk II. In fact, the English gun is a clone of the famous Czech pistol CZ 75 with minor changes.

  • Pistol Sterling Mk VII

  • 1582 5.0 1 Sterling Mk VII In the second half of the twentieth century British paratroopers for weapons, crew tanks and armored vehicles, as well as support units was proposed gun Sterling Mk VII, who became famous with the name «Paratrooper Pistol» or «Para Pistol». Pistol Sterling Mk VII was based on the famous British submachine gun Sterling, from which it differs mainly in the absence of a short barrel and butt.

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