• Pistol Bersa M 644/622/622 LC

  • Bersa Mod 644 Bersa Mod 62 In the mid-1950s Italian engineers Benso Bonadimani, Ercole Montini (worked for the Italian company Beretta) and Savino Caselli, emigrirovshimi Argentina was created armory firm «Bersa». Company name «Bersa» made up of the first letters of the names of its founders.

  • Pistol Bersa Series 95 / Thunder 380

  • 1 Bersa Series 95 In 1994 the company «Bersa S. A. », especially for the civilian market weapons, proposed a new compact, lightweight pistol Series 95 under patron.380 ACP.

  • Gun Bersa Thunder 380 CC

  • 2 Bersa Thunder 380 CC In 2005, the Argentine company «Bersa S. A. »exhibition at Shot Show 2005 for the first time demonstrated its new lightweight compact pistol Bersa Thunder 380 CC (Concealed Carry) designed primarily as a weapon for concealed carry.

  • Silent pistol Model-1

  • 1504 0.0 0 Model-1 (right side) Model-1 (left view) defeat of fascist troops of the British Expeditionary Corps and allied forces in 1940 at Dunkirk forced Britain to seek new ways of dealing with Germany, one of which was the launch sabotage operations behind enemy lines.

  • Gun silent Welrod

  • Welrod Mk II defeat Britain in 1940, the British made Dyunkerksoy operations to find new ways of dealing with Nazi Germany, one of which was the launch sabotage operations behind enemy lines.

  • Gun Bittner M 1893 / Repetier-Pistole

  • Bittner M 1893 Caliber, mm 7.7h17 Bittner Length, 300 Barrel length, mm 153 Weight empty, kg 0.855 Shop count.

  • Pistol Browning BDM

  • 1 Browning BDM In 1991, the American company «Browning Arms Company», a division of the Belgian company «Fabrique Nationale», and using brand Browning, also belonging to the «FN», on the basis of the famous Belgian «High Power» created a new 9mm , called BDM (Browning Double Mode). Caliber, mm 9x19 Length, 200 Barrel length, mm 120 Weight empty, kg 0.870 Shop count.

  • Pistol Browning DA / FN HP-DA / BDA9 / BDAO / HP-DAO

  • FN HP-DA / Browning DA (Early model) By the early 1980's famous weapons company «Fabrique Nationale» (FN) initiated the establishment of the unified series pistols chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum based on the world famous Belgian pistol Browning High Power.

  • Gun Clement M 1903

  • Clement M 1903 caliber 5 mm Caliber, mm 5h18; 6.35h15.5 Length / Trade registration / Width 135/115/24 Barrel length, mm 69 Weight empty, kg 0.440 Shop count.

  • Gun Clement M 1907

  • Clement M 1907 In 1907 Belgian armorer from Liege Charles F. Clement (Charles Ph. Clement) proposed a new automatic pistol pocket, called Clement M 1907 (Clement sample 1907). Clement M 1907 front and rear view Clement M Model 1907 is a further development of the gun Clement sample of 1903.

  • Gun Clement M 1908

  • Clement M 1908 Caliber, mm 6.35h15.5 Length, 117 Height, 90 Width 27 Barrel length, mm 50 Weight empty, kg 0.400 Shop count. cartridges 6 In 1907 Belgian armorer from Liege Charles F. Clement (Charles Ph. Clement) proposed pocket automatic pistol named Clement M 1907.

  • Gun Clement M 1909

  • Clement M 1909 In 1909 Belgian gunsmith Charles F. Clement (Charles Ph. Clement), improving its previous model pistols, created a new pocket automatic pistol Clement M 1909 (Clement Model 1909). Clement M 1909 Pistol circuit device The sample 1909 chambered for 6.35 mm Browning Clement used the new design pistol, which he applied to his own earlier ideas.

  • Gun Clement M 1912

  • Clement M 1912 with the barrel is screwed to the frame near the muzzle clutch In 1912, a gunsmith from Liege Charles F. Clement (Charles Ph. Clement), create pocket pistols, proposed a new compact pistol Clement M 1912 (Clement sample 1912). In this model Clement abandoned its previously patented inventions in favor of the blowback design, very reminiscent of Browning M 1906, but without a framework fuse.

  • Pistol CZ75

  • Armory company Ceska Zbrojovka CZ 75 pistols manufactures for over thirty years, and the number of issued units during this time is close to three quarters of a million.

  • Pistol FEG P9 / P9M / FP9 / P9L

  • P9 In 1971, the Hungarian company FEG (at that time which had a name Fegyver es Gazkeszuelekgyara NV, and later - FEGARMY Arms factory, Ltd.

  • Pistol FEG P9R / P9RA / P9RK / P9RZ / 40RZ / AC / ACK / GKK / B9R

  • FEG P9R In the early 1980s the Budapest now FEG (FEGARMY Arms factory, Ltd), in order to increase competitiveness on the basis of FEG P9 pistol was developed a new gun, designated P9R.

  • Pistol FEG PA-63

  • 2 PA-63 In 1961, armed police Hungary adopted gun FEG R-61 under Soviet patron 9x18 mm, in which weapons used to facilitate frame of aluminum alloy.

  • Pistol FEG PR-59 / R-61 / BR-61 / RL-61

  • FEG PR-59 In 1958, the Hungarian police issued an order for the creation of new light gun under Soviet 9x18mm cartridge to replace the model used Femaru Police 48M caliber 7.65 mm. In 1959 the Budapest now Femaru Fegyver es Gepgyar (FEG) has been developed 9 mm pistol, designated FEG PR-59. device pistol Pistol FEG PR-59 was based on a police model 48M, which in turn is a modified copy of the German pistol Walther PP. Demolition - the assembly of these guns is similar to that in the Walther PP. In new gun compared to police model 1948 also amended.

  • Pistol FEG R78

  • FEG R78 Caliber, mm 7.65x11 (.32 ACP) Length, 140 Barrel length, mm 72 Weight empty, kg 0.450 Shop count. cartridges 6 In 1978, the Hungarian company Femaru Fegyver es Gepgyar (FEG) model was developed under the pocket-pistol cartridge caliber 7.65 mm. new pistol was designated FEG R78 and was used by the police as a weapon concealed carry.

  • Gun Femaru Police 48M / Walam 48

  • Femaru Police 48M Caliber 7.65 Mm After the Second World War, armed police Hungary were outdated models of pistols.

  • Pistol FN 140 DA / Browning BDA 380

  • 2 FN 140 DA caliber 7.65 mm In the second half of the 1970s «Fabrique Nationale» (FN) was designed gun based design which used a tested circuit Browning pistols, ie automatic operates by utilizing the recoil energy shutter.

  • Gun FN Browning Baby

  • 1 FN Browning Baby After the death in 1926 of the legendary gunsmith John Moses Browning (John Moses Browning) by «Fabrique Nationale» (FN) was decided to modernize discharged her pocket pistol FN Browning M 1906.

  • Gun FN Browning GP-35 / P-35 / High Power / Pistole 640 (b) / Mk I

  • 3 FN Browning GP-35 Soon after the First World War, the legendary American gunsmith John Moses Browning (John Moses Browning), intending to improve the Colt M 1911, began working on a new gun.

  • Gun FN Browning High Power Mk II / Mk III / SFS

  • 2 FN Browning High Power Sample 1935 Year In 1935 godubelgiyskayakompaniya «Fabrique Nationale» (FN) выпустиланаоружейныйрынокпистолетсистемыДжонаМозесаБраунинга (John Moses Browning), имевшегоизначальнообозначение «Pistolet Automatique Browning FN Modele 1935 de Grande Puissance». Browning FN 9 mm Mk I (in option number 1 Mk I *) produced in Canada by «John Inglis and Company» fighting qualities, but in their time simply unbeatable, new pistol Considered military specialists and he was purchased by various countries for the needs of the army and police.

  • Gun FN Browning M 1900

  • 1 FN Browning 1899 sample legendary American author John Moses Browning weapons (John Moses Browning) started designing handguns in the mid-1890s, has developed several self-loading pistols.

  • Gun FN Browning M 1903

  • FN Browning M 1903 Encouraged by the success of the first model of his pistol FN Browning M 1900, its designer - the legendary gunsmith John Moses Browning (John Moses Browning) in 1902 developing the second embodiment of the popular pistol.

  • Gun FN Browning M 1906

  • 1 FN Browning M 1906 early model without safety lever In 1906, the Belgian company «Fabrique Nationale» (FN) was started serial production of the pocket, or in the terminology of the time, "zhiletochnogo" 6.35-mm pistol FN Browning M 1906, intended for self-defense.

  • Gun FN Browning M 1910 / M 1922

  • 2 FN Browning M 1910 caliber 7.65 mm In 1910, legendary American gunsmith John Moses Browning (John Moses Browning) for the Belgian company «Fabrique Nationale» (FN) has developed a new pistol chambered 7.65h17 mm Browning.

  • Pistol FN Five-seveN

  • Five-seveN (Base model) In late 1980s, the famous Belgian company Fabrique Nationale Herstal, as a personal self-defense weapon (PDW - Personal Defense Weapon) troops not involved in combat missions, was designed submachine gun FN P-90. Together with the weapons was established and a new cartridge 5,7 x28 FN, which has high penetrating ability (according to the manufacturer, with a steel core bullet can penetrate a distance of 150 meters with 48 layers of Kevlar fabric and retain high enough stopping power). new complex weapons cartridge (submachine gun FN P-90 and 5,7 x28 mm cartridge) developers considered so successful that it decided to set up in addition to this the gun.

  • Pistol FN Fourty-Nine

  • Fourty-Nine Caliber .40 S & W In late 1990s, the famous Belgian company Fabrique Nationale Herstal as a service and police weapons were offered a new gun.

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