• Weapons and equipment of special forces. Large-caliber revolvers

  • pistol cartridge revolvers under difficult to compete with self-loading pistols. Any real advantage of this weapon can be obtained only by using special large-caliber ammunition.

  • Weapons and equipment of special forces. Pevolvery

  • An interesting trend is the recent revival of revolvers. most models of revolvers that exist in Russia today, designed for special services. Understand this increase is difficult. After guns and failed to win a place in the sun and not popular.

  • Weapons, which was not. Venting guns

  • Open series of articles on interesting ideas and design solutions that are not reflected in the mass application of small arms.

  • OCA pig, not a friend

  • gas cartridge, gas gun, stun device ... A list of valid Russian self-defense means little short. But last year the mysterious "tubeless self-defense weapon," cited the federal law "On Weapons", materialized in certified according to the rules of self-defense complex "Wasp". By all canons of "Wasp" refers to the so-called "non-lethal" weapons, and this definition requires some explanation.

  • P.08 Luger (Luger Pistol)

  • gun Luger self-loading pistols in history takes place in general similar to what takes koltovsky Single Action revolvers in history.

  • P-96C

  • Most recently, "organizations with special assignments" - security companies and security - the choice of pistols (excluding revolvers and PKSK) was "extremely broad": IL-71, IL-71 controlled entirely and again IL- 71-100 with desyatizaryadnym store.

  • Parabellum

  • In June 1913 the German army, in addition to pistols and P-O8 Sea arr. 1904 offered a new model Borchardt-Luger pistol under 9mm cartridge parabellumovsky (Pistolenpatrone 08). Weapon called long gun 08 or artillery.

  • Pistol 29M

  • 29M pistol developed in the second half of the 20s of the twentieth century by the Hungarian designer Rudolf von Frommer. Rudolf von Frommer was born in 1868 in Budapest.

  • Arcus 94 Pistol / Arcus 94C

  • Arcus 94 (Early model with plastic cheeks) From 1946 until the end of 1989 Bulgaria, under the influence of the Soviet Union, developed along socialist lines.

  • Gun Arcus 98DA / Arcus 98DAC

  • 1 Arcus 98DA (Early model) In the second half of the 1990s the armed forces of Bulgaria was a competition for a new gun armament army officers.

  • Gun Arsenal P-M01

  • Arsenal P-M01 in variants chambered 9x18 (top) and 9h17 (bottom) In the 1990s Bulgarian arms company «Arsenal» was proposed gun P-M01, designed primarily for commercial sale as a service and hunting rifles, as well as self-defense gun.

  • Gun Arsenal P-M02 Compact

  • Arsenal P-M02 Compact Until the end of the 1990s the Bulgarian arms company «Arsenal» produced copies of Soviet Makarov PM and their variations (in particular gun Arsenal P-M01). In connection with the removal of these models with the arms of the Bulgarian army and the fall in exports at the turn of the Arsenal plant XX - XXI century.

  • Stechkin APB

  • Quiet shot has always been one of the requirements for special weapons and certain solution is to use a silencer. It must be said at once that no silencer can not completely mute the sound of the shot.

  • Gun Ballester-Rigaud / Ballester-Molina

  • 2 Ballester-Rigaud In 1930 the Argentine government ordered the company «HAFDASA» (Hispano Argentino Fabrica de Automoviles Sociedad Anonima) from Buenos Aires, created by Arturo Ballester and Eugenio Molina in the 1920s, the development of new weapons gun Argentine army and police . Colt M1911A1 This basic requirement was to create weapons under patron.45 ACP equivalent to combat characteristics gun Sistema Colt Modelo 1927 (unreleased in Argentina under an American license pistol Colt M1911A1), but cheaper.

  • Gun Bayard 1908

  • Bayard 1908 1910 sample chambered for 7.65 mm Browning In the early twentieth century Clara Bernard (Bernard Clarus) for self-defense at short distances was designed pistol concealed carry, under extremely popular in Europe at the cartridge 7.65 mm Browning.

  • Gun Bayard 1923

  • Bayard 1923 chambered 7.65h17 mm In 1923 the company «Anciens Etablissements Pieper», which produced 1908 design pistols Bayard Bernard Clara (Bernard Clarus), announced the release of new models Bayard.

  • Berdysh Gun

  • Development firearms melee in Western countries led modernization pistols and Russian design bureaus. However, to improve performance characteristics, improve the effectiveness of fire when the fire mission was necessary in the first place to improve pistol cartridge.

  • Pistol Bergmann Bayard / M 1908 / M 1910

  • Bergmann Bayard M 1908 with 10-round magazine In 1903, a German businessman Theodor Bergmann gunsmith (Theodor Bergmann) released in commercial sales of new gun called Bergmann Mars with specially created for it 9mm cartridge.

  • Pistol Bergmann Bayard M 1910 / M 1910/21

  • Bergmann Bayard M 1910 In 1903, a German businessman Theodor Bergmann gunsmith (Theodor Bergmann) released in commercial sales of new gun called Bergmann Mars with specially created for it 9mm cartridge.

  • Pistol Bergmann M 1896

  • Bergmann M 1896 number 2 (Later release) After creating several experimental samples peredelochnyh pistol Bergmann-Schmeisser M 1894, which is not earned commercial success in 1986, Bergman was offered an upgraded model of the sample in 1896, received the designation Bergmann M 1896.

  • Pistol Bergmann M 1897

  • Bergmann M 1897 N º 5 Although pistol Bergmann M 1896 and sold well, it was not very popular. Basically, because the model of Bergman in 1896 was less effective than a pistol Mauser C-96, which was released on the arms market at the same time.

  • Pistol Bergmann M 1901 / Bergmann Simplex

  • Bergmann Simplex with a magazine capacity of 5 rounds In 1901 German gunsmith Theodor Bergmann patented a new gun, called Bergmann Simplex (also known as Bergmann M 1901), which was created as a pocket pistol.

  • Pistol Bergmann Mars / M 1903

  • Bergmann Mars with 10-round magazine In 1901, a German businessman Theodor Bergmann gunsmith (Theodor Bergmann) gun with patented locking the barrel by means of a vertically sliding wedge.

  • Pistol Bergmann-Schmeisser M 1894

  • Bergmann-Schmeisser M 1894 name Theodor Bergmann (Theodor Bergmann) takes pride of place in the history of firearms, although he was not a developer weapons, and was an ordinary businessman.

  • Pistol Bersa BP9cc / BP40cc

  • Bersa BP9cc In 2009, the Argentine company «Bersa S. A. »created a new compact pistol BP9cc (Bersa Pistol 9 (mm) concealed carry) intended for use as a concealed carry weapon.

  • Pistol Bersa M 85/86

  • Bersa Mod 85 Continuing improvement and 9mm pistols under patron.380 ACP, Argentinean company «Bersa S. A. »in 1985 proposed a new pistol Bersa Mod 85, and in 1986 - Bersa Mod 86, differed from the 85th model exterior trim.

  • Pistol Bersa M 90 / Thunder 9 / Thunder 40 / Thunder 45

  • 3 Bersa Mod 90 In 1989 «Bersa S. A. », continuing release of compact pistols, developed its first full-sized combat pistol with a double-action - Bersa Mod 90 chambered for 9 mm Parabellum.

  • Pistol Bersa M 97

  • Bersa Mod 97 In 1978 «Bersa S. A. »together with the gun Mod 644 chambered ring vosplameneniya.22 LR pistol and began producing Bersa Mod 97 chambered central boya.380 ACP. Caliber, mm 9h17 (.380 ACP) Length, 168 Barrel length, mm 90 Weight empty, kg 0.765 Shop count.

  • Pistol Bersa M 223/224/225/226/223 DA / 224 DA / 225 DA / 226 DA

  • 2 Bersa Mod 223 In 1982 Argentine weapons company «Bersa S. A. »improved its same pistol Bersa Mod 644 chambered ring vosplameneniya.22 LR. new modernized gun was designated Mod 223 and differed from the 644-th model the new location of the return spring, the trigger guard, lever for dismantling the presence and the absence of safety lever.

  • Pistol Bersa M 383/383 DA / 383-A

  • Bersa Mod 383 In 1982 Argentine weapons company «Bersa S. A. »improved its same pistol Bersa Mod 97 chambered central boya.380 ACP and started its production.

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