• US-German pistols XXI century

  • At the end of the twentieth century military conflicts flared fires of low intensity. But the victory in these difficult fighting not achieved the traditional rules of war, and primarily through special events.

  • APS Stechkin

  • many glorious pages in the history of Russian arms case wrote one of the most gifted and talented local designers - gunsmiths Igor Stechkin. His name is most associated with our compatriots APS automatic pistol.

  • Kalashnikov automatic pistol

  • And in our country and abroad, domestic military small arms the second half of the twentieth century is associated with four names: Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Makarov and Stechkin.

  • Beretta - American Rangers gun

  • In the early 70-ies of the last century, the world-famous Italian arms company P. Beretta S. p. A. (At that time which had more than 400-year history) from the town of Gardone Val Trompia waged fierce competition for the extension of the segment on the international arms market.

  • Czech pistols twentieth century

  • Daisy Czechoslovak military industry retracted "elder brother" by the wayside for many decades remained in the shadow of the Soviet Union. It was only in the early seventies with the Czechoslovak arms position traditionally occupied the first places in the world, has gradually changed.

  • What revolver

  • If we consider that a gun is meant firearms that can be held in one hand, the revolver - the same gun, but originally arranged. The most characteristic feature is the rotating drum, which houses the charges.

  • Colt Model 1908. Pocket pistol

  • Bezkurkovy semi (semi-automatic) pocket pistol - it was a new word in the arms of the century world: compact small-caliber revolver or derringer, but safety and self-loading of ammunition.

  • Derringer - Weapon last chance

  • original primer pair of pistols Henry Deringer design. The first half of the twentieth century term "Derringer» (Derringer) comes from misspelling the names of the American gunsmith Henry Deringer (Henry Deringer), is produced in the first half of the 19th century compact single-shot pistols the primer designed for self-defense on the minimum distances.

  • German police pistols

  • (Continued Starting in the article "The German police pistols (Part I)») After the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949, its law enforcement agencies initially equipped with a residual weapons and special equipment, including small arms.

  • German police pistols (Part I)

  • By the end of the nineteenth century an intensive search of the German scientists, engineers and military experts led to the creation of the new unitary chuck with metal sleeve central ignition smokeless powder.

  • Rooks Return

  • the 80th years of the last century clearly revealed obvious lack of domestic 9mm Makarov (PM), were in service with the Soviet Army, and law enforcement, from similar western models.

  • GrandPower T12

  • We have already told our magazine about the Slovak gun Grand Power T10, who have been at one time a real breakthrough in the development of traumatic weapon (detailed in GUN 6'2008). This model for a long time remained the market leader in self-defense weapons.

  • GS-18. Serious argument

  • We would hope that the contribution to improving the combat capability of the domestic power structures that can make complex "Insert Weapon" would be in demand, "- these words ends the article" Personal weapons professional ", published in "Shotgun" after visiting edited PCU (Tula) in 2000.

  • Hi-Point. Functionality instead of grace

  • We, in North Carolina, there is a saying: "He's so ugly, as if fell from the top of the tree sloppy, not missing one of its branches." Keeping in mind this statement, I have no doubt that none of the readers are not the subject of this paper considers a model of grace.

  • Foreign pistols in Russia

  • Among the most important "weapon" anniversaries in 2011 - a century well-known throughout the world of American gun M1911 "Colt". A mere enumeration of its modifications and copies it would take several pages.

  • Intelligent weapons

  • Intelligent weapons can not identify the owner of the most crucial moment. gun that can determine he came into the hands of the owner or not, at first glance seems like a good idea.

  • Art pistol Accuracy: well forgotten old

  • In 1954, the Moscow Military Publishing House has published a book of Lieutenant Colonel Raphael Minin "The pistol." This small book for many years served as teaching aids for thousands of teachers fire training and military schools used the officer corps of the power ministries for personal training in shooting of handguns.

  • Chinese pistols (Part I)

  • China in recent years, started one of the first places in the world almost all indicators, and it contributes not only to a strong recovery of the economy, but also purposeful state policy aimed at winning his seat "under the sun.

  • Complex "OCA" self-defense weapon XXI century

  • crime wave sweeping our country in the 90s, made a fresh look at the problem of the lack of effective public defense weapon. attempt to solve this problem with a gas weapon is a failure.

  • NKVD

  • name Peter Paul Mauser (1838-1914 gg.) is known in the world thanks to the wonderful magazine rifle. In our country it is rather associated with a powerful gun.

  • Makarov - it's not a name (Part I)

  • synonym designate one of the most popular kinds of domestic handguns in our country was a short word "Makarov". Behind it the name of one of the most popular pistols and full employment gust life and work of the famous Soviet arms designer - Nikolai Fedorovich Makarov.

  • Baby mountaineer

  • Scottish-metal pistols can not be confused with any other, because the gunsmiths of mountain almost did not follow the European traditions.

  • Mauser K-96

  • its niche in the arms of SWAT occupy automatic pistols. Under this denomination agreed understand guns admitting shooting bursts. Previously called conventional automatic pistol, for example the same "browning". Later in the armory classification were introduced the concept of "self-loading weapons" and "weapons samostrelnoe.

  • MP-654K Makarov available to all

  • Relationships Russian arms manufacturers and state licensing and restraining of very complex and specific, but sometimes, as a result of collisions benefit producer and consumer, and regulatory authorities take their rightful role knowledgeable observer voting.

  • Nagano: the life story of the continuation (Part I)

  • design feature 7.62mm Nagant revolver model 1895 was thrusting drum cartridges before each shot forward on the barrel.

  • Nagano: the life story of the continuation (Part II)

  • (Continued Starting in Article "Naga: the life story of the continuation (Part I)») Given the long-term operation and high demand for many stakeholders in the official weapon in 1960-1970-ies almost all remaining revolvers underwent major renovations and therefore have undergone some changes.

  • German guns in the service of the Cheka

  • 2870 0.0 0 After the Civil War in Soviet Russia in a very acute form the question arose about the number of categories of armed troops with modern types of semi-automatic and automatic self-defense weapon, and especially operational staff Cheka - OGPU.

  • Ageless veteran and his offspring. Air pistols Gletcher CLT 1911 and SS GSR

  • the world there are not a lot of guns, capable, compare in popularity with the American and the legendary Colt 1911 sample. Exchanged in March this year, the first hundred years, the American veteran of two world wars and countless smaller conflicts still remains not only a cult gun, whose popularity has moved far beyond its historical homeland, but also quite a working tool such major organizations as the expeditionary force U.S. Marine Corps, a group of FBI hostage rescue U.S. squad SWAT, Los Angeles, and many others.

  • New gun Para-Ordnance. Large capacity in a small package

  • last few centuries, one of the main tasks was gunsmiths fit as much as possible in the power as much as possible a small gun. If you are dealing with a muzzle-loading gun, the problem is not so complicated.

  • Gunslinger Champions: New gun Haydurova

  • Legendary Soviet athlete and sports weapons designer Yefim Haydurov enforced break after twenty introduced a new model sports gun rapid fire SP-08. For most athletes pistoletchikov Haydurova personal signature - a reliable guarantee of quality At the meeting in January in Orlando, the world's largest arms exhibition Shot Show 2009 at a small stand of the Russian arms company "Demian" came known in the U.S. sporting arms trader.

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