• Submarines Project Type 206A

  • Type 206A In 1962 . NATO countries decided admitting build submarines in Germany is not standard displacement of 350 tons, was installed as before, and 450 t This allowed to develop a new boat project 206, representing an improved version of a small submarine project 205.

  • Submarines Type 209

  • Type U-209 In 1967 Kiel shipyard Kieler Howaldtswerke (subsequently Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG) signed the first contract for the supply of four submarines, approximately 1,000 tons displacement, to the Greek Navy.

  • Submarines Project Type Dolphin

  • Type Dolphin Dolphin (Dolphin) - a series of German diesel-electric submarines, Type 800. Dolphin-class submarines are a modification of U212 submarines and developed specifically for Israel.

  • Submarines Type XXI, Type XXIII

  • Http :/ / www. navylabs. ru / navy / xxi_series / Submarines XXI and XXIII of the series were the most advanced submarines created during World War II. Considerable depth and wide range of operation, strong arms and excellent flow characteristics, quietness and unprecedented secrecy.

  • Best subs

  • 100 years ago submarines proved its combat effectiveness, confidently taking its place in the field of naval armaments. That nuclear submarine was entrusted honorable role "gravediggers humanity» ... ---------------------- --------------------- - 100 years ago submarines proved its combat effectiveness, confidently taking its place in the field of naval armaments.

  • Soviet submarine landing

  • Project 748 Sevmash has collected the first head of the submarine construction project 664, but it was clear to all that will soon have to cut them "on the needles.

  • Trident Ohio class USS Michigan SSBN / SSGN 727 27 photo

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  • USS Tucson SSN 770 28 photo

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  • USS Virginia 26 photo

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  • FEATURES RECEPTION pistol shooting

  • Automatic guns are private weapons for attack and defense at short distances. Pistols are very flexible fire. You can fire a pistol for 6 seconds to hit five targets (figures), located at the front at a distance of 25 m from the firing.


  • 1. Preparation for firing gun pistol must always be in good condition, it is achieved by correct storage savings and pistols. Periodic inspection of pistols made by officers and sergeants.


  • 1. Arrow position Well prepared shooter must be able to hit the target in any position in which he may be at the moment when it is necessary to make a shot. For the novice shooter is of particular importance assimilation provisions for shooting standing with hands.


  • 1. Shooting at a stationary target in an unlimited time After learning the tricks without firing a pistol shot trainees learn the basic rules of shooting technique, admitted to shooting combat pistol.


  • 1. Infantry training value When pistol shooting as when shooting other weapons, you must observe the correct position of the hands, feet, head, torso, as well as the correct position weapons should be able to be harboring breath, aim and gently lower the trigger.

  • Gun Krnka M1895 / M1899 / M1904

  • Gun Krnka M1895 In 1958, the family of the famous Bohemian gunsmith Krnki Sylvester - the inventor and developer of several models of military rifles born son Charles (Karel Krnka), who followed in the footsteps of his father.

  • 7,62-mm gun civic type TC

  • Gun TC (Tula Stechkin) is the first development of the Tula Design IY Stechkin (1922 - 2001).. Gun created in 1947 as an annex to the diploma project was still a student of the Faculty of weapons-MG Tula Mechanical Institute Igor Stechkin.

  • 7,65-mmpistolet "Walter" RRB (Polizeipistole-Kriminal-Modell)

  • Gun RRB released by "Carl Walter" in 1931. On the device it is slightly different from the preceding his gun "Walther" PP. RRB is better suited for concealed, wearing a pocket - it has less weight and dimensions.

  • 7,65-mm pistol "Walter" PP (Polizeipistole)

  • self-loading pistol "Walter PP" is among the most advanced and popular pistols medium format. Gun released in 1929 by the German company Carl Walther GmbH (of Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia). In the German literature weapons designer of this gun is called Fritz Walter.

  • 7,65-mm semi-automatic pistol "Sauer" model 1938

  • Pistol "Sauer" arr. 1938 ("Sauer-38") is based on one of the oldest German arms companies «Sauer & Sohn» («Sauer and Son"). This firm was founded in 1751 in Suhl.

  • 8-mm semi-automatic pistol "Nambu" arr. 1925

  • gun was in service with the Japanese Army. Its name comes from the Japanese general Kiyiro Nambu. Two types of army pistols "Nambu" pistol sample in 1925 and 1932 sample.

  • 9mm military pistol 37M

  • Pistol 37M developed gunsmith Hungarian Rudolf von Frommer mid 30s. The last century, is an upgrade of the previously created them 29M pistol.

  • 9mm Parabellum

  • history of one of the most famous German pistol "Parabellum" is not only entertaining but also instructive. Over a hundred years ago the German designer Georg Luger created a gun that went down in history of the First and Second World Wars as a symbol of German arms.

  • 9mm semi-automatic pistol "Walter" P-38

  • Pistol "Walther" P-38 company Carl Walther GmbH (of Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia in) bsh submitted for competitive tests weapons control committee of the German Army (Heereswaffenamt) in 1938 under the designation of HP-38 (Heeres- Pistole - army pistol). It replaced the pistol "Parabellum" P-08, for thirty years in the arsenal of the German army.

  • 11,5-mm revolver Galan

  • Crimean War of 1854-1855. revealed the backwardness of the armed forces of the Russian Empire, including security and personal weapons. Early in the war, "His Majesty approved the" last muzzle-loading pistols the primer, although the British have used Colt revolvers and Adams.

  • 11,43-mm semi-automatic pistol "Colt" sample of 1911

  • Military samples pistols American firm "Colt" developed talented American gunsmith John Moses Browning, appeared at the beginning of the last century.

  • 12,3-mm magnum revolver "Beat»

  • 12,3-mm magnum revolver complex "Beat" was created in 1994 within the framework of the ROC TsNIITochmash on "Strike", based on the same terms of reference of the Interior Ministry, according to which the Tula KBP develop its magnum revolver U-94 "Blow.

  • 12,3-mm magnum revolver 'Strike' U-94

  • After October 1993 the desire to high-ranking officials of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs to equip law enforcement agencies a powerful new weapon to fight against all violators of law and order in a variety of situations, brought to life a rather unusual design pistols, designed for the use of special ammunition, created on the base of the sleeve hunting cartridge .32. autumn of that year, in accordance with the tactical and technical specifications of the Interior Ministry, provides for the creation of powerful weapons for a wide variety of special tasks, Tula gunsmiths of PMA Klimovskikh of TsNIITochmash started creating a revolver under the ROC on "Beat.

  • 12,5-mm magnum revolver DOG-1

  • Launcher service revolver DOG-1 was developed by "Tinta" and employees Izhevsk State Technical University (IzhSTU) within the Russian Federation Law "On Weapons". It was intended to arm non-governmental security structures - private security and security services, so its design is subject to the restrictions of the law that the short-barreled rifles and shotguns official weapons should have no more than a muzzle energy of 300 J and bullets ammunition for these weapons can not have cores of solids.

  • 12,5-mm magnum revolver OTs-20 "Dwarf»

  • In 1993 - 1994 years of Tula TSKIBSSO designers have developed a fundamentally new design semizaryadnogo revolver OTs-17 "Titan", designed for the use of standard 9x18 PM pistol cartridges.

  • Walther

  • Constructors company decided to equip the pistol Walther LP 300 system XT, similar to that installed on the pneumatic rifle LG 300. What does the abbreviation XT and the new model will please fans of air pistols? blackened silver and classic design - that's what distinguishes Walther LP 300 XT from the already well-known pistol LP 300.

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