• Vampire T. Mk-11

  • success of the coupe version of the night fighter Vampire logically led to the firm Eyrspid Limited (branch De Haviland) in private initiative has begun to develop a training aircraft based on T. Mk-10. The plane had no radar, but was equipped with a dual control system.

  • BAC TSR-2

  • By the time of his termination, the program TSR-2 was considered the greatest failures of the aviation industry in the UK after the war. But today, looking back, we can say that many of the pioneering research design team made during project development Concord, have been very successful.

  • VC-10 K. Mk-2

  • Ha armed RAF aircraft were 14 VC-10 C. Mk-1. which were converted from civilian cars VC-10 and VC-10 Super. These machines have inherited from the VC-10 short fuselage and many other characteristics.

  • VENICE 1000-1200 gg

  • Independence Venice Byzantium recognized back in the year 584. In 774 the Venetians repelled simultaneous attack by land and sea forces of Charlemagne.

  • Venom FB. Mk-1

  • Switzerland was one of the most active customers of the company De Haviland. In 1952, the company has delivered to Switzerland a small number of aircraft FB. Mk-1 (in Switzerland they received index FB. Mk-50). Later FB. Mk-1 produced under license by a consortium of EFW (Federal Aircraft Factory in Emmen, Flug-und Fahrzeugwerke in Altenrhein and Pilatus in Stanza). Vypushennyh 100 aircraft were equipped with engines of Fiat and Sulzer - like 150 built later Venom FB. Mk-4. These aircraft were armed with long Swiss Air Force (until 1983), and from time to time were upgrading.

  • Venom FB. Mk-4

  • The construction Venom - Vampire Mk-8, equipped with a powerful engine yulee Host that has significantly increased the speed limit. Other modifications concerned changes in the shape and area of the wings, in addition, put on wing tips 355-liter fuel tanks, fuel system itself has been upgraded on the fuselage front air intakes established wide reflectors boundary layer, and the control system added servokompensator.

  • Venom MR. Mk-2A

  • Double equipped with radar Venom night fighter designed by private initiative and the first flight occurred without combat equipment. Flight tests in 1950 showed that the plane was well managed, despite the low angular velocity.

  • Vertlet NH-90

  • Full-scale development of multi-purpose helicopter NH-90 (NATO Helicopter-90 NATO helicopter 90s) UK firms. France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands began in December 1986.

  • Helicopter WASP

  • Seven class ship Wasp built at Ingalls, division of Litton Industries. Ingalls built Wasp (LHD 1), which in May 1989 was adopted by the Navy United States.

  • Helicopter VITTORIO VENETO

  • FEATURE Vittorio Veneto Displacement, t 8850 Length, m 179 5 Width, m 19,4 Draft, m 6 power plant Type steam engines Number of trees 2 Power l. with.

  • Vickers Light Tank

  • Originally using base wedgies Carden-Lloyd 20s Years, Vickers Light Tank was developed in the 30s. Mobile and speedboat on rough terrain, Vickers widely used for patrolling in different Regions of the British Empire and the first years of the Second World War.

  • BYZANTINE EMPIRE 1000-1200 gg

  • During the first half of the reporting period, the Byzantine Empire continued to operate with the same energy as the previous two centuries, when once again became the most powerful nation in the Middle East.

  • Byzantium and the Crusades 1000-1200 gg

  • significant influence on the subsequent fate of the Byzantine state had the Crusades. If before 1091 Alexius Comnenus waiting aid from Western countries against the invasions of the Pechenegs, then after this danger was averted, the appearance of the Crusaders in the territory of the Byzantine Empire (in 1096) the government is extremely concerned.

  • INSIDE ASIA 1000-1200 gg

  • nomadic barbarian tribes in North and Central Asia in the vast territory inhabited by an arc shape, stretching from Japan, Korea and the Yellow Sea in the east, through modern Manchuria, Mongolia, Xinjiang and Turkistan about the Syr Darya River.


  • As we have seen, the main strike force in the Western European feudal army was heavy cavalry. Since the weapons and armor were expensive initially equip themselves could only wealthy aristocrats.

  • Military significance of the Crusades

  • Western Europe has managed to survive for so many centuries after the fall of Rome, only because it was protected from the onset of Islam mighty Byzantine Empire. Over the century was born and vigorously developing new Franco-German civilization.


  • entire civilized world, to its most distant suburbs continued to shake fierce feud, but began to delaminate and political objectives - some vague, other definitions. Simultaneously, there was a clear rise of the military art, especially in Western Europe and the Muslim Turks.

  • MILITARY TRENDS era Mongols 1400gg 1200

  • Almost all of these two centuries of military and political history of mankind has identified one or the sole power. Mongols - or Tatar vassals - won or ruined almost all major regions of the known world, with the exception of Western Europe.

  • Military helicopter Mi-26

  • In the media became aware of the rearmament of military equipment, but rather Russian army helicopter fleet. It is learned that the Ministry of Defence plans to acquire new Mi-26 helicopters.


  • By as mercenary armies were becoming more numerous, more powerful and are becoming increasingly important for the feudal militia, untrained, hastily typed relied less and less. However, in England, and later in France achieved partial synthesis of these two seemingly disparate systems.

  • EAST AFRICA 1000-1200 gg

  • At the beginning of XI century in present-day central Ethiopia Zagwe dynasty annexed blighted kingdom of Axum. Their state has become a haven for Christian monks and clerics, fleeing from the Muslim Egypt in the country because of this active construction of churches and monasteries.

  • Oosterkerk 1000-1200 gg

  • The Byzantine Empire Orthodox Church belonged to the war and the killing of more uncompromising than Catholic, as you would expect from a society more civilized and not so aggressive.

  • Revival Corps in Western Evrope1200 gg-1400

  • has already been noted that the X-XIII centuries infantry armies of Western Europe was not considered a warrior. Only in Italian cities existed battleworthy infantry.

  • Second Crusade years ,1147-1149

  • march was headed mainly German Emperor Conrad III and French King Louis VII. Both were sent from Constantinople, but in different ways (1147). Germans moved in much the same route as the First Crusade, but near Dorileya (modern city of Eskisehir in Turkey) They ran out of supplies and starving crusaders were unable to reflect the Turkish attack.

  • Vulcan B. Mk 2

  • Initially 1950 UK Royal Air Force used V.14/46 specification, according to which the required plane, able to lift nuclear weapons from any of the British military air bases worldwide.

  • Vulcan B. Mk-2A

  • depicted in Figure Vulcan B. Mk-2A from the 101 Squadron RAF camouflage coloring has reduced visibility. B. Mk-2A is not intended for action at high altitudes, which corresponded to the decision of the British government to use as the main deterrent submarines with missiles Polar.

  • Walid

  • Egyptian army relied mostly on made in Country copy multiple rocket launchers Soviet production, which was caused by a significant Russian impact on the country in the 50-60s.

  • Walther P88 Compact

  • as an analogy for a gas pistol transformation Use eponymous firm pistol Walther. In dependence modifications he produced caliber 8 mm with 14 rounds magazine capacity or caliber 9mm R. AK magazine with a capacity of 10 rounds.

  • Walther PP

  • As gun RECK, model PP, real gun is a copy of the German police pistol Walther, model PP (Polizei pistol), production of which began in 1929 has Treated gun caliber 9mm RA, his shop is designed 8 rounds.

  • Walther PPK

  • Accurate made but the original design Documentation copy German police pistol RRB (Polizei pistol crime). Considered the gun - years depending on the version released caliber 8mm ili.315. Standard magazine holds 7 rounds.

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