• Military transport helicopter Mi-24

  • Mi-24 , who became the first in the domestic aviation rotorcraft stormtrooper, received voiskah nickname Crocodile. During the Afghan war, and many regional conflicts, blaze on the territory of the USSR disintegrated, this aircraft deserved fame courted reliable air fighter and became a landmark vehicle in the country's history of aviation.

  • Third Crusade years ,1189-1192

  • the call of Pope Clement III on a new Crusade responded three most powerful European monarchs - German Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, French King Philip II Augustus and English King Richard I the Lionheart.

  • Heavy Tank Conqueror

  • Tank FV-214 Conqueror came in response to demands English army, expect a massive collision with Tanks Warsaw Pact countries in central Europe. British decided that the experience of the 40s, when their tanks easily incapacitates German, should not be repeated.

  • Heavy Tank Tiger

  • Heavy Tank Tiger designed by Henschel started in 1941 and has been started into production in August 1942. Just before production ceased in August 1944 and the replacement of this machine was manufactured by the Royal Tiger tanks of 1350.

  • Wildcat

  • established that West German self-propelled anti-aircraft settings based on the tank Leopard 1 and U.S. Sergeant York M-247 is too expensive for many countries, the company Krauss - Maffei designed a new family of self-propelled anti-aircraft for Sales outside Europe.

  • Attack helicopter AH-2 ROOIVALK

  • Work on the creation CSH-2 Rooivalk started by Atlas Aircraft Corporation (now Denel Aviation) in 1984. The helicopter is designed to provide fire support for ground troops, combat armored vehicles and enemy artillery escort troop-carrying helicopters, as well as of air combat helicopters and low-flying enemy aircraft.

  • Attack helicopter AH-1 HUEY COBRA

  • In March 1965 the United States began to establish multipurpose development of the helicopter, which could fully perform many entrusted to him combat missions.

  • Attack helicopter AH-1 SUPER COBRA

  • In 1986, completed the development of fire support helicopter AH-1W Super Cobra - a modernized version of the helicopter AH-1T Sea Cobra. He has the best performance characteristics, greater reliability, durability and enough powerful weapons (by equipping two more economical GTE T700-GE-401 with total capacity of 3400 liters.

  • Attack helicopter AH-64 APACHE

  • In early 1984, the first group Helicopters AH-64A Apache received by the U.S. Army. AH-64A, experts say NATO is the most perfect of all combat helicopters, the armament of NATO countries.

  • Attack helicopter KA-50

  • Work on the combat helicopter Ka-50 helicopter began on scientific and technical complex. NI Kamov in 1977 The core of combat helicopters Soviet army at the time were the Mi-24, whose characteristics are not able to resist the new American attack helicopter fire support AH-64 Apache, the development of which was in full swing.

  • Attack helicopter KA-52

  • multipurpose all-weather combat helicopter Ka-52 Alligator - double shock modification Ka-50. Designed for a wide variety of combat missions day and night at any time of the year with the use of all weapons Ka-50. This command vehicle army aviation, designed to increase the effectiveness of group actions helicopter gunships.

  • Attack helicopters Mi-28N

  • Designed for use in theaters, different saturation means the Army defense. Able to perform tasks day and night, at extremely low altitudes. In 1993, based on the Mi-28A began to develop Mi-28N with a fundamentally new integrated avionics fifth generation.

  • UMAREX 302

  • Semizaryadny caliber automatic pistol b mm. characterized by small size and weight. Shock-tripping - Howl striker type mechanism. Means lateral re - Dvizhnoy fuse.

  • UMAREX 343

  • Vosmizaryadny revolver with a trigger mechanism - isms double action. Shooting is ammunition Caliber 6 mm. To remove spent cartridges use - On rarely used the scheme in which Occurs Quitting frame revolver and barrel opus - repents down.

  • UMAREX Brigadier

  • UMAREX Brigadier gas gun Automatic pistol in appearance recall - Nayuschy Italian 9mm Vegepa model 1951 Available in two calibers : 8 mm or 9 mm PA. C. There slide stop and lateral moveable fuse - Tel.

  • UMAREX Champion

  • Compact six-shooter 9mm. trigger mechanism is double action. For ne - Rezaryazhaniya drum leans left. Gunshot Hubert - Threat removed by a central spring ex - Tractors.

  • UMAREX Derringer

  • Copy of the American double-barreled 10.4 mm pistol Companies Remington, with unreleased until 1866 the Second World War. Gas pistols option - That has caliber 6 mm. For reloading the gun from - conclude fixation trunks and they deviate down (to break in). Pistol shooting possible signal - functionally cartridges using a special on - cages.


  • Semizaryadny revolver with a trigger mechanism Double acting. Caliber ammunition - .22 lang. To restart - Ryazhaniya drum revolver in his left hand otkidgoaetsya - Well, removal of spent cartridges made using prices - central extractor spring.

  • UMAREX Napoleon

  • powerful automatic pistol according to the Modifications vshuskaetsya for shooting ka - Libra 8 or 9 mm RA K. When using special Nozzles can also signal shooting cartridge - Mi. Lateral moveable fuse reliably pre - Dotvraschaet random shots.

  • UMAREX Python

  • massive six-shooter 9mm. Has trigger mechanism double action. For reloading drum leans left. Removal spent cartridges produced by the central Bungee extractor.

  • UR-416

  • UR-416 has been designed on the basis of a civilian truck Unimog wheel circuit 4x4, appeared in 1950. Work on the military version of the machine began in the early 60s, in Production armored went in 1966.

  • Ural-375D

  • Production Truck Series -375 Ural began in 1961. The largest version of this truck - 375D. It Equipped with steel closed cabin (as opposed to the base Version) and, like many other Soviet cars, heated Engine to work in cold climates.

  • B-58A Hustler

  • In many ways, B-58 is an historic aircraft. He became the first supersonic bomber, and the first jet aircraft reached speeds in two audio. Furthermore, this machine for producing a composite material used for the first time - the stainless steel honeycomb.

  • V-150 Commando

  • armored V-150 Commando continues the line of cars V-100, has been developed since the early 60s. Model V-150, Formed in the early 70s, compared with V-100 contains Many innovations, the most important of which is diesel engine, which increased the power reserve and reduce flammability.

  • V-300 Commando

  • V-300 is an improved version series Commando armored personnel wheel circuit 6x6. This armored personnel carrier was designed by Cadillac on own initiative to replace machines scheme 4x4, in 1983 His started delivering in Panama.

  • VAB

  • In 1974 the company Reno was chosen as Manufacturer new wheeled armored for infantry battalions, these machines were to serve Complementing crawler AMX-10P.

  • BAe-167 Straykmaster

  • Fighter Straykmaster was established on the basis of training aircraft Jet Provost constructed by Hantig. YOU swallowed Hunting Corporation in 1961 and converted the fighter-bomber BAC-145 into a more powerful Straykmaster.

  • Valkiri

  • South Africa has begun to develop a multilateral own rocket launchers in 1977, as opposed to The diverse Soviet system, which had been armed neighboring African countries. Valkyrie Received Armament in 1981, these units were completed in the battery by 8 cars and used against guerrilla camps, places concentration of troops and unarmored escort vehicles.

  • Vampire FB. Mk-6

  • Production upgraded version of the fighter-bomber Vampire FB. Mk-5 began in 1948. This aircraft had wings clipped wingtips, thereby reducing its length from 12.19 m to 11.58 m Under the wings were placed pylons capable of carrying two 227 kg bombs or eight rockets.

  • Vampire NF. Mk-10

  • RAF constantly postponed order for jet night fighters, and the company began production of De Havilland DH-11Z machine NF. Mk-10 is literally at your own risk.

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