• SdKfz 11

  • first sample SdKfz 11poyavilsya in 1934 and after a series Modifications to the 1939 production was maximized main model.

  • SdKfz 231

  • Although SdKfz 231 was the original design of the Kazan Testing Center in the Soviet Union, the car was German project, intended for use in Germany. Armored car used as the basis chassis Truck Daimler-Benz wheel formula 6x4, on which were an armored hull and turret.

  • SdKfz 234

  • SdKfz 234 began designed by Büssing-NAG in 1940 1 commissioned by the German army on the armored car wheel formula 8x8, suitability for operations in hot climates. Housing more streamlined forms than at early series 231, had thicker armor.

  • SdKfz 250/10

  • SdKfz 250/10 was developed in the mid 30s to order Voєnnogo ministries at half-track monophonic armored infantry and for other parts of the operating Together with panzer divisions. The first instance came in 1939, and in May 1940, these cars took part in French campaign.

  • SdKfz 265 kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen

  • Concept tank commander appeared when it became clear that the commander of the largest tank formation should not sal! drive a tank, and should be placed in the car accessories and staff.

  • Sabre Mk-4

  • Italy, among many other countries (about 20) use planes Sabre American design. Fiat company released on license 221 car modified F-86K for the Italian Air Force.

  • Sabre Mk-6

  • Company Canadair continued its work on Sabre fighters, firing modification Mk-5 (370 pcs.) and Mk-6 (655 pcs.). The design of the Mk-5 made some changes have already been tested on machines produced in the U.S. - the expansion of the wing leading edge 6 inches at the base and 3 inches from the tip.

  • Seljuk State 1000-1200 gg

  • In the XI century Seljuk oguzy moved from Central Asia to Iran and Asia Minor. Faced with other nomadic invaders - Karakhanid Turks know Seljuk OSU-call addressed to the son and successor of Mahmud of Ghazni, Sultan Ma-court, to provide it with land for nomadic near Abi Verde Serakhs, Nisa and Merv, promising to bear for it military service.

  • Saint-mon

  • Tank Saint-Chamond was proprietary French Army. The first prototype appeared in 1916, a year later machine entered service. As Schneider, Saint-Chamond was founded on the tractor Holt.

  • Serbia and its struggle for years nezavisimost1000-1200

  • In Serb lands Byzantine oppression felt less acutely than in Bulgaria. More distant from Byzantium, and most importantly, less rich, and they are not so attractive to the Byzantine feudal Serbia during the period of Byzantine rule retained a certain share of independence.

  • Sergeant York

  • Since the anti-aircraft gun volcano had insufficient range and accuracy of fire small (though excellent firing rate), in 1978 the U.S. Army ordered the replacement New self-propelled anti-aircraft based on M-48 tank.

  • CET Combat Engineering tractor

  • Combat Engineering Tractor (CET) designed to order Corps of Engineers as a machine that combines elements amphibian and excavator. During the period from 1978 to 1981 Made 181 such tractor and are used for evacuation equipment, rubble removal and preparing to force the banks of rivers.

  • North Africa 1000-1200 gg

  • Morocco and Western Algeria. Northwest Africa was divided among numerous small Berber chiefs, while in the middle of XI century from the Sahara was suddenly Tuareg tribe and founded the dynasty of the Almoravids energetic (or otherwise - Murabitov). In his burnouses they swept through Morocco and Western Algeria, simultaneously winning the Negro kingdom of Ghana.

  • NORTH INDIA 1000-1200 gg

  • At the beginning of XI century as a result of a series of successful campaigns Northern India was conquered by one of the greatest military leaders in the history of Asia - Mahmud of Ghazni, son Sebuk-Te-hin.

  • Sexton

  • V1941, the British have been looking for a machine adapted for Togo to mount it on a standard English 25-pound cannon. At this time, Canadians began production Tank Ram, soon replaced them in service American M-3. It is this machine and has been fitted to arm 25-pounder gun, gaining fame as a Sexton.

  • Sherman BARV

  • BARV was created during the planning of the Normandy landings, When considered necessary to have a well-equipped recovery vehicles to rescue tanks caught in Water.

  • SCOTLAND 1000-1200 gg

  • At the beginning of XI century Scotland were four large community-based organizations, or kingdom - the Scots, Picts, Britons, and Angles, there were also a number of independent Scandinavian settlements, especially on the coastal islands.

  • Sweden 1000-1200 gg

  • As for Sweden (ihristianizirovannoy less civilized than Norway and Denmark), these two centuries can be divided into three sub-periods. In Sweden the first of them almost constantly at war with Norway and Denmark.


  • Bushmaster infantry fighting vehicle developed by the scheme 6x6 private initiative of the Belgian company BN Constructions Ferroviaires et Metalliques, the first copies were delivered to 1983 Royal Malaysian Army, which acquired 200 Such cars as a means of fire support - they equips 90-mm cannon Kokkeril Mk-3. The basic model machines capable of moving through the water with either wheels or two screws.

  • System reactive volley fire T34 Calliope (Calliope T34) 1944

  • U.S. later other countries started creating rockets and mobile applications to run them. The first samples of American plants were developed in 1942 on standard chassis trucks Studebaker.

  • Sisu A-45

  • company Sisu Auto AB was a natural choice for the Finnish Army when the latter needed a partner to perform Order for reliable truck, capable of carrying a significant Cargo in rough terrain - as the company is very proven itself as a manufacturer of trucks for complex landscapes and climatic conditions.

  • Sea Harrier FRS. Mk-1

  • Aircraft FRS. Mk-1 was ordered to be placed on the three classic British aircraft carrier HMS Invincible class as fighters, anti-aircraft and attack aircraft, equipped with radar Blue Fox and other weapons.

  • Sea Harrier FRS. Mk-2

  • In 1985, commissioned by the Ministry of Defense and the Air Force British Royal Navy Aerospeyo company embarked on a program of modernization of the fleet FRS-1. The main objective of the program was to provide new aircraft Sea Harrier ability to hit multiple targets without visual contact, using air-to-air missile medium-range 120-A1M.

  • Northland 1000-1200 gg Denmark

  • At the beginning of XI century and the end of the XII century, Denmark was one of the most powerful nations in Northern and Western Europe.

  • Scimitar

  • Scimitar Tank - version tracked reconnaissance vehicle Scorpio FV-101 family of light armored SVRch (T), developed by the British Army. Entering service in 1978, it was intended primarily for fire support troops.

  • SLG33

  • SLG-33 self-propelled howitzer was used to gain German infantry battalions in World War II. First Version machines appeared during the French campaign in May 1940 and was an ordinary heavy infantry howitzer SLG-33 mounted on the chassis RzKpfw tank 1 and provided with a broneschitami to protect the crew.

  • CM-170 Mazhister

  • One of the most effective and widely used in the world of training aircraft, fighter Mazhister was conceived and developed Mobyussenom Castello and Fugue for the firm in 1950.

  • SOMUA S-35

  • Tank SOMUA S-35 was one of the first tanks used for mechanization of French cavalry in the mid 30s. It was a very good car for its time, and many of its features have become used as standard - for example, cast, and not riveted reservations.

  • Modern Chinese weapons

  • Chinese main battle tank of the third generation Type-99. He has multi-layer armor, from a direct hit shells and guided missiles will protect his plate dynamic protection.

  • Spartan

  • reconnaissance armored personnel carrier, developed on the basis of components and assemblies Scorpion light tank.

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