• RECK G5

  • five-shot automatic pistol pocket format that you can always have with you. Depend - dependence on modifications produced caliber pistol 8 mm or 9 mm RA provides reliable fuse - protects against accidental firing.

  • RECK G5 Light

  • five-shot automatic pistol pocket Format, is a modification of a gun RECK, model G5, chambered kalibra.315. Gun Has trigger mechanism striker type. Bo - Kovoy mobile fuse provides reliability - protection against accidental firing.

  • RECK Government

  • Performed using an analogue Ameri - Rican Colt automatic pistol, model 1911A1, gas pistol comes in the form of several Modifications: Art.

  • RECK Miami 92F

  • pistol is a replica Italian - Skog Vegepa automatic pistol, model 92E. You - Let following modification of this very successful - Foot Pistol: Art. 319.01.00 - 18-round caliber pistol 8 mm, Handle with plastic lining; Art.

  • RECK P6

  • ■ six-automatic pistol is different small size and weight. Depending on the modification - tion caliber pistol discharged 8mm ili.315. Blow - But -striker type trigger.

  • RECKPP gas gun

  • gun is one of many examples - Moat use different design models PP nuc - Walther attack helicopters to create a gas pistol. Present - extending vosmizaryadny gun designed for arrows - Would gas cartridges 9mm RA system cars - Matic operates by utilizing the recoil energy.

  • RECK RK800

  • compact and lightweight six-automatic Pistol, very convenient for use in self - Defense: it fits easily in a jacket pocket, and purse. Diameter of it, depending on the modification - cation is 8 mm ili.315.

  • RECK UMA-Lady

  • elegant six-shooter 9mm, easily fits in the palm. The trigger mechanism - isms double action. Drum leans left. To remove spent cartridges have a central pru - Zhinny extractor.

  • RECORD, model 08

  • Like some other manufacturers of gas weapons, Company CUNO MELCHER used to create this Pistol design so-called model 08, YaV - Barking a form of gun Parabellum.

  • Revolver

  • Revolver (from the English word revolve - rotate - Xia) - is an individual repeating neavtomatiche - Skoe small arms, the main feature of which - Availability rotating drum with bolt (jacks), is both containers for cartridges, and chamber revolver.

  • Double-action revolver

  • double-action revolver got most - more widespread because, except as described contribute - Soba, they allow you to fire and the DA mode, the There by pressing the trigger without pre - Preliminary cocking.

  • Rolls-Royce

  • V1914 by aerial reconnaissance of the British Navy drew Attention as Belgians use their armored vehicles for committed raids on the advancing German army. Therefore, England also decided to convert part of the Rolls-Royce car Silver Spirit for such actions of his army.

  • Rotel 20

  • conveyor designed Ratel started in South Africa, when it was clear that the political problems of the country will soon To stop the flow of British cars Saracen. Prototype appeared in 1976, and the first production samples were released next year.

  • M1941 machine gun, "Johnson»

  • Captain reserve U.S. Marine Corps MelvinMeynard Johnson developed his light machine gun in the late 1930s. based on his own semi-automatic rifles, which at one time stood Garand rifle competitor.

  • RUSSIA 1000-1200 gg

  • In the period under review the most notable figures in Russian history were the two great princes of Kiev: Saint Vladimir (or Red Sun) and his son Yaroslav the Wise. They and their descendants ruled Russia for a total of almost three centuries.

  • Orders of Chivalry 1200-1400 gg

  • significant military force in Western Europe were religious orders of knighthood, the occurrence of which is associated with the Crusades. At the beginning of the XII century were organized spiritual orders of knighthood of the Temple, or the Knights Templar and Knights of St. John, or the Hospitallers, and at the end of the XII century, in 1190, - the Teutonic, or German, Order.

  • Knights army 1200-1400 gg

  • Various sources indicate that in the XIII century, the foundation of Western Europe was the army knightly army. The organization of the knight troops lay hierarchical feudal ladder. Led troops stood the king - the largest and most important feudal seigneur.

  • C-1 Ariete

  • MBT Ariete C-1 was designed to the specifications of the Italian Army from 1982 to fill in the ranks of obsolete M-47 Patton.

  • C-101EV Aviodzhet-01 (E-25 Mierlo)

  • The C-101 was developed by the Spanish company CASA in the mid-1970s to replace the training aircraft NA.200 Hispano, was the Air Force in Spain. Provided assistance in developing the firm Northrop and MBB, a significant amount of parts and components have been received from other foreign suppliers - for example, the chassis produced by Doughty, ejection seats Martin Baker, jet engines and Garrett-Eyreserch Sperry flight management system.

  • Saladin

  • housing similar to Saladin armored body Saracen, which is not surprising, since these machines developed simultaneously. Designed for UK Forces in Malaya in the 50s, the Saracen was produced as long as 1958 it was replaced in production by Saladin.

  • Samerny tank M 103

  • Snachalom Cold War, Americans have begun work on a new tank, designed to directly attack the enemy positions and possible long-range anti-tank defenses and support their medium tanks. Early prototypes of the M-103 as demonstrated shortcomings in the design of the tower and in the fire control systems.

  • AWACS E-2 Hawkeye

  • radar AN/APS-82 still not satisfied with the military and before the start of serial production of AWACS aircraft Tracer Navy in February 1956 issued a request for proposals for the development of promising carrier AWACS aircraft.

  • Aircraft vertical takeoff "Viper", hope Hitler

  • In 1944, the Nazis used the incredible vertical takeoff aircraft in response to shock the American bombers that devastated German cities. At the beginning of the war unleashed by companies in Germany, they had the best air force in the world.


  • In the 60s the U.S. have developed requirements for airborne AWACS system objectives and guiding interceptors (Airborne Warning And Control Sistem - AWACS). Boeing E-3A Sentry is a flexible, interference-free, mobile surveillance radar and command, communications and coordinating center, inside the well-proven airframe Boeing 707.

  • SAS Land Rover

  • This car was used in the British troops Special Forces (SAS); it was intended to conducting operations far from the bases. Painted in pinkish color for better camouflage in the desert (where the color merges with haze over the sands), this car (it was called Pink Panther) used the same chassis as usual Land Rover of the British Army.

  • Saxon

  • Saxon APC was developed in the early 1970s, according to With promising order of the British Army on the wheel armored infantry. Production machines based based on a standard British Army truck Bedford Mk-4 Wheel scheme 4x4, started in 1976, but the first model entered service only in 1984 At that time, Saxon He was one of the best armored vehicles in its class.

  • Schwerer Wehrmachtsschlepper

  • V1941 year Wehrmacht needed average half-track armored, and cheap as the German Military economy had already worked on the limit.

  • SdKfz 2

  • German armored SdKfz 2 was designed for infantry and airborne units. It could also Used as a tracked tractor for very light artillery.

  • SdKfz 7

  • Designing SdKfz 7 began in 1934, when it was issued Quest 8-ton half-track armored personnel carrier. first instance came in 1938 and was mainly used How tractor for 88-mm anti-aircraft guns.

  • SdKfz 9

  • SdKfz 9 was the largest half-track armored personnel of World War II. It was designed On assignment in 1936 on heavy trucks for evacuation Panzer Division. Machine was used as a evacuation, as well as for towing artillery and Transportation bridge sections.

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