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  • TCP was adopted by the Soviet Army in the mid 60s. On the water, this machine is able to take up 10 tons of cargo or 70 people, but its exhaust pipes Located unsuccessfully - directly above the cargo bay, and smoke Raze soldiers, creating a potentially dangerous smoke.

  • PzKpfw 38 (t)

  • --------------------------------- "PzKpfw (Panzer kampfwagen) - armored combat vehicle 38 (t) - was originally designed in Czechoslovakia as a tank LT-38, although the adopted National Army to the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1938 and did not reach.

  • P-59A Eyrkomet

  • Work on the creation of jet aircraft in the United States began later than in Europe, and conducted with the participation of British experts. In June 1941, the U.S. government has received the British development of the jet engine.

  • P-59B Eyrkomet

  • In 412 th Fighter Group were transferred to 19 P-59B machines (412 DR), which was engaged in battle-tested aircraft P-59 from the end of 1944 P-59B differed from his predecessor, a more powerful engine J31-GF-5 and increased stock of fuel.

  • P 107

  • P 107 was produced in two basic versions: as artillery tractor for light field guns and how Engineering vehicle. The last option is open cargo Body behind the cab and used as a tractor for towing trailer with engineering equipment.

  • Rafale M

  • aircraft Rafale was designed as a replacement for the Jaguar fighter-bombers, in addition, it was designed as a carrier and nuclear weapons. Originally designed for this purpose a new Eurofighter aircraft, but after the French Air Force was unable to agree on the requirements for the machine with the Air Force in England and Germany, the only option was easier Rafale.

  • Areas of Vietnam 1000-1200 gg

  • Almost all XI century there was a war with Annam Tyampy - continuation of the old proceedings because of the three disputed border provinces Tyampoy captured in the past century. Won usually Annamites.

  • MISSILE class corvettes LAKSAMANA

  • In October 1995, the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the Navy Malaysia signed a contract with Fincantieri for the construction of two missile corvettes Laksamana class.

  • Missile boat Kakhovka

  • This small warship named after my hometown - Kakhovka. This missile hydrofoil project 206MR "Whirlwind". History boats Kakhovka was built on Nevsky plant in Leningrad, became the ranks of the Black Sea Fleet in 1980 was a member of Battalion 296 missile boats forty-first missile boat brigade, based at p. Black Sea.


  • class ships Um al Maradim have been built by order of the Navy by the french Kuwait Mecaniques Normandie. Kuwait ordered eight ships of this type.

  • Missile cruiser Project 1144

  • heavy nuclear missile cruiser Kirov, project 1144.2 was designed and built at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg. Ships of this type allow engage large surface targets and protection of marine compounds from air attacks and enemy submarines.

  • Early Norman kingdom, 1067-1200gg

  • For four years Wilhelm completely subjugated England, having won all the major Anglo-Saxon county. His kingdom, of course, was still feudal, but it was much centralized than any European monarch of the time, and even the next few centuries.

  • Reconnaissance aircraft OV-1 MOHAWK

  • In the mid-1950s Army and U.S. Marine Corps released technical specifications for aircraft observer, equipped with a variety of intelligence equipment, as well as having the opportunity to short takeoff and landing from unprepared sites.

  • Reconnaissance aircraft OV-10 BRONCO

  • main purpose aircraft is counterinsurgency struggle. In this regard, before North American firms designers were tasked to create a combat aircraft, which would have a simple structure, could take off and land on unprepared sites (if needed - and skiing and floats), had a large combat payload and fuel capacity.

  • DEVELOPMENT interceptor aircraft

  • Faced with the threat created by the advent of a new generation of strategic jet bombers, both East and West have been forced to re-evaluate the role of interceptors.

  • RB-47H Stratodzhet

  • Boeing Company began work on a jet, bomber in 1943, but only the German study on the geometry of the swept wing allowed to complete the project model 450.

  • Rbv

  • Designing Rbv-302 began in 1961, he was in production Went in 1966 By the internal layout of Rbv recalls American M-113 armored personnel carrier, which was one of the First armored vehicles with closed housing.

  • RC-135V

  • military version of a civilian aircraft Boeing 717 and 707 designation was used for various purposes, including as a scout, early warning aircraft, electronic surveillance aircraft, transport vehicle and a VIP car for testing avionics.

  • Jet aircraft

  • first tentative steps in a combat jet aircraft were made over 70 years ago, in the golden age of wooden airplanes. In 1928 the Royal Air Force officer Frank Whittle, and later - Sir Frank Whittle patented the design of the engine, based on the theory of jet propulsion.

  • Rocket launcher Land Matress (Land Matress) 1944

  • This rather strange name called developed in 1944, the British 32-barrel rocket launcher. Trunks were collected into a single unit and placed on a two-wheeled carriage.

  • BM-8-36 1941

  • Simultaneously with work on a missile M-13 Soviet designers engaged in adaptation for use in the field artillery and aviation as RS-82 missile.

  • Rocket launcher BM-13 1941

  • July 14, 1941 the German High Command received a report from the front panic: Russian battery used with an unusual number of guns. Troops shelled Russian show: like a hurricane barrage.

  • Rocket launcher BM-31-12 1944

  • In 1942, the Soviet Union developed a new missile M-30 caliber 300 mm, designed to destroy enemy fortifications on the front line.

  • RECK Agent 45

  • This five-shot revolver combines Graceful forms, including comfortable handle type Combat, With a large capacity used cartridges. The basic Agent Models used cartridges of 9 mm caliber, and - Model Agent 45 - kalibra.45 cartridges.

  • RECK Baby

  • Automatic five-shot pistol caliber 8 mm. differs very small size and weight. Simple and Easy to use. The trigger mechanism kick - greenhouse type. Lateral moveable fuse - reliably prevents accidental shots.

  • RECK Chief Special

  • RECK Chief Special GAS REVOLVER Five-shot revolver with a trigger mechanism - Mom double action. Caliber - 9 mm. To remove spent cartridges available ex central spring - tractor.

  • RECK Cobra

  • Six-shooter 9mm is different comfortable grip. The firing mechanism is double - Guo action trigger with a soft swing, reliable - Naya protection against accidental firing.

  • RECK Commander

  • relatively compact but very powerful Semiz - Inline automatic pistol. Depending mo - modification size is 8 mm ili.315. Nape Watergate slightly cut for easier cocking chickens - Ka finger.

  • RECK Double Eagle gas gun

  • Desyatizaryadny caliber automatic pistol 8 mm. Impact mechanism striker type, trigger dual mechanism of action. There breech delay - Ka and lateral moveable fuse. Vshuskaetsya Also version of the pistol 9mm RA Shop it - Guo gun holds 9 rounds.

  • RECK Double Eagle Mini 9PA

  • successful design pistol RECK, model Double Eagle, used to create this shortened Modifications of this gun. Caliber pistol - 9 mm R. A. Shop holds 9 rounds. Trigger IU - striker type mechanism.

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