• PERFECTA G5/FBI 8000

  • PERFECTA G5/FBI 8000 gas gun Five-shot automatic pistol caliber 8 mm. are the most common examples of gas Weapons in the CIS, which is explained by the best A combination - Taniem relatively low prices and high The operation of - Onnyh qualities.


  • Vosmizaryadny caliber automatic pistol B mm. Has a small size and weight. Trigger IU - striker type mechanism. There reliable fuse - NITEL.

  • PERFECTA PK / FBI 8000

  • PERFECTA PK / FBI 8000 gas gun Semizaryadny automatic pistol caliber 8 mm. Meets all the requirements of the modern - Nym gas pistols: compact, reliable, sufficient - Similarly powerful, professionally executed sprinkler - Nom.

  • Ghaznavid Dynasty ,1000-1040 years

  • 1006-1007 gg. INVASION OF Khorasan ILAC. Ilaksky Nasr Khan from Maverannahr I was repulsed by Mahmud of Ghazni, defeated the invading army in his possession in the vicinity of Balkh. 1011 - 1016 gg. REBELLION in sorrow and Khorezm.

  • PERIOD Seljuk dynasty ,1040-1150 years

  • 1034-1055 gg. RISE of the Seljuk Turks. Tughril Beck and Beck-Cagri sons of Seljuk, revolted against Ghaznavids. Having crossed the Oxus (modern Amu Darya), they occupied most of Khorasan and defeated Masa-yes, son of Mahmud of Ghazni, in No-Shapur (1038) and near Merv (1040). Cagri-Beck with the main part of the Seljuk army remained in Khorasan, until his death (1063) successfully fighting the Ghaznavids.

  • PERIOD Khwarezmian DYNASTY, 1150-1200 gg

  • 1172-1199 gg. BOARD Khwarizmshah Takashi. Period of planned expansion of Khorezm in Khorasan and Isfahan culminated in the conquest of Mesopotamia (1194). Nevertheless, the authorities Khorezm over southern and eastern Khorasan constantly threatened by the forces of Horus.

  • Persia and the southern part of Central Azii1000 gg-1200

  • headed by Mahmoud Gas-invisibility, Ghaznavids began their expansion from Khorasan to the south, trying to conquer the whole of Eastern Persia, and to the north, subordinating Khorezm (Khiva) and the greater part of Turkestan, lying between the Amu Darya and Syr Darya.

  • First Crusade ,1096-1099

  • 1095-1096 gg. LEADERS. Among those who led the campaign in the first place it should be noted French bishop Adhemar du Puy - a brave and prudent warrior-priest appointed papal legate and often acted as a mediator in disputes between fractious warlords; Norman Prince of Southern Italy and Sicily Bohemund of Tarentum (son of Robert Guiscard ) Count Raymond of Toulouse, Duke of Lorraine Godfrey of Bouillon, his brother Baldwin, Duke Hugh of Vermandois (brother of the French king), Robert Duke of Normandy, Count Etienne de Blois and Count Robert II of Flanders.

  • Infantry Tactics 1000-1200 gg

  • Even towards the end of the infantryman is still far behind the cavalry, equally from the viewpoints of prestige and combat effectiveness. In the battle of infantry almost maneuvered.

  • Infantry Tank Matilda

  • Mk-I Matilda was developed in 1934 in response to a need for highly protected infantry tanks. Well armed for their time, it was small and simple Tank. However, despite good protection successfully against the best German tank guns in the early stages of World War II, this tank was too weak Armed to really be used in the offensive.

  • III Valentine

  • In 1938 Vickers company received an order for the production of Lehotnogo tank based at its cruising tank A-10. There were some initial doubts about the new Tower Valentine, accommodates only two people - it Ogranichivalo opportunity to further strengthen the arms.

  • IV Churchill

  • Churchill Tank was created on the terms of reference in 1939, when the full-length rose danger of a return to trench warfare.

  • Pionierpanzer 1

  • Combat engineering vehicle Pionirpantser-1 was developed by Krupp on special assignment Army in West Germany. Production of this demining tank conducted on the basis of battle tank Leopard 1 is very similar to Tow tank Leopard 1, and was launched in 1968.

  • GUNS

  • name of this weapon comes from the Czech Words pistal - pipe, although it is believed that his Genesis is obliged Italian word nuc - Tallo, denotes the front pommel, which Once fastened personal weapons.

  • PISA 1000-1200 gg

  • Despite the fierce rivalry of Genoa, Pisa Republic remained the most powerful maritime nation of Western Italy during the period under review. After the victory over the Republic of Lucca (1003) Pisans suffered devastating raid Muslim-it was the last major raid Muslim pirates in Italy (1011). Quickly regain your strength, Pisans began to act against the Muslims together with the Genoese (see above). Their significant success was the capture and burning of the fleet of Pisa to Palermo (1063). With papal approval Pisa acquired the right of suzerainty over Corsica (1077g.

  • PMP Floating Bridge

  • PMP appeared in the USSR in the 60s, and soon enrolled in the army Warsaw Pact countries. Originally mounted PMP On truck KrAZ-214, but then began to apply the KrAZ-255.

  • Guard-class ships KINGSTONE

  • T. since Canada is second only to Russia in its coastline, the Navy ships capable of performing the required functions of the coastal surveillance, minesweeping, inspection activities, etc.

  • POLAND 1000-1200 gg

  • first century and a half the period under Poland gradually expanded under the authority capable rulers and warlords. But in the second half of the XII century Polish monarchy weakened; country shaken by internal strife and struggle for the throne.

  • PORTUGAL 1000-1200 gg

  • Country Portugal originated on the north bank of the Duero River in the X century, when the kingdom of Leon pushes the disc away Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula to the south.

  • 1200-1400 gg

  • Time and place of origin of firearms is not precisely known. It is only known that the Chinese used any more explosives in the IX century, but mainly in crackers and unnecessary demolition of buildings.

  • CONTINUED REVIVAL BYZANTIUM 1000 1200gg 1000-1067 gg

  • 976-1025 years. REIGN OF BASIL II Bulgaria-FIGHTERS. 996-1018 years. CONQUEST OF BULGARIA. In the battle of the River Spur-Chios (in present-day. Greece; 996) Basil II defeated Bulgarian Tsar Samuil and returned under the power-Bazi Levs Greece and Macedonia.

  • Manufacturers gas weapons

  • main producers of gas weapons to ter - rhetoricians of the Russian Federation are, of course, Enterprises military-industrial complex, which produced and continue to produce small arms For army, as well as hunting weapons.

  • Production of gas weapons

  • Gas weapons produced using the most Modern technology with a number of special machines - Vym controlled. It uses High plastics and light alloys. Zachas - Thuja most important parts are made of steel.

  • ASW cruiser DRAFT 1123

  • the second half of 50s. The twentieth century. Navy joined the U.S. nuclear submarines. It was the torpedo, multi-purpose, and missile-carrying, type of George Washington and Ethan Allen.

  • Antitank mine PTM-1

  • Mina anti protivogusenichnaya. Designed to incapacitate tracked and wheeled vehicles of the enemy. Defeat the enemy machines applied by breaking 1-3 shoe tracks at naezzhaniya tank on mine. Mina is only installed on the ground remote mining systems PKM-1, VSM-1 or UMP using cassettes of remote mining (see Cassettes of remote mining (SDM), or using 220 mm. missiles multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS ) Hurricane.

  • Antitank mine PTM-3

  • Mina anti protivodnischevaya. Designed to incapacitate tracked and wheeled vehicles of the enemy. Defeat the enemy machines applied by the destruction of their chassis, bottom punching cumulative jet in the explosion of the charge when the car would be mine on mine.

  • Antitank mine TMK-2

  • Mina anti protivodnischevaya. Designed to incapacitate tracked and wheeled vehicles of the enemy. Defeat the enemy machines applied by puncturing the bottom of the machine when the cumulative jet blast mines charge when tilt sensor target (whip). In the picture on top of the mine is shown without the top of the antenna.


  • In late 2012, will go into service new mines protivovertoletnye (FPGAs), state fiscal developed scientific testing ground for aircraft systems (GkNIPAS). And since 2013 the Russian armed forces will receive new ammo.


  • PSZH-IV is a modified wheel intelligence Amphibians FUG with the scheme 4x4, which appeared in the early 60s. was constructed in the mid-60s (in the West assumed that This will reconnaissance vehicle) as all-wheel drive combat infantry machine.

  • PT-76

  • PT-76 was designed directly after the Second World War II and for many years has become a standard machine intelligence to the Soviet Red Army replacement heavier T-62. It was exported to more than 25 countries, participated in the Six-Day War of 1967, fought in Vietnam and Angola.

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