• Main tank CHIEFTAIN MK5

  • Work on the creation of the tank Chieftain ("commander", "leader") began in 1956. It was intended to replace the medium tank "Centurion" and the heavy tank "Konkeror." Tactical and technical requirements and general layout scheme of the tank have been developed at the research center MVEE.

  • Main tank K1/88

  • creating its own military industry, South Korea was assisted by American partners. For example, in 1979 a contract was signed with the firm "Chrysler" to develop specifically for Korean main battle tank.

  • Main tank LECLERC

  • French tank-building post-war years can not be attributed to a number of world leaders. Although armored vehicles made by French firms in the impressive scale and was in service around the world, including European (especially popular were their wheeled armored vehicles), but the French tanks remained in the shadows more noticeable Leopards and Chiftenov.

  • Main battle tank LEOPARD-1

  • Development tank began in 1957 with France. However, an attempt to create a single European (standard) tank failed. Practically work in both countries were conducted in parallel, and in 1963, even before the end of comparative trials of German and French tanks, Germany refused to cooperate with France.

  • Main battle tank LEOPARD-2

  • About tank Leopard-2 Much has been written. In articles published in the foreign press, are given high marks combat performance of this machine, which began to arrive in force since 1979 in the production and operation carried out repeated upgrading Leopard-2 tank to improve the characteristics of weapons and defense.

  • Main tank M1 ABRAMS

  • History of the Modern American M1 Abrams tank rises at the end of the 50s, when the company Kar Pacific Corporation was developed experimental crawler.


  • military-political leadership of the United States mired in imperial ambitions, remains committed to the unprecedented buildup of the arms race. An important place in terms of the hegemonic Washington assigned to ground forces.

  • Main tank M-84

  • In 1983 in Yugoslavia began production of the tank, known as M-84, and since 1984,. he began to do to equip the Armed Forces of the SFRY. Tank M-84 was designed as an upgrade option of the T-72, the license for the production of which was purchased earlier in the USSR.

  • Main tank MERKAVA

  • By the end of the sixties AMX-13 tanks, upgraded "Sherman" and "Centurion" has ceased to meet the requirements of armored vehicles to the Israeli military.


  • Military - political leadership of Italy, which is an active member of NATO, is devoting considerable attention to enhancing the power of its armed forces, especially ground forces.

  • Main tank OZORIO

  • In the early 80s the company ENZHESA Brazilian specialists have begun to develop a tank design which was supposed to use the tower with arms experienced tank Valiant English and West German dvigagel diesel and automatic transmission.

  • Main tank PT-91

  • During the interwar Poland created its own tank-building industry. State factories supplied the army with armored vehicles, tanks and light tankettes. However, after the Second World War, being a member of the Warsaw Pact, the Polish military industry had to produce only tanks developed and adopted in the USSR.

  • Main tank SABRA

  • main Sabra Israeli tank created by the Israeli company Israel Military Industries as a result of deep modernization of the American tank M60A3. During the modification requirements are addressed to the main tanks of the Israeli military.

  • Main tank STRV-103

  • Main Battle Tank Swedish model STRV-103 , known under the designation S, is of considerable interest since it was first applied in the world tank manufacturing fundamentally new design solutions, the main of which is: use as power installation of two different types of engines - diesel and gas turbine, no towers, fixed relative to the body of the tank installation and aiming her gun at a target using the body turns in the horizontal and vertical planes, double booking of the tank hull - the main crew and vital systems and accessories for secondary aggregates.

  • Main battle tank T-64

  • Work on tank T-64 began in the late 50s in the Bureau of Plant them. Malyshev (Kharkov). In 1960, the experimental sample. Its design has been used traditional layout scheme tower tank with rear logistics and separate crew accommodation.

  • Main battle tank T-72-120

  • Tank T-72-120 is a deep modernization of the T-72B (vol. 184). Modernization was carried Kharkov Design Bureau. Morozova (KMDB). Modernization have been: weapons control systems, mobility and protection of the tank.

  • Main battle tank T-72

  • Tank created UKBTM (Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau) under the leadership of Venediktova VN, adopted by the Soviet Army in 1973 C Serial production of T-72 tank removed. The main difference from the T-72 T-64 engine was to another system, chassis and design details turret and hull.

  • Main battle tank T-80

  • T-80 adopted in 1976. First in the world it is equipped with a gas turbine engine. In the first series of T-80 was a GTD-1000 capacity of 1000 liters. with.

  • Main battle tank T-84

  • Tank T-84 was developed using extensive experience gained over many years of design, testing and production of military tracked vehicles.

  • Main battle tank T-90

  • main battle tank T-90 , is an improved T-72B, adopted in 1993. The appearance of the tank due to the need to upgrade existing models based on the experience of the Gulf War, as well as the reorientation of production at Russian components.

  • Main tank VIGILANT

  • in 1961 between the British company "Vickers" and the Government of India signed an agreement to build a tank factory near the city of Madras, and the development of the main tank for the Indian Army.

  • Austin Putilovets

  • Model Austin Putilovets was an English project, though mainly produced and used in Russia. Russian took base chassis (supplied from England, where overloaded production capacity could not cope with the completion of machines) and significantly changed it, adapting to the harsh Russian Conditions.

  • OT-64C (1)

  • RT-64 is Czechoslovak (and Polish analogue) Soviet BTR-60. Put into service in 1964, it has a number advantage over the Soviet one - fully closed room for landing and diesel instead of petrol engine, Giving more power reserve and a lower fire hazard.

  • Palmaria

  • Installing Palmaria was developed by the Italian company OTO Melara specifically for export, the first buyer Became Libya. The prototype appeared in 1981, he was.

  • Deck aircraft AWACS E-1 TRACER

  • E-1 Tracer - Deck AWACS aircraft, developed by Grumman American transport aircraft based on the C-1 Trader (Grumman G-96). Until 1962, designated WF-2, better known as Willy Fudd. The first prototype flew TF-1Q was held in November 1956.

  • Panhard ERC

  • First armored Panhard ERC appeared in 1977. This machine was created by the French army specifications 1970, but in France it is not used. All Armored (their production began in 1979) were exported - mainly to Nigeria, Argentina and Iraq.

  • Panzer I

  • Pz 1 was the first German tank, which went into mass production - in July 1934 was ordered about 600 tanks. Production machines were employed three different firms - to extend the experience in manufacturing machines as widely as possible.

  • Pegaso 3055

  • In 1982, the Spanish army truck chose Pegasus for 3055 Substitutions truck 3050 as a standard army machines in this class. When air transportation canvas Tilt removed and the windshield is lowered (like Additional metal roof of the cab). Payload Pegaso-3055 - six tons on rough terrain and almost twice more on the roads.

  • PERFECTA 600

  • six-shooter with a trigger mechanism - isms double action. Depending on the modification - tion comes caliber 6mm ili.22 lang (model 700). Differs handle with reduced dimensions that Allows classify this as a pocket revolver - ing model.


  • PERFECTAG3 gas gun Automatic pistol caliber b mm. Different small size and weight, and relatively pain - Scheu magazine capacity - 8 rounds. Trigger striker type mechanism.

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