• Mirage 2000-C

  • aerodynamic research and operation showed that the triangular shape of the wing has certain drawbacks, chief among them - lack of maneuverability at low speeds.

  • Mirage 2000-B

  • Because of the difficulties with the training of pilots for the third-generation fighter Mirage 2000 French Air Force issued an order to develop a double variant of the aircraft designed for flight training on single models.

  • Mirage F-1CK

  • Samolet Mirage F-1CK - another example of the company's willingness to make investment in Dassault ventures. Based on the fact that the family of Mirage III must inevitably become obsolete, the French government signed a contract to develop Dassault aircraft successor index received F-2. It was a plane with a conventional swept wing, retreating from classical forms Mirage.

  • Mirage F-1EQ5

  • Frequent changes foreign concept Iraq after coming to power of Saddam Hussein and reflected in a wide variety of aircraft types were in service in the Iraqi Air Force is clearly demonstrated by the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s and the war in the Gulf Persndskom in 1991 during France was the first conflict in Iraq and the main supplier sold him at least 89 cars Mirage F-1. Among them were registered and 29 aircraft F-1EQ5 Agabus radar for surface operations, armed with anti-tank guided missiles Exocet.

  • Mirage III-EA

  • Mirage program was extremely successful and over the past four decades, raised the prestige of the French aviation industry to unprecedented heights. The prototype of this aircraft was conceived as a lightweight interceptor in accordance with the specification of the French Air Force in 1952.

  • Mister IV-A

  • Despite the resemblance to the aircraft series II, IVA option actually was a completely new car. Mister Wing-IV, more subtle compared with the aircraft series II, was substantially enhanced. The fuselage and the stabilizer was brand new, have increased the degree wing sweep, and management has become a booster.

  • Mister ll-C

  • The French designer Marcel Dassault was the principle - the development should be gradual. The first one was Mister M. D-450 with a deflected 30 degrees back wings and tail.

  • Chieftain Mk 5

  • Successor Centurion Chieftain (Chief), was designed in the late 50s, and production began in 1963. About 900 cars entered service in the British army.

  • Mk A

  • Medium Tank Mk A was originally designed as a lightweight and was designed not so much to overcome the resistance, how to develop breakthrough committed heavier tanks. Special significance for him had speed and maneuverability.

  • Mk F3 155mm

  • B60-ies French army consisted replaced on her armed American M-41 howitzer own projects created on the chassis AMX-13 and known as Mk-FZ. This machine was equipped with two rear outriggers pressed into the earth to provide additional stability When conducting fire.

  • Ml63 Volcano

  • Initially 60s Rock Island Arsenal firm developed self-propelled anti-aircraft installation based armored M-113. Production of this car was deployed at the firm GEC (General Electronics), and M-163 soon began to come in Vietnam, where it was used to provide fire support for the troops as the army U.S. and South Vietnamese units.

  • MLRS

  • multiple rocket launcher (MLRS) Company Boyt appeared in prototype form in 1976 under the name General Support Rocket System. According to the results Test System Vought company was recognized as the best and Adopted by the U.S. Army in 1982.

  • MULTIPURPOSE reconnaissance attack helicopter OH-58D KIOWA WARRIOR

  • Armed with a special 160th Aviation Group, better known as nocturnal hunters is Helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior company Bell Helicopter Textron. This is the first reconnaissance and attack helicopter USA.

  • MULTIPURPOSE reconnaissance attack helicopter RAH-66 COMANCHE

  • Helicopter RAH-66 Comanche created by the American firm Boeing Sikorsky to perform combat missions in all climatic zones, mountainous and plain areas, day and night. It replaced the obsolete AH-1, OH-58, and with AH-64 Apache is obliged to increase the combat potential of the U.S. Army Aviation.


  • CH-21 Shawnee - a transport helicopter developed by the American company Boeing Vertol helicopter based Boeing Vertol Model 43 (H-21 Work Horse). The helicopter is based on the project helicopter Piasecki HRP-February 1948.


  • CH-34 Choctaw - multipurpose transport helicopter developed by the American firm Sikorsky helicopter based on Sikorsky S-58. First flight helicopter flew in March 1954. Serial production started in August 1955.


  • Company Vertol Aircraft Corporation beginning of the study design of commercial transport aircraft with two turbine engines. As a result, the longitudinal scheme was adopted with two rotors, developed entirely by Vertol, and before that - by Piasecki Helicopter Corporation.


  • Among proposals submitted by five companies for manufacture of helicopters, the U.S. Air Force chose the option Boeing Vertol Model 114, as best suits the requirements of wartime mobile helicopter.


  • Heavy transport helicopter Sikorsky S-65 first flew on 14 October 1964 under the designation CH-53 Sea Stallion. He had a waterproof case and was equipped with two engines General Electric T64-GE-6 shaft power 2125 kW (2850 hp..). Helicopter got rear cargo hatch, the cargo could be howitzer 105mm or 38-equipped troops.


  • Development Helicopter SA.330 was launched by Sud Aviacion (Aerospatiale) in the early 60s by order of the French government. April 15, 1965 made the first flight of the first two prototypes, and July 30, 1968 flew the last of the six pre-production samples of the helicopter SA.330 Puma.

  • Multipurpose Assault helicopter A.129 MANGUSTA

  • Tank and reconnaissance helicopter A.129 Mangusta set to fight with tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, as well as for engineering and radioactive intelligence.

  • Multipurpose Assault helicopter BO.105

  • Bo.105 multipurpose helicopter started to be developed in the first half of the 60s. The first production model was released in late 1969. The helicopter is fitted with a four-bladed main rotor blades are rigidly secured rectangular shape, made of fiberglass.

  • Multipurpose Assault helicopter PAH-2 TIGER

  • helicopter PAH-2 Tiger developed by a consortium Eurocopter, which includes German company MBB and the French Aerospatiale. According to the adopted in 1987 by representatives of Germany and France, the agreement was being developed two versions of a helicopter gunship - antitank, common to both countries, and received the name in Germany PAH-2, and in France - HAC, and helicopter escort and fire support only for France called HAP.

  • Multipurpose Assault helicopter LYNX AH

  • Work on the creation of multipurpose Lynx helicopter AH Mk.1 began in 1967. It was a joint project between the British firm Westland and the French Aerospatiale.

  • MULTI class corvettes FLAVEFISHEN

  • this class Corvettes were built for the Royal Navy of Denmark by Danish shipyard Danyard A / S from 1987 to 1996. The total number of ships - 14. Flagship class - corvette Flavefishen (P550) was adopted in 1989.

  • Mongolia and the Mongol Empire 1200-1400 gg

  • Early conquest of Genghis Khan, 1190-1217 gg. Creating a single Mongolian state associated with the activities Temujin, went down in history under the name Genghis Khan (1162-1227 gg.). Temujin came from a noble and wealthy family.

  • Morris C8 Square

  • artillery tractor Morris C-8 (square) was one of the most successful cars produced by the company Morris for the British Army.


  • During this period, especially sea power increased maritime Italian city-states of Venice, Genoa and Pisa. Strong naval power and became Norman principality in Sicily.


  • MOWAG developed by Kraytslinger as a multipurpose machine for different tasks - health, command - staff and transport. Production was established in MOWAG 1964, the small size of the machine (aft compartment landing Accommodates three people, the crew consists of commander, and arrow Driver) is ideal for police tasks.

  • MT-LB

  • MT-LB designed as a multi-purpose machine for a variety of tasks - towing artillery and antitank guns, infantry and transportation of goods.

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