• ME8 Police

  • Semizaryadny automatic pistol caliber 8 mm. automation system works through the use of energy - Gia recoil speed.

  • ME8 PP

  • gun is a replica pistol \ \ UaPpeg, Model PP (Polizei pistol), but adapted to firing gas cartridges 9mm RA In Use of a special nozzle possible shooting and signal cartridges.

  • ME9 Falkon

  • High quality modern gas gun, represents a further development very well - Guo gun ME9 PARA. As with prior art mechanisms Automation work by using the energy from - Villas free shutter.

  • ME9 Mini-RARA

  • Automatic gas pistol 9mm RA a modern design and high quality Treatment details, and details of the shutter made steel. Double-action trigger. Fur - isms automation work through the use of energy - Gia recoil speed.

  • ME9 PARA

  • Design Pistol Walther PP stylized. Features - Xia high quality performance, and powerful enough Action gas cartridges 9 mm RA provides maxi - formal protection. Automatic mechanisms operate on the received - CESG recoil speed.

  • ME9 PARA Sport

  • Represents one of the gun gas options - Summer ME9 PARA. Different from the prototype primarily design changes housing-bolt in the front hour - Ti which has the compensator.

  • ME38 Magnum

  • Five-shot revolver caliber 9 mm. Has shock - double action trigger mechanism. Massive frame Over barrel has openings for cooling.

  • ME38 Marshal

  • ME38 Marshal GAS REVOLVER Simple and reliable five-shot revolver gauge - Ra 9 mm. The trigger mechanism is double action. All parts are made of steel gate. The drum leans to the left, for the extraction of spent cartridges used - Uses central extractor spring.

  • ME38 Pocket

  • ME38 Pocket GAS REVOLVER five-shot revolver 9mm. Due ma - Lym size and weight without problems located in handbag or pocket.

  • ME45 Officer

  • Five-shot revolver kalibra.45 short. Shock-time charging - Kovoy dual mechanism of action. Full details of this IU - mechanism made of steel.

  • ME86

  • Compact, lightweight b mm caliber revolver, has Computed on used drum cartridges. For reloading He leans to the left. Removing the used cartridges pro - hassled by a central spring extraction - Torah.

  • ME220

  • ME220 GAS REVOLVER Six-shooter, the construction of analogues - Chen revolver ME86. It also has a trigger double action mechanism for reloading drum leans to the left, and the extraction of spent cartridges production - Is found by a spring extractor.

  • ME454 Sergeant

  • ME454 Sergeant GAS REVOLVER This revolver is particularly high quality as ska - Zano brochure for the manufacturer, differ - denotes high power. It is achieved using - Niemi kalibra.45 cartridges and a large barrel length, reaches 102 mm. To provide cooling No. - La frame has holes on it. Otkidshayuschiysya Left drum holds 5 rounds.

  • ME600

  • ME600 GAS REVOLVER Six-b-mm gas gun MEBO as next six samples of gas revolvers, pre - appointed soon for collectors of antique arms, What for ordinary citizens who purchase gas re - Volvery in self-defense.

  • ME800 General

  • ME800 General GAS PISTOLET Desyatizaryadny caliber automatic pistol 8 mm, accurately reproduces the structure of the American Army pistol Colt, Model 1911 Automation Works on the principle of recoil barrel with a short stroke.

  • ME Jaguar

  • ME Jaguar GAS REVOLVER Five-shot revolver 9mm has shock - Trigger double action, central pru - Zhinny extractor for removing spent cartridges and - securely lock the drum before and during the shot.

  • Merkava

  • Before the Six Day War in 1967, Israel took advantage of the armored parts Shermans and Centurions. However, doubts about future supplies, as well as the fact that these tanks are not fully meet the requirements of the Israeli stimulated the development of their car.

  • MEZ 8 Compact

  • MEZ 8 Compact GAS REVOLVER Five-shot revolver is available in two modifications - Katsiyah: art. 29203 9 mm caliber and art. 29241 kalibra.35. trigger mechanism is double action, all the details - Lee mechanism made of steel.

  • MEZ 8 Compact (modification)

  • In two modifications revolver ME38 Compact caliber, also issued five-shot 9mm D - Volver with altered appearance. Change - Niya touched primarily handle: it rendered more Comfortable shape and lining are made of wood.

  • MIG-15 Sabre AGAINST

  • If summer 1944 was a time of baptism of military jet aircraft, its formation took place during the Korean War. U.S. Air Force entered the war in the belief that they have the most advanced aviation technology in the world.

  • MiG 29

  • MiG-29 SMT "product 9-19" - is a deep modernization of the Soviet frontline fighter MiG-29 is a multi-role fighter of "4 +" with increased range and a wide arsenal of precision weapons.

  • Mini-L, Model 8

  • Semizaryadny kalibra.315 automatic pistol. automatic pistol Work is based on the recoil energy. Possibility of firing signal cartridge - Mi using a special nozzle for attachment Which in the bore pistol made a thread.

  • Mini 9 model

  • This compact pistol is manufactured by CUNO MELCHER the second half of the 90s. Although relatively small size gun for arrows - Would of it used powerful enough gas Ammunition 9mm RA Mechanisms automation work - Melt by using the energy recoil Watergate.

  • Minesweeper AVENGER

  • Today Navy CSHA is armed with 12 minesweepers this class. All of them were taken into service in the period from 1987 to 1994. Ships built Marinette Marine Co. for the U.S. government.

  • MORTAR art. instrument with base plate

  • Mortar is a powerful firepower to defeat the manpower and military equipment of the enemy located in the open countryside and in shelters (trenches, on the reverse slopes of hills, in the folds of the terrain, etc.

  • Mirage 5-BR

  • Model 5-BR - built in Belgium under license version reconnaissance aircraft Mirage 5-R .. Option 5-R is very similar to its prototype W-R, intelligence modification machine stands characteristic shortened nose, which, instead of radar camera stand.

  • Mirage 5-RA

  • In 1966, the Israeli Air Force was ordered to the simplified version of the Dassault aircraft above the Mirage III-E: Israelis needed all-weather fighter-bomber, long range to attack ground targets in the daytime.

  • Mirage 5-VA

  • In forty years of work on the project was released Mirage large number of modifications of the aircraft. The latest versions of Series III machines were Mirage 5 and Mirage 50, mostly earmarked for export.

  • Mirage 50-C

  • Aircraft Mirage 50 (shown painted in the colors of the Chilean Air Force), has the same body as the model III and 5, but is equipped with a more powerful engine SNEGMA 9-C. Company SNEGMA beginning in 1996 a program of modernization of the engine (codenamed - 9K-50) for the next generation of aircraft Mirage - F-1 and G-4. Designers firm Dassault soon realized what opportunities does the application of this standard engine plane with a delta wing.

  • Mirage 2000-H

  • In 1998 firm Dassault completed contract work for the production of 136 aircraft Mirage 2000-C for the French Air Force. Highly maneuverable fighter 2000-C were exported to many countries in the world by 1990, the company received orders for these machines from Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Greece, India and Peru.

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