• M60AZ

  • Rzvitie series of American tanks M-60 began in 1956, following the decision to create an improved version of the M-48. Built by General Dynamics, F-60A-1 entered service in 1960, but was quickly replaced by a version of the A-3. A-3 was an outstanding tank - with laser fire control and infrared sight - than favorably with a variety of other modifications.

  • M107

  • M-107 was designed in the 50s along with 203-mm howitzers M-110, which has the same chassis. The first models produced left the assembly line in 1962, but was made only 524 of these machines before production ceased in 1980.

  • M109

  • M-109 has been designed according to the requirements of the U.S. Army 1952 on a self-propelled howitzer amphibian to replace the M-44. first cars were produced in 1962 and ttosle some Modernization became the most widely used self-propelled howitzer world.

  • M113A2

  • M-113 was made by enrolling in the middle of the 50s Order U.S. Army light armored amphibious for amphibious operations from the sea and from the air.

  • M151

  • M-151 was developed in 1950 by the order of 0.25-ton Truck to replace the M-38 machine. Production began In 1960, from this point on M-151 becomes the most used car in the world. It is in service in the armies of more than one hundred countries, actively used by the Americans in Vietnam as Standard light truck.

  • M520 Goer

  • GOER is based on a machine designed for civilian Needs in the 50s. This design has attracted the attention of military and was adapted for combat conditions. First trucks GOER were raised in the U.S. Army in 1964.

  • M548

  • tractor carrier M-548 was developed by order of the signal U.S. Army Corps (USASC) tracked machines For transportation of special equipment.

  • M551 Sheridan

  • Light Tank M-551 has been designed to the specifications on the 1959 airborne tank for staffing airborne U.S. Army. Between 1965 and 1970 these machines godami34 1700 were produced by General Motors.

  • M706

  • Cadillac Gage company began developing etots multipurpose armored vehicle in the early 60s. After Trials in 1964 machine was put into service as Model V-100 Commando engine with Chrysler.

  • M728

  • After adopting a main battle tank M-60 was decided to create the database on the same machine engineering. In 1963 M-728 machine was adopted by the U.S. Army As standard engineering vehicle for field fighting.

  • M813

  • M-813 is a member of the family truck M-809, based on standard chassis, the issue of which began in 1970. This chassis is a modified M-54, the first Postwar American series trucks.

  • M998

  • prototype vyskomobilnoy multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV), nicknamed Hammer (Hammer) appeared in August 1980. And in March 1983, with the company AM General was contracted for the supply of 54,973 vehicles, of which 39000 destined for the U.S. Army.

  • M.41

  • M-41 was designed to destroy heavy tanks and produced in Italy during the Second World War. Using M-14/41 tank chassis, designers predict machine powerful anti-aircraft gun. Designed for maneuverability Action at large distances, M-41 was poorly protected, Since it did not seem necessary.

  • M-1973

  • known in Russia as the 2-NW Acacia (designation M-1973 - term U.S. Army), 18 of these machines were attached to Support each tank and mechanized infantry division of the Red Army.

  • M-1974

  • After World War II the Soviet Union mainly developed towed artillery - in contrast with the desire NATO self-propelled guns. Until 1974, not a single Soviet self-propelled howitzer, similar to Western development, did not appear In public.

  • Mack 6x6

  • Before the Second World War the name was widely known Mac On truck market, so it is not surprising that it is this firm was selected to fulfill the order for the U.S. Army Trucks.

  • Marder

  • conveyor Shyuttsenpantser Marder was the first battle infantry vehicles, entered service in Western army Germany. He is a member of the family machines created On the basis of the Swedish car body SRH12-3. Production Transporter began in 1970 to 1975 was released About 3000 pieces.

  • Marder II

  • K 1941 light tank PzKpFw-2 is already out of date. Nevertheless, Oh. produces its product lines were still In work and that it was not a waste of resources, it was was decided to alter the chassis of the machine into a fighter Tanks, which could deal with Soviet tanks on Eastern Front.

  • Maultier

  • German trucks were virtually useless in Terms Russian off-road winter 1941 -1942 period. Therefore, was decided to begin production of cheap half-track machines Substitutions these trucks.

  • Mauser HSc 84

  • Mauser HSc 84 gas gun One is a gas pistol eponymous firm - We Mauser, developed in Germany in 1940 for the Air Force and Navy.

  • Mauser K50

  • This revolver is shortened to 50 mm revolver option Mauser, model L100. Caliber Its also 9 mm drum accommodates used cartridges. To restart - Rows drum leans to the left side, the removal spent cartridges produced by the central Bungee extractor.

  • Mauser LI 00

  • six-gas pistol caliber 9 mm, about - hassled under license from Mauser, based on its construc - Ruktorskoy documentation. Revolver has a shock-time charging - Kovoy dual mechanism of action.

  • Mauser Magnum

  • five-shot revolver kalibra.45 differs from - Vershenstvom design and careful processing details. Manufactured under license from Mauser with using the original design documentation - ING.

  • M. B-326GB

  • Possibility of M. In-326 as a light attack aircraft was first implemented in the model 326A, equipped with underwing suspension units for different types of weapons, including machine guns, rocket nacelles, bombs and air-to-ground missiles.

  • M. D-450 Hurricane

  • Second World War destroyed the French aviation industry, and it had to be re-created - the more there are new jet technology. Most French manufacturers did not wait implement their projects, but the company Dassault still managed to produce a car that, without a doubt, is one of the most successful combat aircraft in the world.

  • ME3 15 Auto-L

  • M3 15 Auto-L gas gun Kalibra.315 six-automatic pistol. Step automatic pistol is based on the principle of recoil speed.

  • ME3 15 Mini-L

  • ME3 15 Mini-L gas gun Is one of the newest developments firm CUNO MELCHER chambered kalibra.315. Has all recognition - Kami modern gun: high reliability, efficiency - tive protection against accidental firing, small size and weight, sleek design.

  • ME8 Combat

  • Compact pistol combines relative - relatively large size (8 mm), large capacity magician - Zina (8 rounds) and the relatively small size (115 mm) and Massa.

  • ME8 Detective

  • compact six-automatic pistol Caliber 8 mm. In automation uses the principle of recoil - Chi. There is a lateral moveable fuse. In Use of a special nozzle that is included Supplies pistol shooting possible signal pa - Thrones.

  • ME8 Liberty-L

  • Comfortable pistol pocket-sized professional - functionally executed design - so said about this gun brochure for the manufacturer. And with this definition, one can admit, additions - Viv that caliber pistol - .315, the store is designed for 7 rounds, and supplied as part of the gun - Same nozzle firing signal cartridges.

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