• Canberra B. Mk 2

  • Even before E. Petter left his family founded in 1915 Uesgland company, he already had his own jet bomber project. Focusing on the specification V.3/45, he eventually designed a plane with a very wide right wing nestrelovidnym well adapted to high altitudes.


  • Magazine KPTM-3 is designed for installation antitank minefields of PTM-3 min using a helicopter mining systems VSM-1 universal mine layer UMP or portable kit mining RMB. The main parts of the cassette body are, mine, lifting charge and elektrokapsyulnaya sleeve ECV-30M.

  • Cavalry tactics 1000-1200 gg

  • During this period, there were three distinct types of cavalry. First, the horse archers Byzantine and Turkish armies, while the Byzantine were significantly more disciplined, better protected and can, if necessary, to act as the cavalry of the second type - heavy shock cavalry.

  • CHINA 1000-1200 gg

  • At the beginning of XI century Chinese Song Dynasty led constant and usually unsuccessful war with the northern and north-western neighbors - the Khitan Liao Dynasty Manchu and young tan gutskim Western Xia kingdom (or otherwise - Xi Xia) of Gansu Province.

  • Kit ME86-Set

  • Revolver ME86 is available for sale also compris - Be set ME86-Set, which includes proper re - Volver ME86, nozzle firing signal patronage - Nami clip for reloading the revolver to brush brushing the bore, as well as gas and signal pa - Thrones and flares.

  • Condottieres 1200-1400 gg

  • At the beginning of the XIV century kings sought to create their own army and get rid of the feudal warriors. Since that time, the ranks of the royal troops, we are witnessing a continuous growth of mercenaries who are increasingly replacing feudal militia.

  • KOREA 1000-1200 gg

  • Throughout this period continued to rule the kingdom of Koryo Dynasty Wang. In the XI century they fought several times with Manchu Liao kingdom.

  • Covet CLASS CAAP

  • In the early 1980s, the Israeli navy has signed a contract with Ingalls Shipbuilding to build three Covet class Saar. The first ship - INS Eilat was accepted into service in February 1993, the second - INS Lahav in August 1993 and the third - INS Hanit in March 1994.

  • Kraftfahrzeug (Kfz) 11

  • Auto-Yunion/Horh machine type 830 - civilian vehicle, Adapted for military purposes in the initial period Motorization Wehrmacht when they lacked special machines (Incidentally, this refutes the widespread belief incomplete Motorization German army for the war in 1939). Established In the late twenties - early thirties machine for the best patency was equipped with large tires and engine water Cooling.

  • Kraftfahrzeug (Kfz) 15

  • main purpose Kfz-15 was a connection. Driven Movement engine cooling water (scheme V-8), car produces much different Commercial chassis, including Mersedents-Benz 340, which Kfz-15 was produced between 1938 and 1940.


  • In May 1992. marks the 40th anniversary of the entry into operation of artillery cruiser Sverdlov - the lead ship of one of the first post-war projects. His birth was preceded by a lot of work, which lasted nearly 15 years.

  • CRUISER 1164

  • In the mid 70-ies. NGOs Engineering was a complex Basalt RCC P-500. The rocket has a mass of about 6 tons, firing range of 550 km, the usual (500 kg) or nuclear warhead, a complex trajectory and speed, twice exceeding the speed of sound.


  • Italian missile cruisers Caio Duilio and Andrea Doria - also called missile frigates - were designed and built to destroy submarines. KayoDuilio, built in 1962 by the shipyard Kastellammaredi Stabia (Italy), has on board four helicopters type Augusta Bell 204B combined into two groups.

  • Cruise Tank Mk I. Baran

  • When the Second World War, Canada has not yet had their tank units. Not being able to buy tanks have more difficulty in England, Canadians crossed his tank construction.

  • Class cruiser TICONDEROGA

  • Twenty-seven class cruisers Ticonderoga (CG47 - CG 73) were built between 1983 and 1994 at the shipyard Ingalls. Thirteen ships were in service of the Navy and the United States on the Atlantic Ocean in a quiet fourteen.

  • CRUSADES 1000-1200 gg

  • Crusades were a military expedition, undertaken with a view to the West Europeans predominantly religious, although often played an important role and political considerations.

  • Krupp Kfz 81

  • machine Krupp Kfz 81, or Krupp Boxer, was one of the most used in the initial period of the Second World Wars light truck Wehrmacht. Most often served as artillery tractor (used as a standard tractor 20mm AAAs) instead of a special truck built Kfz69.

  • Stratotanker KC-135e

  • family transport jets Boeing is based on a prototype developed by a private initiative and is designated as a model 367-80 (first flight of the prototype took place in July 1954). After successful tests USAF agreed to take this machine into service as aviazapravschika and transport aircraft.

  • L-29 Delfin

  • developed in Czechoslovakia, Dolphin in 1961 was chosen as the primary jet trainer aircraft for the Soviet Air Force. Adopted in the USSR Delphine NATO codename assigned Maya.

  • L-39C Albatros

  • first entered service with the Czech air force in 1974, replaced the Albatross machine L-29 and became a staff training jet aircraft in the Air Force Czechoslovakia, the USSR and the GDR.

  • L-39ZA Albatross

  • Based on the basic model L-39 was created in four versions. , Most were produced training aircraft L-39C. The success of this model allowed the Czech producers to release the following three modifications.

  • L.40

  • Oddly, but in one aspect of the production of armored Techniques Italians are ahead the rest of the country - It them in the late 30's was offered one of the first in the world Projects tank destroyer.

  • Lightning F. Mk-6

  • Last single fighter entered service in the UK in 1960. The history of this aircraft began in 1947, when the Royal Air Force provided us Inglish Electric Research contract to develop a supersonic jet P-1B. The work lasted for almost ten years (Inglish Electric managed to join the corporation EAC). Being adopted for, Lighting F. Mk-1 proved to be excellent as an all-weather interceptor with phenomenal speed and horizontal climbing.

  • R. Lightning Mk 1A

  • Edward Petter again became the main driving force behind the creation of the new aircraft in the late '50s, when developed Lighting - the best Interceptor 1960s. Lightning created based on the prototype built by Inglish Electric under the designation P-1 (first flight - August 1954). P-1 was equipped with two engines Bristol-Siddeley Sapphire, one above the other and having a common inlet.

  • Lanchester

  • Originally designed for ground support Air Force and picking up downed pilots, Lanchester was most common armored vehicle (after Rolls-Royce) at English service in late 1914.

  • Land Rover 4x4

  • Production Land Rover began in 1948, and he soon became One of the most well known cars in the world. Prior to 1976 was released more than a million of these machines.

  • Land Rover truck

  • Plain Land Rover was designed in the mid-60s, when Flock obvious that standard Lendrover longer can tow guns, which are becoming more hard.

  • Land-Wasser-Schlepper

  • In 1936 Wehrmacht ordered the company Rheinmetall special machine for amphibious operations, that could be towed behind a Cargo trailer amphibian.

  • LARS-5

  • LARS-5 was developed by order of the U.S. Army car, ability to deliver cargo from ship to shore, and then transported into the interior of the land to supply bases.


  • Paktivnaya light artillery system (LARS) was developed in Germany in the mid-60s and entered service in 1969. Known as Artillerie Raketenwerfer 110SF, LARS was subsequently upgraded to LARS-II and mounted on the chassis MAN wheel formula 4x4.

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