• GAZ-67B

  • GAZ-67B was created as a passenger car increased patency to transport people and light vehicles. Production began in 1943, notably in the construction of influence American Bantam Jeep firlly - similar machines in large quantities were delivered USSR under Lend-Lease.

  • GAZ-69

  • GAZ-69 was a Soviet equivalent of the ubiquitous American Jeep. Release of this machine began in 1952 and lasted Until the late 60s. The machine was used as reconnaissance, communication, and for many other purposes.

  • Gas weapons

  • Federal Law on Arms gas weapons - Giez defined as a weapon designed for time - alternating defeat live target by applying tears - Tochivyh and irritants.

  • Gas pistols and revolvers

  • Gas pistols and revolvers are weapons, intended for temporary defeat live Tse - Lee by using tear or irritating Substances. It should be noted that the solid in popular literature and everyday vocabulary concepts gas gun, gas gun and gas pas - Throne are not quite correct, since the cartridges equips no gas, and chemicals, which - rye are in the crystalline state and go In gaseous state (sublime) only at the time Shot.

  • GCT 155mm

  • GCT 155mm was designed to replace the Mk-FZ in French Army. Its production began in 1977. But the first of these guns got Saudi Arabia - even before they entered the service of the homeland in the 80s and were assigned to the 18 guns on a tank regiment.

  • GDF-CO3

  • Series vyskokomobilnyh antiaircraft GDF, produced Oerlikon-Burle, designed to cover the rear strategic facilities such as factories and military bases.

  • GENOA 1000-1200 gg

  • At the beginning of XI century Genoa, in the past been heavily affected by the raids of Muslim pirates began to grow and prosper as an independent seaside city-state. In alliance with the Genoese pizantsy put an end to the military and naval domination of Muslims in the northern Mediterranean, culminating in this struggle served as joint Genoese Pisa-sky sea campaign against pirate Mogahida, strongholds which were on the island of Sardinia (1005-1016 gg.). In addition, the Republic of Genoa and Pisa undertake joint campaigns against Muslim cities in North Africa.

  • Cheetah

  • propelled anti-aircraft gun was designed Cheetah Especially for protection of armored and mechanized Parts and units on the march. Armament and equipment Accommodated in the armored rotating turret mounted on a Chassis tank Leopard 1. Two automatic gun system Oerlikon arranged outside at both sides of the tower so, To powder gases do not fall in the fighting compartment.

  • GERMANY 1000-1200 gg

  • With three outstanding emperors reigned here at the beginning of XI century, there was a gradual increase in the prestige and power of the royal authority.

  • GMS 6x6

  • GMS sistelty 6x6 wheel produced for the U.S. Army standardization program, which began in 1939 and which provides for the two types of machines each class, That had to have the maximum number of common units and unit.

  • Mountain Panther

  • Spoyavleniem heavy tanks Tiger and Panther standard German reduction machines such as SdKfz-9/1, ceased to meet the requirements. Therefore Panther tank was used as a base for a new heavy replacement machines.

  • Crusader states ,1099-1148 years

  • Most of the Crusaders returned to Europe, but a handful remained in Jerusalem with Godfrey of Bouillon; few others stood under the banner of one or other of the Christian rulers in Syria: Baldwin (county of Edessa) Boe-Munda (Principality of Antioch) , Raymond (county Tripolitan-parameter, so called, contrary to the fact that the city of Tripoli was still in the hands of the Muslims, and Raimund his besieged). Less than a year after their great victories Gottfried Boule Oni died (July 1100). He was succeeded by his brother Baldwin, who took the title of King of Jerusalem.

  • Ghaznavid State 1000-1200 gg

  • After the collapse of the Samanid state (999) of land to the south and west of the Amu Darya River (Khorasan, Sistan and present Afghanistan) came under the authority of the state is invisible Gas (977 - 1187 gg.), which from a small vassal principality in the area the town of Ghazni now turned into a large feudal empire.

  • GR-95 Bison GAS REVOLVER

  • Issued a joint stock company Orsha (g Op - Sha, Belarus). Is a compact And quite effective weapon of self-defense. Revol - Ver has a trigger mechanism Kurkova drummers - new type of double action with an open layout trigger.

  • Heckler & Koch SP9

  • Heckler & Koch SP9 gas gun Vosmizaryadny automatic pistol designed by The original design documentation company Heckler & Koch.

  • Hetzer

  • Most tank destroyers, built on the chassis serial 1 machines were too cumbersome and had some drawbacks In projects. In contrast with them a variety of assault tanks with His powerful artillery proved very effective antitank weapons.

  • Humber

  • Heavy vehicle Humber> the war remained a standard British army staff car (only Fully motorized before the Second World War). Humber was also the only English 4x4 car wheel circuit with all four leading Wheels.

  • Humber Boar

  • Designed to support the Saracen armored Companies Alves. In 1950 entered service British Army. This is based on armored truck Humber FV-1600. Originally intended machine Exclusively for cargo transportation in combat conditions.

  • MI Churchill Pipelayers

  • similar arrangement was provided for the use of pipes connected to a flexible laminate. Such roads were laid in combat conditions, and went straight for the car going forward AVRE. As wire and traubchatye decks were temporary and were intended for a particular mission.

  • Engineering vehicle razgrazhdeniya

  • WRI was adopted by the Red Army in the 1970s. This standard T-55 tank, which is replaced by tower crane On rotating broneplatforme. To remove the tank trees Equipped with special grippers, in front of the body Established standard dozer blade.

  • IRELAND 1000-1200 gg

  • At the turn of the X-XI centuries Briand Boroyme strengthened its leading position in a number of states Irish kingdoms. In the next decade he drove the Danes and became ruler of the undivided island.

  • Ismailis 1000-1200 gg

  • Iran in the second half of XI century unfolded active Shiite sect Ismail Ilit whose demands while still reflect, to a certain extent, the desire exploited baseman. At the end of XI century in Iran stood out from the midst of the Ismaili sect of special militant, was founded by Hassan Sabbah.

  • SPAIN 1000-1200 gg

  • Christian reconquista slowly continued, although at times the process was inhibited and in those cases where there was a new Muslim energetic ruler. Constantly clashed at the border, where she had at any given moment, no pass.

  • ISU-152

  • ISU-152 was the first Soviet heavy self-propelled guns of World War II. It entered service in 1943 - just in time for, To take part in the Battle of Kursk.

  • July-November 1097 attacks on Syria

  • Crusaders went on the offensive and captured Iconium (modern Koh-Nya in Turkey) stolitsuKilidzh Ap- 1 Other sources adjusted troop Kilidzh Arslan to 250 thousand people, and the loss of Turks believe reaches 30,000 people.

  • Jagdpanther

  • Yagdpanter Tank was one of the first tank destroyers, Constructed with the purpose - as opposed to hastily alterations, which is another Anti-propelled installation. Prototype machine, use Panther chassis, has been demonstrated to Hitler October 1943 and it was named samil1 Yagdpanter.

  • Jagpanzer IV

  • Experience in 1942 led to the idea that machines Sturmgeschutz for Execution role fighter tanks must be equipped with more powerful weapons. The best weapon for this saw 75-mm cannon, designed to Panther tank, so Simultaneously with further modifications Sturmgeschütz III began designing enhanced version of such a machine with Gun Panther tank chassis PzKpfw-IV. Obtained known as Yagdpantser IV, first appeared in such machines 1943.

  • CAMBODIA 1000-1200 gg

  • In this period of history Khmer draw attention to themselves in the first place, three great generals august - Angkor kings Suryavarman I, Suryavarman II and Jayavarman VII, as the famous monumental buildings erected in front of them in the capital, and extensive territorial conquests.

  • Campaign ,1218-1224 Khorezm region

  • 1218 Outbreak of war. Horezmshah (since 1200) Mohammed II Ala-ud-Din (or otherwise - Mohammed Shah) spread- strange power Khorezm modern Iran, Azerbaijan, Khurasan, Afghanistan and Maurya, disrespected the Mongol ambassadors.

  • Canberra PR. Mk-9

  • Canberra jet bomber was originally designed for the company E. Pegterom Inglish Electric. This aircraft was manufactured in countless modifications and used throughout the world for more than forty years.

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