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Cruising tank MK VIII "Centaur"

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Initially, the main difference between the tanks "Cromwell" and "Centaur" was to force installation-if the first installed engine "Meteor" company "Rolls Royce", in the second applied motor "Liberty" company "Leyland Motors". Moreover, if replacing the engine in the tank "Centaur" to install the engine "Meteor", later this sample called "Cromwell".

Problems of

Firm "Leyland" by the time produced tank Mk VII "Cavalier", which turned out to be extremely unfortunate because of the many technical flaws and small engine life. Nevertheless, it was decided to install a tank "Centaur" is the engine. Accordingly, the problems were inherited power plant and a new tank is significantly inferior to "Cromwell" in terms of reliability.


Tanks modification "Centaur I" were armed with 57-mm cannon, which at that time was the standard for British tanks. The first production machine was released in June 1942, but almost immediately they were transferred to the category of education. Model "Centaur III" had a gun with a caliber of 75 mm and a thickness of armor protection from 20 to 76 mm, but these machines are produced in small batches.
The first battle tank was the model "Centaur IV" with 94 mm caliber howitzer ammunition projectile 54. These tanks were armed group bronepodderzhki British marines during the Normandy landings on 6 June 9144 year. Planned to use 80 machines of this type only during the boarding and capture a base, but many tanks were used in the next few weeks to continue this success. Then tanks "Centaur" were retired combat units and withdrawn to the rear to be converted into a special machine. After dismantling the tower and install the necessary equipment were mobile artillery observation post "Centaur OR" BTR "Centaur Kangaroo" Bram "Centaur ARV" and armored bulldozer. In addition, self-propelled anti-aircraft were developed artillery "Centaur lll/IV AAI" and "Centaur lll/IV AA II" with the same tower, like a ZSU "Crusader AA", but instead of the 20 mm cannon "Oerlikon" set the gun " rug "of the same caliber. These ZSU were sent to the front after the Normandy landings, but soon they were removed from service due to lack of air attacks.

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