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Type Phuttha Yotfa Chulalok type Knox

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basic technical ELEMENTS

Displacement, t:
standard. 3011
full .. 4260
Main dimensions, m:
length naibolshaya.134
the greatest width 14,3
& nbsp ; sediment at full displacement 4,6
the outermost part of the sediment 7,8
Main propulsion:
the number x type TZA-
- the total capacity, l. p. 1 x "Westinghouse"-35,000
x number of major type boilers
steam parameters. X 2 "Vasosk amp; Willcox "84-1 kg/GM2; 510`S
the number of rowing vintov..1 FPP
the highest Speed, knots 27
The cruising range of 20 kt course, miles 4000
Crew , pers. including 288 officers, 17
Complex of anti-ship missiles:
type complex. "Nagroop"
PU. 2 guides in the Mk 112 PARK
SU SWG-1A "Nagroop" LCS
Anti-submarine missile:
type complex ASROC
the number of PU`s guide type PU. 1 x 8 Mk 112
ammunition 8 RCC RGM-84G + 8 Plourac`h RUR-5A
x number of AU AU trunks type 2x1-127/54 Mark 42 mod. 9
to provide radar SPG-53A/D/F
the number of AU`s trunks type AU.1 x 1-20 mm Mk 15 " Vulcan Phalanx "
the number of TAs x pipe type TA.2x2-324-mm Mk 32 mod. 5
the type of torpedoes. Mk 46 Mod. 5
SU anti-submarine weapons Mk 14 January events. 16
the number x type vertoletovI x "Sea Sprite" SH-2G or 1 x "Ve11" 212 ASW
equipment runway. Lighting
type hangar. telescopic
FRISTS CICS system with Link 11
VTS radar detection SPS-40B
radar detection NC. SPS-10 and SPS-67
radar navigation .. LN66
under the system TACAN SRN-15
Complex EW .. SLQ-32 V2
EOP detection IR signal UPX-12
passive means REP
the number of PU`s guide SRBOC Mk 36 2 x 6 130 mm
active agents REP. SLQ-32 V 2
the CEO with the antenna in the bulb fairing. SOS-26 CX
Fregatsr this type are multipurpose frigates of the US Navy type Kpoh, built between 1969 and 1975. cm. section of the frigate Greece, Taiwan and Turkey. The ships were sold in accordance with the agreement concluded in March 1994 Phutta Loetia Naphalai transferred to Thailand July 30, 1994, and Plmtta Yotfa Chulalok-19 August 1996

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