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Scandal between Russia and the Ministry of Defence of India

2017-05-18 00:00:00

Russia risks losing its only reliable ally in the world . His boorish refusal of joint exercises Moscow demonstrated Delhi that lives by the laws of gangster capitalism. Between the defense ministries of Russia and India, whose relations were downright exemplary decades, there was a serious scandal. It was initiated by Moscow. Our country has suddenly refused to participate in the long-planned for this year bilateral exercise "Indra-2011 " , as recently reported in the opening Delhi newspaper The Times of India.

Scandal between the Ministry of Defense of Russia and India

o It would seem that there emergency? Something did not happen within the Russian military. Suppose allocated money spent on something else, is not enough for the maneuvers, as Hindus and notified through diplomatic channels. Happens. What`s offensive? Nothing if not extremely vulgar form for international relations, which was refused. But first things first.

o Teachings "Indra" has long been traditional for our armies . They pointedly named after the Hindu god of thunder and lightning. Indra in commemorating his country is often referred to as the god of rain and storms. His weapon is called thunder mace, which he killed the demon of drought and wasted water from the clouds. But even the power of the god Indra was not enough to prevent the Russian-Indian outrage, which is now, alas, is associated with this worthy of the name.

o Named after the thunder overseas exercises are held annually and at sea and on land since 2003. Moreover, with considerable panache. For example, in 2009, to participate in such maneuvers heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great" made the transition from Severomorsk in the Indian Ocean. Its territory for the exercise alternately provide both countries. Recent bilateral military maneuvers on land held in Uttarakhand India in October last year.

o This year`s exercise "Indra-2011" to be held in Russia -land in June was going to take Pskov. Naval exercises in April -Vladivostok. To approve the plan maneuvers, at the end of last year Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Nikolai Makarov specially flew to Delhi. Nothing seemed to presage trouble.

o In accordance with the plan in late April, India sent a squadron to Vladivostok. Our berths stood Indian missile destroyers "Delhi", "Ranvir" and "Ranvidzhay" corvette "Kirch" and tanker "Jyoti" . Here and found that their Journey Beyond Three Seas was in vain. Work with guests combat exercises Pacific Fleet, in spite of all there signatures General Makarov was not going to. What guests and already notified directly in Vladivostok. Excuse failure Russian sailors chose ludicrous: near those places just disaster struck at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima". That, they say, the Pacific Fleet and deliberate, do not need any help and their neighbors. Suddenly summoned? Overall, not to exercise, comrades Hindus ...

Navy destroyer India

o Had recent partners to turn back home, down the road for someone to write off millions of dollars wasted on the ship burned in the furnaces of oil. Pursuit press service of the Pacific Fleet has taken humiliating, in fact, the message that the cultural program of the guests in our database complied fully . " With great success in Vladivostok in the House of officers of the fleet a joint concert of the Indian Navy Military Band, Song and Dance Ensemble of the Pacific Fleet, Russian and Indian dance groups. Large military band concert gave the Indian Navy and the central square of the city ", -without batting an eye, reported the press service.

o But this is someone, maybe in the Kremlin, but can -in the Russian Defense Ministry was not enough. Hardly mast Hindu squadron melted on the horizon, ships of the Pacific Fleet still went on teaching. Not on "Indra-2011" on your own. According to The Times of India, in their country such impudence caused a real shock .

o A month ago gullible Hindus scandal then lift the steel. Yet ahead of the forthcoming visit their ground units in Pskov. Their expectations were in vain. The refusal and from the teachings of Pskov Moscow Delhi notified so that ultimately complicate matters -suitcases when the guests were already assembled . According to the Indian newspaper, Moscow sent last week in Delhi reported that he could not accept the doctrine as notice of their conduct came too late, and Russian troops will not have time to prepare. But what about the Chief of Staff Makarov flight to India six months ago? And in any way. Nobody is not going to explain.

o The reasons for these demarches The Times of India tried to imagine herself . And, it seems, was not mistaken: " Russian steps followed after India selected as the final bidders for the supply of fighters in the country to $ 10.4 billion, two European companies. In the bidding process, not only Russian but also American and Swedish planes were excluded from the number of applicants ".

o explain what it was about. In late April, it was reported that Russia has suffered in India sensitive military-technical loss. Our newest multirole fighter MiG-35 was eliminated from the tender to supply India 126 combat vehicles of this class, amounting to over 10 billion dollars . Recall that at the tender were exhibited six aircraft: Russian MiG-35, the Swedish Gripen, the American F-16 Fighting Falcon and F/A-18 Super Hornet, and Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale. Aircraft tested in bases located in different climatic zones of India Bangalore -tropics, Dzhaylsaymer -desert, Leh -mountains of Tibet.

On the Russian-Indian exercise

o All four years, until the Indians meditated and performed all sorts of test aircraft competitors, Moscow exuded complete confidence that the MiG-35 -an absolute favorite in the fight for a multibillion-dollar jackpot. According to Nikolai Buntina, program director of the MiG-35, the chief designer of the Engineering Center "OKB. AI Mikoyan "," this aircraft generation "4 + +" is designed for demanding customers -such as Air India and Russia. Getting to the development of the MiG-35, we proceeded from the fundamental requirements: it must excel in combat and operational qualities of the fourth generation fighters and cope in aerial combat aircraft of the fifth generation ".

o I must say that hearing "no" from the Indians in such a case Russia was not used. Military-technical cooperation between our countries continues more than a decade and its total volume has long exceeded $ 40 billion. More surprising was the failure of Delhi from the MiG-35. Apparently, Moscow became hysterical. Partners decided to teach a lesson. Nothing better than exactly cancel exercises "Indra-2011", our leaders do not come up.

o Are the assumptions of the Hindu newspaper? This question columnist "Free Press" discussed with the Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Khramchikhin.

-Alexander, you also believe that exercise "Indra-2011" sacrificed to demonstrate our extreme irritation of India`s refusal to partners from the MiG-35 ?

Anyway, nothing else and I do not come to mind. In any case, this is crazy. Especially boorish style with which we have done. Style gangster capitalism, which still seems to live the leaders of our country. Just no words. Someone somehow decided that if Russia participates in India in a competition, it must necessarily win. Why? Hindus we do not have and have not promised anything.

-Especially because we are not the first time summing Hindus. Recall at the story of retrofitting in Severodvinsk for subsequent sale in India heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov". In 2004, when he signed on this occasion, it was about $ 1.5 billion. Today, referring to all sorts of difficulties, we offer our partners urgently pay to 2.34 billion dollars, otherwise they will not get the ship. We may recall the constant problems with the supply of spare parts for our country aircraft. Towards Russia Indians can afford something like this ?


. Regularly pay.

-Here`s another thing that catches your eye. In recent months, our Navy of endlessly holds numerous joint exercises with NATO. Just returned to Severomorsk large antisubmarine ship "Admiral Kulakov" after the maneuvers with the Norwegians. Immediately there came a large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Chabanenko" for practicing combat exercises with the Americans. Detachment of the Black Sea Fleet, led by submarine "Alrosa" these days together with NATO works in Spain. On the background of demarches towards India because it looks defiantly ?

As for NATO, India will never anything with it not shared, so for some reason there is no jealousy. Only in Delhi can be said that if such an active military cooperation with the West means you are, why not for us?
-This unpleasant history with the teachings of "Indra-2011" can now influence the further development of military-technical cooperation with Delhi ?

sure to be affected. And not only the prospects for arms exports. So we may lose key ally. Maybe today only reliable ally of Russia in the world.

-India is important for us as a counterweight to China in the eyes of her husband ?


-In Delhi, Beijing is considered as a potential enemy ?

course. Formally -as enemy number two after Pakistan. And in the future -the main enemy. Ibid see that the Chinese gradually surround India with military bases. One, naval, building a few years in Pakistan.

-first outside the national territory ?

No, they already have a military site in Myanmar. Tracking station. But too close to the Indian border. Therefore, the Indo-Chinese confrontation in the future will increase. For us it would be folly not to use it.

/ C. Ishchenko, svpressa.ru /

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