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The reform of the Russian army - control over budgetary resources

2017-12-28 00:00:00

The basis of the reform of the Russian army -control over budgetary funds o October 8, RIA" Novosti "held" round table ", which brought together a wide range of experts. The main question was raised at the meeting so: " Military reform: how and what Russia`s armed forces are preparing? ".
o During the discussion, participants discussed many urgent problems, including the state armament program until 2020 -equipping the Russian army with new armaments, the formation of a unified strategic command based on the old military districts and other problems.

o The debate about the nature of change and a new form of Russian armed forces opened by the Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Sharavin . He noted that he and the other experts still do not know who the author conceived reform. " Probably only in the head Defense Minister and Chief of the General Staff has its full intent ", -said the speaker.

o The crux of the problem , in his opinion, is to ensure that the Russian Armed Forces need to change everything at once. " Task difficult in view of the immensity of the goals -to make the army effective, compact and adequate modern challenges -but you have to solve it, in another not. Because, basically, we entered the twenty-first century with the army of the last century, with the remains of the Soviet legacy ", -he said.

o In view of Alexander Sharavin, concrete reform results can already be seen. However, he noted that some innovative steps met the enthusiastic support of others -harsh criticism. To be feasible and successful steps toward reform Sharavin took a radical change in the entire system of the Armed Forces.
o " This is not copying the Soviet or American schemes, although Western and domestic experience was taken into account here. Now the theater of war, in fact, will be one commander who is personally responsible for all the governing disparate forces . This is a very important step forward, which allows you to make the control system more effective ", -he added.

o With Sharavin largely agree executive editor of the "Independent Military Review" Viktor Litovkin , who acted as master of the "round table". The main thing is that it gives understanding to establish four instead of six districts -it sharp reduction in military bureaucratic structures .

o " Before we had the Moscow and Leningrad military districts, North and Baltic Fleet, Kaliningrad special district -is now one structure. Instead of the two staffs of military districts created one with the same tasks and functions. Commander in charge of all kinds of troops, with the exception of strategic missile forces and space ", -Litovkin illustrated his idea.

The meeting of the General Staff Russia o Nevertheless, the planned reduction of officers from 550 to 350,000, according to observations Litovkina Victor has not yet happened in the light of objective-subjective circumstances. According to the newspaper "Vedomosti", the number of staff of the Russian General Staff will be reduced by more than a thousand posts. Meanwhile, the number of SEI Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff will be reduced from 500 to about 200 .

o Deputy Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko focused on possible military threats to Russia, potential and actual conflicts. The latter, he took the situation in the North Caucasus, where the conflict has been going on for 16 years. Konstantin Makiyenko believes that this conflict, " one before 2004 form ethnic separatist rebellion, was transformed into a much more dangerous form of rebellion salafist with distinct signs of foreign military intervention ".

o " If terrorists before the implementation of its shares posted Ichkeria flags with the wolf, then with the" Nord-Ost "came into play black flags with Arabic script. Came to the forefront an ideology ", -he does conclusion.
o From his point of view, there is no reason to believe that the conflict will not return to this scale, when it will again have to participate and the army.

o Konstantin Makiyenko convinced that nobody in the world knows what a particular conflict must prepare and what they will be, because the war has always been unexpected and not proceed according to plan. Conclusion, in his view, it begs a simple: we must prepare for any eventuality and wait for threats from all sides. " Russia Sometimes it would be useful to somehow join the NATO operation ", -he added.

o Viktor Litovkin, conversely, is hardly likely to participate in the Russian expeditionary operations with NATO. " Russia is unlikely to ever become a member of the North Atlantic bloc ", -convinced journalist.

o According to the observations Gregory Tishchenko , head of the Defense Policy of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, the U.S. and NATO becomes obvious that without the help of Russia, they do not actually solve the problem of Afghanistan, and in the future -and Iran . " So they are trying to engage Russia in its orbit ", -he sums up and suggests that such pressure will only increase.

o Grigory Tishchenko noted that in the U.S. and Europe are also trying to bring Russia into the different programs in collaboration in the field of missile defense. " But none have the control button to the missile defense system will not let ever. It is written in the NATO documents ", -he said.

o Igor Korotchenko, Director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade and the chief editor of "National Defense", recalled the sensational interview with Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, in which he stated that, " when he came to the ministry, I was struck by the complete lack of control over the processes associated with the expenditure of the military budget, and the extent of corruption and theft ".
o "Today, many ask why Serdyukov brought his people out of the Federal Tax Service? This is just to establish control over budget flows that every year increase, "-said I.Korotchenko. According to him, in the next 10 years, the Russian Defense Ministry will spend 19 trillion rubles.

Russia will spend 19 trillion on armaments rubles o Unfortunately, all previous state armament program were thwarted , he concluded: " None of them has not been implemented in full. In the system of the state defense order built mass schemes, which means "sawn", go to the kickbacks and so on. There are instances when spent billions of rubles, and the output is nothing but papers, which are issued in the form of statements ".

o From the point of view of Igor Korotchenko, questions priorities in military-technical programs have now become essential . Military expert very positive attitude to the fact that the General Staff now will define the needs of the Russian army and navy in peacetime and wartime, and that it was the General Staff will implement a government order corresponding weapons.

o A key priority within the state armaments program called Igor Korotchenko modernization and renewal of the strategic nuclear forces of Russia . In this regard, it is very pleased with the successful launch of the missile "Bulava". This intercontinental ballistic missile in the future should be the basis of the naval strategic nuclear forces of Russia, they already have under the new submarines.

o There is every reason to hope that at last the military reform in Russia will bring results. As the September 14 Pentagon chief Robert Gates before the visit Serdyukov in the U.S. in an interview with the news agency "Interfax", " his impressive is that the scope and depth reform of the Russian armed forces, coincide with his own ".

/Victor Vasiliev RIA Novosti/

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