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Aerial bombs JDAM in Wonderland

2017-12-28 00:00:00

United Arab Emirates ordered sets 4900 U.S. JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition for GPS and laser-guided bombs. JDAM kits convert unguided bombs caliber 500 lbs 227 kg, 455 kg 1000 lbs and 2000 lbs 910 kg precision-guided "smart bombs." Interestingly, the order of 600 kits designed for the 2000-pound BLU-109 -ground penetrating bunker busters. Most kits are designed for 3000 pcs 500-pound GBU-38 bombs. Iran is the cause of the purchase, and will likely aim.

Airplane F-16 UAE Air Force

o UAE Armed Forces are small, about 65 thousand people, and many of them have the exact number is kept secret, but it is believed that about one third are foreigners with UAE citizenship. Most of the eight million people living in the UAE, are neither citizens nor even Arabs.

o About 20 percent of the population are UAE nationals, and only about ten percent of the total population are Arabs. Most of the 80 per cent are foreigners, mostly from South Asian countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. The rest of the West, from Africa and Iran. It is not unusual for the oil-rich Gulf countries.

o The problem is that the oil wealth in the last sixty years have changed the lifestyle and aspirations of the citizens. Arab citizens of the United Arab Emirates have become very choosy when it comes to jobs. Most jobs do not satisfy even poorly educated young people. Thus, the majority of UAE nationals prefer public service, where the work easier, pay well, sounds prestigious and boring life.

o In the non-governmental sector 99 percent of jobs are held by foreigners. Owners often are UAE nationals, but the workers are almost always foreigners. Most of them are men, resulting in nearly 70 percent of the UAE population are men. Unemployment among citizens is 23%, but only one tenth of them are actually looking for work.

o Research has shown that most of the unemployed are those of choice. Unemployment benefits are so generous that no one has an incentive to do something crazy, like, join the armed forces.

aerial bombs GBU-31 equipped with JDAM

o While thousands of airplanes, helicopters, armored vehicles and other high-tech systems were purchased by the UAE in the last decade and look very impressive, the actual impact of all these deadly weapons is largely dependent on the skill of those who use it. In this section, the UAE has some serious problems. And, as a rule, in the UAE is very difficult to even raise this situation to discuss.

o However, the purchase of high-tech weapons shows that the UAE want to get the most out of the few UAE nationals who serve in their army. Most pilots of 155 fighter-bombers, F-16 -the citizens of the UAE, and these aircraft will be the main weapon used to reflect Iranian attack.

o Military commanders UAE watched using JDAM in the last decade and has decided that this is a decisive weapon, which should have the UAE. Each F-16 can carry four UAE JDAM one fly . With JDAM UAE planes could attack Iranian base on the other side of the Gulf and destroy Iranian amphibious, air and missile forces. This plan seems to suggest that the U.S. will also participate in it, crippling the Iranian radar systems and destroying anti-aircraft missile systems.

Preparing to fly JDAM

o But the main weapon of attack would be smart bombs. JDAM was developed in the 1990s, shortly after the beginning of the network function GPS. These weapons were put into operation in terms of the 1999 campaign in Kosovo and has been so successful that their use is really dramatically reduced the number of bombs dropped and the required number of departures bombers. Air Force generals are still trying to figure out where all this will lead.

o After the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. Air Force have identified a sharp increase in the production of JDAM, trying to get a JDAM 5000 per month . In the end, they needed much less. In 2005 it was ordered about 30,000 JDAM. This figure dropped to 11,605 in 2006 and 10,661 in 2007. In 2008, only 5,000 were ordered sets.

o Most booked in the last few years sets placed in storage. Actually used only a few thousand a year, and this includes used during exercises. In storage is more than 100,000 sets of JDAM, which will be used in uncertain, but big future conflicts.

On the storage is more than 100,000 sets of JDAM

o The emergence and impact of JDAM was unexpected. While guided bombs first appeared at the end of the Second World War, they do not actually become the driving force until the high-precision laser-guided bombs, developed in the 1960s. Ten years later, remote controlled bomb went into operation. But these guided bombs were too expensive, costing more than $ 100,000 for a bomb.

o Even in the Gulf War in 1991, only 16% of the 250,000 bombs dropped were manageable. But later, through analyzes of hostilities, it was found that 75% of the real damage has been done guided bombs . Guided bombs were still too expensive, and lasers were blocked by many weather conditions, rain, fog, sandstorms. Something new was needed to completely replace the stupid bomb. Solution were GPS-guided bombs.

Training of personnel to prepare for departure JDAM

o In 1991, the GPS system only comes into operation. Already existed in the plans something like JDAM, but no one was sure that it would work. Once the engineers got to work, it became clear that JDAM not only works, but it`s worth half of $ 18,000 for the bomb from what we expected airforce 40,000 dollars for a bomb or about 53,000 dollars, adjusted for inflation.

o Thus, in 1996 began production of JDAM . During their first use in Kosovo were used 98% of the available 652-x JDAM, struck their targets. In 2001, JDAM proved to be the perfect weapon to support several hundred special forces and CIA personnel during operations in Afghanistan. JDAM was more accurate and efficient than expected. By January 2002 the United States spent roughly half of their stocks, dropping 10,000 JDAM in Afghanistan .

Maintenance JDAM

o In 2003 it was used for 6,500 JDAM three weeks of the invasion of Iraq . Since 1999, U.S. planes used less than 25,000 sets of JDAM. New version adds more features. Recent versions have become more precise, able to put half the bombs within 10 meters of the aiming point. JDAM pretty solid. F-22 JDAM bomb dropped halftone from a height of 16,100 meters when driving at a speed of more than 1,500 kilometers per hour.

o UAE expects custom F-16 and well-trained pilots using JDAM, can cause as much damage . Although well-trained pilots UAE sufficient quality. This is because they come from a very small population of about 1.6 million UAE citizens and supports a large number of foreign instructors and aircraft technicians.

o Some of the pilots -foreigners who are hired for their skills and good pay for loyalty in wartime. It`s not perfect airforce, but with the adoption by JDAM, they become more destructive.

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